1 on 1 with The Cool Kids

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1 on 1 with The Cool Kids

Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish being known as The Cool Kids may be understated. Label issues or album push backs haven’t spawned?retirement?threats or blog backlash but rather great live shows and noteworthy collabs. While your favorite rapper may be dipped in snapbacks and retro sneakers there’s no negative feeling toward a style they popularized five years ago and have been donning, well, forever. Perhaps being calm and confident is a byproduct of staying authentic in what you do. We recently caught up with Chuck and Mike to talk kicks, the retro revival, sneakers they want brought back, and what style is next. What’d they have to say? Keep reading to find out.

Nice Kicks: What are your all-time favorite sneakers?

Chuck Inglish: Air Jordan 11 “Concord”.

Mikey Rocks: (It’s) between the “True Blue” 3s or the “Concord” 11s. I think those changed the game.

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Nice Kicks: Aside from retro releases are there any new sneakers you’re feeling?

Mikey Rocks: Not really, I like a lot of the old stuff. The LeBrons are comfortable, those are cool. But most of my collection is old stuff like Timbs, Polo boat shoes, Brooks Brothers canvas kicks. I’m not really into the newer stuff; it’s not to be snobby I just like the old designs.

Chuck Inglish: I like the LeBron 8. Those are my new favorite sneaker, comfiest ever.

Nice Kicks: What releases are you looking forward to in 2011?

Chuck Inglish: I don’t know what all is coming out, but if that “Columbia”/”Concord” Pack is true I’m copping like 17 pairs of those. I wanna wear a different pair of 11s every day of the week, that’d be my goal in life.

Nice Kicks: What are your favorite shops to hit?

Chuck Inglish: St Alfreds, Success, Leaders, Juggernaut, mad stores that have come around the way in Chicago.

“I wanna wear a different pair of 11s every day of the week, that’d be my goal in life.”

-Chuck Inglish

Nice Kicks: Which kicks would you like to see come back?

Mikey Rocks: Snakeskin 11 Lows so I can rock those on the short tip and kill the game in the summertime. Navy/Orange 8s are fresh and also some of the crazier Air Max 97s and the Tuned Airs.

Air Jordan 11 Low "Snake"

Air Jordan 8 LS "Pea Pod"

Chuck Inglish: Obsidian/White 12s.

Air Jordan 12 Obsidian/White

Click next to get Chuck and Mikey’s take on style, trends, and what’s next.

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Ian Stonebrook lives in Austin, TX where he spends most of his time kicking it with friends and fam, hooping, golfing and going out.

31 Comments on "1 on 1 with The Cool Kids"

  1. Fuckabitch

    the cool kids are who i looked up to for a while. still keep them in my icon books there shoe game is mad ill. music is mad dope and there mad chill. if your cool to them. hhahaha. but yea there chill to me

  2. I was at that show. I see my forehead. They did like 2 free shows in the span of like a week. Then I caught another one of their free shows that was for a college that I didnt go to, but they let me in

  3. Anonymous

    Give me those Obsidian XIIs, JB! That is the retro that I would love to get but not that crap quality the XII cdp got.

  4. ch-choy

    they aint father nothin other people been wearing the retro look before they just made it popular in hip-hop not anywhere else.

  5. Anonymous

    I love the cool kids it’s killin me that these other rappers and entertainers(jersey shore dudes) is like just startin to rock retro’s, I mean it’s like I no jordan wasn’t releasin retro’s for awhile but true sneakerheads had them shits stockpiled, hell I did and I’m broke and now you see these dudes with like every pair of retro’s and it kill’s me, neway what im sayin is the cool kids was rockin retros when jordan wasn’t even droppin them nomore, like true sneakerheads should

  6. Bill

    I look up to these guys. They’re chill and make music they love while being fresh. What’s better then that?

  7. The part I like the most about the cool kids is that they aren’t pretentious. They’re whole style doesn’t allow them to take themselves too seriously. They definitely kill it with that retro shit. I also like the fact that chuck in holdin’ it down for the chunky dudes with style. You don’t have to be 6-2 and weigh 150 lbs to be Fresh. But, on the flip side, the Homie Mikey holds it down on the lyrical tip.


  8. Young Melon

    These guys are hardly the originators of retro sports styles. They might be the first rap nerds to make it their uniform, but they didn’t bring this back.

    • Statman

      They definitely brought it back. Other people had been on the 80s tip like skinny jeans and cardigans, but as far as snapbacks, retro kicks, windbreakers, starter jackets, etc… they definitely brought it back. They’ve been out for a while homie

  9. OG

    How can this website give people like this credit for something that’s not original. They didn’t bring no style to the game. They copied cause they have no originality. Just like the rest of these teens and early 20 somethings out here. Rocking all the clothes and kicks that we did when we were there age and younger. Stop biting and come out with your own style. Oh y’all did: SKINNY JEANS!!!!!!

  10. 3rdlook

    “gotta ton a forest green, just like we goin campin”,. it s boomin bouncin and the trap goin H.A.M, i’ll be wating for lp, drop a mixtape cd er/we they call it now days . just played that tackle box an hour ago.

  11. Tupac123_g

    I feel the same way as chuck do on the whole retro style. The thing is dat I’m only 20 raised in the decade of the Grundy 90’s and watching television and observing the rap game like undid at an early age reAlly put me up on game of what was hot back den. I feel as tho the shit Neva went outta style myself becuz as a shorty I knew it was fly to wear the analgesia and starter jackets and jordans and retro nikes of that time frame so im definitely more into it now that I have a chance to actually be apart of the retro culture data making a strong comeback…. LEGGGOOO

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