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1 on 1 with The Cool Kids

Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish being known as The Cool Kids may be understated. Label issues or album push backs haven’t spawned?retirement?threats or blog backlash but rather great live shows and noteworthy collabs. While your favorite rapper may be dipped in snapbacks and retro sneakers there’s no negative feeling toward a style they popularized five years ago and have been donning, well, forever. Perhaps being calm and confident is a byproduct of staying authentic in what you do. We recently caught up with Chuck and Mike to talk kicks, the retro revival, sneakers they want brought back, and what style is next. What’d they have to say? Keep reading to find out.

Nice Kicks: What are your all-time favorite sneakers?

Chuck Inglish: Air Jordan 11 “Concord”.

Mikey Rocks: (It’s) between the “True Blue” 3s or the “Concord” 11s. I think those changed the game.

Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Nice Kicks: Aside from retro releases are there any new sneakers you’re feeling?

Mikey Rocks: Not really, I like a lot of the old stuff. The LeBrons are comfortable, those are cool. But most of my collection is old stuff like Timbs, Polo boat shoes, Brooks Brothers canvas kicks. I’m not really into the newer stuff; it’s not to be snobby I just like the old designs.

Chuck Inglish: I like the LeBron 8. Those are my new favorite sneaker, comfiest ever.

Nice Kicks: What releases are you looking forward to in 2011?

Chuck Inglish: I don’t know what all is coming out, but if that “Columbia”/”Concord” Pack is true I’m copping like 17 pairs of those. I wanna wear a different pair of 11s every day of the week, that’d be my goal in life.

Nice Kicks: What are your favorite shops to hit?

Chuck Inglish: St Alfreds, Success, Leaders, Juggernaut, mad stores that have come around the way in Chicago.

“I wanna wear a different pair of 11s every day of the week, that’d be my goal in life.”

-Chuck Inglish

Nice Kicks: Which kicks would you like to see come back?

Mikey Rocks: Snakeskin 11 Lows so I can rock those on the short tip and kill the game in the summertime. Navy/Orange 8s are fresh and also some of the crazier Air Max 97s and the Tuned Airs.

Air Jordan 11 Low "Snake"

Air Jordan 8 LS "Pea Pod"

Chuck Inglish: Obsidian/White 12s.

Air Jordan 12 Obsidian/White

Click next to get Chuck and Mikey’s take on style, trends, and what’s next.

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