Jordan Brand Signs NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin

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Jordan Brand Signs Denny Hamlin

Just two months after signing Steelers? outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley, we have now learned Jordan Brand has officially signed NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin. According to CNBC’s Darren Rovell, Hamlin will wear Jumpman branded racing gloves and the logo will also appear on his uniform belt, back and shoulder areas. As for shoes, Hamlin will not sport Jordan Brand shoes in the car; however, he will wear them off the track.

Major sneaker brands have not penetrated NASCAR a lot in the past, but MJ’s love for motorsports (he has sponsored a motorcycle racing team since 2004) is undoubtedly the connection here. What are your thoughts on this shocking Jordan Brand signing of NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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17 Comments on "Jordan Brand Signs NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin"

  1. Anonymous

    hmmmm ok…could work but the majority of nascar fans i dnt see wearin Js….wonder if mr hamlin got heat in his closet haha…

  2. Cookat2

    Not too surprising. MJ hangs out a Denny’s club Butter in Charlotte a good bit and Denny is always courtside at Bobcats games. Denny is in the “Hardwood Club” at the Bobcats arena which is like the VIP club. He has a locker beside the event level bar along with a few other local celebs.

      • RETRO4S

        hahaha that’d be sick! i’d rock it just goin’ out to malls. haha not really.

        but why not sign Jimmie Johnson too while they’re at it. he is the five-time champ. and i’m not a redneck. i just watch a lot of sportscenter haha.

  3. Bigbntn

    Pretty cool although some older NASCAR fans may not rock Js there are us younger fans that do…. I think a pair of Js with the number 11 on them would be fresh and rock a matching NASCAR jacket !
    Jordan brand should do more motorsports appearl.

  4. HogwartsHighPG

    just clicked this story to see what the hater comments – in the end who cares. none of ya’ll sheep who just buy whatever jordan puts out will ever be in a position to sign anyone to anything except drive thru window applications or statements of the crimes you’ve committed

  5. Anonymous

    I love it. NASCAR has the highest customer loyalty rating of any major pro sport. If Jordan can get THOSE fans to become Jordan fans, this deal will more than pay for itself.

  6. Tshill2002

    jordan is taking over almost every sport why not nascar other shoe companies will soon do the same mark my words

  7. JayGoble

    I think that it is cool that Jordan Brand is expanding to other sports and events. I just noticed tonight that Denny Hamlin had the Jordan logo on his racing suit. I have been a fan of NASCAR for a long time and it is good to see other sponsors branching out from their normal area. I would love to see Jordan come out with some type of shoe that has something to do with NASCAR, even though I probably wouldnt be able to afford them. I love the comfort and styles of Jordans, just hasn’t been in my price range for the most part to own them. Keep doing what Jordan does and make those shoes. Jordan love Jay.

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