Zero to Hero: Gilbert Arenas’ Top 25 Kicks This Season (So Far)

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Zero to Hero : Gilbert Arenas' Top 25 Kicks This Season (So Far)

Gilbert Arenas has been nothing less than intriguing and amazing in this season’s Kicks On Court. From rocking Dolce & Gabanna in LA to lacing up the Nike Air Diamond Turf ’96 on MLK Day, the basketball player formerly known as Agent Zero has been inspected by all sneaker enthusiasts this season. Last night, he and the Magic played their last game before NBA All-Star Weekend. Throughout the first half of the 2010-2011 NBA season, Arenas has rocked a whopping 39 different pairs of sneakers. Our Nice Kicks staff compiled a list of the top 25 sneakers he has worn and also curated a 10-sneaker list of honorable mentions. Which one of Gilbert’s sneaker selections is the most intriguing? Take a look at our Zero to Hero: Gilbert Arenas’ Top 25 Kicks This Season (So Far).

#25 Air Jordan 11 Low IE White/Varsity Maize-Azure

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas handling the rock in the Air Jordan 11 Low IE White/Varsity Maize-Azure

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas laying it up in the Air Jordan 11 Low IE White/Varsity Maize-Azure

Shoe: Air Jordan 11 Low IE White/Varsity Maize-Azure
Date: February 13, 2011
Opponent: Los Angeles Lakers

Recently, the Orlando Magic handed the Los Angeles Lakers one of their worst losses of the season on national television. Gilbert Arenas somewhat blended in with the yellow throwback jerseys of the Lakers by rocking this Air Jordan 11 Low IE White/Varsity Maize-Azure. It was the second Air Jordan 11 Low IE of the season for him.

#24 “Ice Blue” Air Jordan 10

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas defending in the "Ice Blue" Air Jordan 10 and Brandon Roy wearing the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

Shoe: Air Jordan 10 “Ice Blue”
Date: December 4, 2010
Opponent: Portland Trail Blazers

The “Ice Blue” Air Jordan 10 was one of the first re-releases of MJ’s 10th signature sneaker back in the summer of 2005. Sadly, Arenas went ‘ice cold’ in this game against the Trail Blazers. He shot 5-15 from the field, charted five turnovers and had six fouls. It’s okay, Arenas. You won us over with the sneaker selection.

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  1. swizzboults says:

    Hes still a ZERO. Overpaid douchebag

    1. YoMaMa! says:

      Fuck you!

      1. Wm says:

        he’s tellin the truth

  2. Wm says:

    ^^^ agreed…..shoes do not make him a hero especially when he is playing like shit dis season!!!

  3. datboiblack says:

    haters everywhere we go. Gil hasn’t played a full stretch of 82 game basketball in about 5 years. It takes time to get into a rhythm, especially with a brand new team. The squad is currently 4th in the East and picking up steam. Yall boys sound like females. Just mad cuz he could use your grails as toilet tissue

    1. MD says:

      go magic all day baby!!

    2. This guy, really?^^ says:

      Your whole post is off base and contradictory…You’re right he hasn’t played a full season in 4 years, however, he has a max contract and that doesn’t bother you as a fan? To me that equals being overpaid. The team is 4th place in a PATHETIC CONFERNCE, Celts/Heat a given Magic were in the Finals a few years back and now 4th? Lakers are in 4th too, but guarantee they in the finals thanks to stern. The 4th place has NOTHING to do with Gilbert, as a matter of fact, I believe their record is worse with him there. If dudes sound like females? You just sound ignorant.

      1. Anonymous says:

        u mad?

  4. Angel says:

    wow, his collection is sooooooo deep .
    but then again, if I played in the NBA. . .

  5. andrew says:

    I like his different flavor of the week collection

  6. jus sign with jordan already n i think he should only wear jordans that r blue instead of those toro bravo 5s or them low top 11s

  7. Reem Stone says:

    Really? 18 pages? I respect his shoe game now, not his game..lol. Dunno bout them UnderArmors tho.

  8. Chrisjlopez says:

    idk theres just some shoes that i think he wore just 2 b a dick and have all the attention on him cause cmon D&G shoes… be serious man? !!

  9. Bad Title NK says:

    Horrible TITLE NK….What makes him a hero? because of his shoe collection? Because he is barely a shell of his former self on the court. Overpaid idiot.

  10. Anonymous says:

    every1 and dey momma would have all dem shoes wit the money he makes.. problem is he’s garbage! how can he be a hero cuz of his shoe collection?? if so, then that means my cousin is GOD!

    he would never get signed by jordan are you stupid?! not hating just being honest.

  11. Krismask says:

    gilbert is a hero…the KOC hero…shit was almost always wackness until he showed up. Now i see alot more heat in the NBA.

  12. rollitontop says:

    love how the bottoms of his snakeskin 11′s have turned to piss yellow

  13. Winse says:

    Gil is killin’ em! ain’t no one got a better shoe game than him in the NBA

  14. Datcvboii says:

    what about when he wore to LOUIS?