Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Spring is shaping up to be a very big season for Jordan Brand. In addition to the “Bordeaux” and “Orion Blue” Air Jordan 7s, Jordan Brand will also release the “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan 5 during the spring. Specifically, this shoe will hit select spots on May 14, 2011. This new colorway of MJ’s fifth signature model contains a plush, suede-like texture colored in light graphite, wolf grey and white. To finish it off, this shoe features secondary elements such as an icy sole and a speckled design on the midsole. As stated earlier, the “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan 5 will hit retailers on May 14, 2011. Is this a definite purchase for you?

Source: ruvilla

  • Sofresh813


    • fishstikks

      shoulda said “I am number 1”

  • Figuredmz


  • girlslikesneaks2

    Will cop 2 pair!

    • yo mom

      coz you have 4 feet?

  • Omatic


  • spreadtheword82


  • Nathan Carroll

    This colorway was a longtime comin but a seen pic of these on 23isback w/ burgandy laces, sexy as f*ck. I’m coppin regardless but I hope this is the no makeup version.

    • Anonymous

      Na that’s actually a unreleased sample from like 4-5 years ago. Very similar but that one has burgundy laces jumpman logos and midsole teeth. It’s actually a flip version of the burgundy that released in 05. This one is only different grey shades, Both fresh.

      • Nathan Carroll

        Ok I’m still w/ the burgandy flip but this will do. Good looks fam.

      • P-Money

        burgundy released in 07 btw

  • Corm6872

    That suede looks dope

  • oh gee

    I’m thinkin pass…

  • Jennifersle

    Are these gonna come out in kids size ?

  • Poopface

    how much???

  • Corm6872

    Did u notice the bottom is fully iced out

  • Bigboi1990

    ….(walks in room)…COPPED….(walks out room)

  • Baba Shooey


  • DugLast

    Auto cop. Mos def.

  • Rnd708

    Ur fucked up in the head if u pass on these!

  • Metmang

    …suede-like texture? Why the hell would I pay $145 for a suede-like texture? Pass. Rather cop the grape/laney anyways.

    • Alex

      I have hope but im pretty sure theyre wont be a grape, laney pack. We can always dream tho

    • Chad

      I caught on to that too, suede-like= boo boo quality, and this ain’t even an exaggeration

  • wavySoles

    just aight son!…kinda plain..nuthin fukks with my grapes!

  • J Solo

    Too fresh!! Must cop.

  • (216)Cleveland

    those burgundys (which I still rock) were/are dope and better than these. These are ok but will probably pass on

    • P-Money

      straight up… rocked my burgundys the other day for the first time… theyre dope AF

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does the grey look more…i dunno, dark olive-ish? wish it was light like the pee wee herman sb dunks or a shade darker than those. still might cop…or not with the OGs dropping a couple of months later.

    • I am DeMarcus.

      I completely agree with you, these look wayyy too dark. The older pics I seen looked better.

  • Divinemaster48

    Freak yea….awesomeness

  • Toth_929

    gonna wait for the black metallic 5s (fresh prince’s).. those, either the true blue/black cement 3s that are gonna be coming out and (if they come out) the grape/laney pack. might get the orion 7s too… decisions..

  • HenryAkinniyi

    Im gonna sleep on these. These are boring to me.

  • RDogg23

    Hell Yes!!! Easy pass on the Orion 7’s for these. If they’re gonna release any V’s in any given year it’s always a winner!

  • Roedel23

    Fuckin tiered of these icy soles, what a scam. Only reason Jordan dose this is so they can yellow after like 20 times wearing. First its a bitch to find any good release, then there only good for like two weeks. Fuck Fuck Fuck. Still dope for the first week anyhow. Bty we all know they could stop the yellowing if they wanted to. Quit using Shity materials, there not far from the fakes.

  • Roedel23


  • MelVin Anthony

    Pass, the “wolf grey” or “cool grey” color can’t be placed on every shoe.

  • Roedel23

    Like the cool grey 11s soles, these will yellow. Wore mine to the gym like 20 times now there starting to yellow, and I clean them with a wet rag like every use. What a joke. Fuck I’m pissed about these so called icy soles.

    • Carterjustin80

      And FOr you why in the hell did you wear your cool greys 11 times already you should know as a Jordan Brand fan you are supposed to stretch a shoe like that out against time. DUH!

  • Eddie Cox

    pass. that is all.

  • Carterjustin80

    All of ya`ll are out there complaining about Icy soles if you had a pretty good rotation on your collect you would not have this problem. Or just stop being cheap and hit up Island girl products and get the damn seaglow. It`s Like $50 for there largest bottle. So if you are going to spend big doe on your shoes you might as well go all out and get the chemical that preserve them as well. I`m Out

  • william hill-geanes

    yeah i just bought the olives so imma just wait on my grape laney package in which ive been waitin on since like 4EVER!!!!!

  • DCast

    paaaas just give us the black again

  • Steve De Veno

    These are decent. Aint gonna wait in line though

  • Winse

    Nice! but damn I got way too many Grey shoes already, O well 1 more won’t hurt!

  • Djrubadub

    Of course. Police department.

  • American_Adonis

    Im totally robocoppin 2 pair of these and the bordeauxs

  • devon

    if you you would just get a good sneaker rotation then maybe you wouldnt get yellow bottoms my space jams arent yellow and i wear em once a week

  • Aaron

    Must cop. As many pairs as possible and I usually don’t double up.

  • Aaron

    @devon, lets see a picture of these weekly worn, non-yellowed spacejams. smh

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