Nike Air Max Nomo Varsity Red/White-Black

Nike Air Max Nomo Varsity Red/White-Black

The colorway fans have been waiting for is finally here. Available now is the Nike Air Max Nomo in Varsity Red/White-Black. An all red upper adds power to this aggressive design backed by black mesh and boosted with white branding. Maize accents the Air units on a wavy white midsole. These should begin arriving at your local Nike account and are for sale online now at Eastbay.

Nike Air Max Nomo
Varsity Red/White-Black


  1. Might have to coppp

  2. Edric Folden says:

    Copped already…but to grab these T-1000′s (the pewters) when these taxes hit…follow me @Eddy_McFly.

  3. SHMOBES says:

    Yeah I copped this passed Saturday in sf.

    Rocked in my hometown and turned heads quick haha

    Solid shoe imo

  4. Anonymous says:

    $140? in store? I’ve been seeing them at pickyourshoes for $120 for a couple weeks now… if you don’t mind waiting for the free shipping. I definitely got to try them on first though… they are krazy.

    1. Anonymous says:

      not to mention taxes!!!!

      1. Anonymous says:

        taxes? no Taxes shipping to Massachusetts…

    2. SHMOBES says:

      I dropped 153. I ain’t trippin I’m very happy with the purchase

      And the blue joints are a must too.

    3. Psow123456 says:

      I copped mines on pickyourshoes and it was free shipping and it took like 5 days to get to me and it was no sales tax so it was 119 even.

    4. Baubauh_12 says:

      is pickyourkicks legit

      1. Anonymous says:

        I have no idea. I know pickyourshoes is though

  5. JC says:

    Griffey Lite

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’d rather hav the red Griffeys…but the blue nomos r a must…

  7. CooL_KiD_305 says:

    Yea the blue nomo are why sexier, I rather get those instead!

  8. Deonbronerc says:

    got these joints in black too…..

  9. Copped, 2 weeks ago at pickyourshoes for “119$” come on footlocker try to over charge me….

  10. paulix says:


  11. TuTu says:

    i saw these waayyy back when and they was a must have but then when i heard about the red griffeys (which i jus got in the mail) it was an obvious decision on wich shoe to cop, wich were the griffeys, these shits is hard tho i woulda bought em if it wasnt for the griffeys

  12. Aizdaman says:

    copped on Saturday for 151 at Champs

  13. Rel2 says:

    I got my pair….
    The blue is a lil more attractive…

  14. Winse says:

    only colorway worth coppin, these are fire!