He Got Game: Ray Allen’s Top 30 Air Jordan PE’s

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 Ray Allen

Basketball fans witnessed NBA history last night as Ray Allen broke Reggie Miller’s three-point record (2,560) and became the all-time leader in three-pointers made. Sneaker enthusiasts were captivated by Ray Allen’s never-before-seen Air Jordan 13 PEs in last night’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Was this Air Jordan 13 one of Ray Allen’s best to date?

To coincide with Ray Allen’s accomplishment and debut of his Air Jordan 13 PE, our Nice Kicks staff compiled a list of Ray Allen’s top 30 Air Jordan PEs. In this feature, you will a wide array of Air Jordan 5s, Air Jordan 14s and Air Jordan 8s from his days as a Milwaukee Buck, Seattle Supersonic and of course a Boston Celtics. Check out our He Got Game: Ray Allen’s Top 30 Air Jordan PEs below. Much thanks to Dependable Jay and Osneaker for detailed shots.

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Kicks On Court Mid-Season Recap

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Kicks On Court Mid-Season Recap

Jordan Jumpman Team Pro

Shoe: Jordan Jumpman Team Pro ‘Away’
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  1. dj decks says:

    so dope! great post!

  2. freeballer says:

    Jesus ftw. Shuttlesworth, that is.

  3. rufus says:

    holy hell, as if i needed more evidence that Ray Allen is the man. Every single one of these shoes are incredible.

  4. Jake Shuttlesworth says:

    I have loved all the Ray Allen posts of late, but I feel as if there has been one glaring omission. What is the deal with the yellow seude XXI’s that he broke the single season three point record in? Does no one have a pic? Or are they generally despised?

    1. Jprince426 says:

      i was really looking forward to that shoe too. the XX1s in leather are terrible, but the suede versions are on a different level. i have the reds and the greys. but that yellow suede was rediculous. nicekicks missed that one.

    2. 406kid says:

      own them….

  5. Anonymous says:

    everything made my dick hard

  6. Jsilva2124 says:

    How are those 11′s not number one

    1. Nice Kicks says:

      Did me make history in the XIs? Just asking.

      1. swizzcheese says:

        13s BRAH

  7. gotjordans? says:

    I like them all. Ray Ray is the man!!!

  8. Guest says:

    the ‘Home’ AJ 5s are my favorites PEs. Sugar Ray= 3pt crown holder

  9. pwong. says:

    white and purple 14′s? Now I’ve seen everything!

  10. Red3811 says:

    did yall see those Milwaukee buck 7′s with the black leather? omfg yo is all I can say rite now.

    1. swizzcheese says:

      that leather was friggen mouth watering, ive never seen a PE that nice

    2. Anonymous says:

      man i had to change my pants like 3 times over them 7′s. damn them joints are crazy sick.

  11. Jason says:

    Sonics 5, Gold 11, White/Green 13, Black/Green 8…in that order

  12. Weirdo 432 says:

    ray wore an away 12 in home jersey

  13. i like his retros alot especially his 13s those 7s that he had when he was on the bucks if they wre swade i thik they should really retro them

  14. 5ivedawg says:

    Oh my. This is SERIOUS. the bucks 7s and 14s. the ‘home’ 8s > ‘away’ 8s. the 5s are sick. 13… lovely. too much to mention. w2g Ray

  15. Winse says:

    Best Jumpshot & Best PEs in da game, nuff said!!

    The VIII, XI, XII, XIII are my favs

  16. Silentstare says:

    Ray Allen’s PEs are some of the best out there, if not the best (LOVE those XIII’s, so clean…) !

  17. Paulix says:

    Them 11′s, 8′s and 13 he used to brake Regies record are so damn fresh pufff….. cold with it!!

  18. Tin_623 says:

    he got game! the best sneakers in the game

  19. sickest PEs in the game!! the 3King stands alone…no question!