Nike Air Force 1 Returning to NikeiD

The Air Force 1’s absence from the online?NikeiD design studio has been a glaring issue with sneakerheads over the past few years. And save for a brief appearance on Christmas day last year, the classic sneaker has been able to be customized at only a handful of locations worldwide. Thankfully though, the Swoosh is bringing back the AF1 to the masses. Friday, February 18th will mark the sneaker’s return to NikeiD. No word has been given as to how long the shoes will be available, but if you want some customizable kicks, you had better move fast; only 350 kicks were released last time.

  • Yaboyprimo


  • JzEusTx


    • Bob

      Ha, apparently you weren’t. Scrub!

  • Anonymous

    af1s suck balls. i could think of a billion other shoes to put on nike id…in fact, why not just do what they did a few years ago and have the am90, am1, am95, am180, and am93 up on there. i’d be the happiest man alive temporarily

    • Michael Migliore


    • Ed8474at9

      u can already customize am90 and am1.

    • Nathan Carroll

      It clearly said Air Force 1 fam. Why did you click the page? Just so you could pull your skirt up. You need to ID some stalletos.

    • Digga

      no your mother sucks balls. and the am90, am1, and am95 have been on nike id for years, so stop fronting making up excuses as to why you dont do one. the real reason is your poor and can not afford to. aint no future in frontin’

      • Anonymous

        you’re an idiot. i realize they have been up for years. i still prefer them to af1s. don’t be mad cuz i don’t really care for your shoe of choice.

        • Nathan Carroll

          skirts still up nigga.

  • Metmang

    Honestly, Nike has so many freakin’ cheap-ass labor factories out there, and rapes you on the cost of iD’s, they should just freakin’ put up all their best selling models on there. Why the hell not?

  • Cmoneymontana

    The ID’s that dropped back in December were made with supreme materials, that is why the price point was so high. Trust me, I got a pair. They used REAL suede, and REAL leather.

    Not the crap they have been using on GR’s, and Jordan releases.

    • Mack_maine

      no they used premium materials.. NOT supreme materials…
      the leather was decent and the suede was TERRIBLE.
      and your black suede with white swoosh things were incredibly UGLY AND BAD!!!
      looks worse than a bad GR to tell you the truth. which is why every place you posted it NO ONE ever cared to comment on it lol ever notice that???

  • Steve De Veno

    I know they added some stuff not too long ago, but maaan Id love to see some more Dunk options. Im looking for one color on a certian part of the shoe but they never have it

  • Kane Makekau

    I just wish that you could recreate the AJ Is haha

  • DavidVaz

    Anybody know how long they’ll be on their for?

  • Treydmark81

    im selling all my jays sizes 11, 11.5 and 12 all still in great condition, and all authentic (no clones) hit me up if you wanna check some shit out!!! everything must go lets make a deal (254) 495- 2020 alot of retros, originals and new releases

    • P.A.’s Finest

      254 area code? I’m in Killeen so you can’t be too far! Whats you email?

  • Ben Brazier

    What time do they come out? And will they be avaliable in the uk?