In Retrospect: Air Jordan 6/11 Defining Moments Pack

In Retrospect: Air Jordan 6/11 Defining Moments Pack

Five years ago today Jordan Brand released their first and arguably best package. The Air Jordan 6/11 Defining Moments Package combined two of the most iconic Air Jordans in a prestigious manner. The Air Jordan 11 “Concord” was classed up with gold accents on the branding while the Air Jordan 6 was dressed in black nubuck with gold highlights. Servers crashed and lines were long as many capitalized on the chance to get two one-of-a-kind Jordans while many more left empty handed. Now that five years have passed and the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” is on its way back, what are your thoughts on the original DMP? Were you able to get them? Are you happy with your decision to purchase or pass? Tell your DMP stories in the comment section.

Air Jordan 6/11 Defining Moments Pack
White/Gold-Black & Black/Gold

In Retrospect: Air Jordan 6/11 Defining Moments Pack

Air Jordan 11 Defining Moments Package

In Retrospect: Air Jordan 6/11 Defining Moments Pack

Air Jordan 6 Defining Moments Package


  1. I wish I would have copped, I was a broke HS student 5 years ago.

    1. Thetick says:

      i know exactly how u feel man

    2. Sland says:

      I was a broke MS student :(

      1. dope boi says:

        same lol but i have lot of shoes now so its all good and the concords car comming back

        1. GetOphMuhBawlz says:

          Lmfao man yes I was a broke ass hs kid who couldn’t cop these

    3. COPE says:

      glad i wasn’t alone! $295 plus tax was hard 2 come by back then lol

      1. JordanBrand-hates-me-lately says:

        lol it was damn near impossible.. no regrets tho I was only 14 would’nt be able to fit em now

      2. quickness says:

        damn same here, but im still on the hunt for a pair

        1. Nacsteve23 says:

          i got a size 12 deadstock

    4. pwong. says:

      5 years ago, I didn’t even know what Air Jordans were. I was a sad 5th grader…. :(

      1. Brucelujan says:

        now u a sad tenth grader lol still the same thang lil one

    5. Arthur Tucker7 says:

      I was in 8th grade when these came out, and my moms was not buying these i was so mad, but shit im grown now so i cant wait for the concords…..

    6. D Frnkln06 says:

      I was a Senior in high school when these dropped working a minimum wage job at McDonalds and my dad was in the hospital going through surgery at the time. My older brother was going to cop but his money was funny!

    7. NickSB says:

      Lol. 5 years ago i was a 5th grader passin up on jordans to get the shaqs that had the glow in the dark light on the side.

    8. NickSB says:

      LOL. 5 years ago i was a 5th grader passin up on jordans to get the shaqs with the glow in the dark light on the side.

  2. neilyoungsvoice says:

    screw the concords. it’s all about those VIs. def wish I had a pair of those

    1. Yadadabingbing says:

      What concords are you talking about? There is no concord purple anywhere on the XI’s. People (including the writer of the article) needs to stop referring to DMP XI’s as concords. Seriously.

      1. Juno1 says:

        yea…da og concord jumpman was purple on da tongue

  3. Kingdange14 says:

    This is the on of the most greatest Air Jordan packages JB has EVER released

    1. iseeyouthere says:

      correction, this is the best package JB ever released.

      1. GetOphMuhBawlz says:

        You took the words right outta my mouth

  4. DUDOLLA2000 says:


    1. Anonymous says:

      loyal sneakerhead, terrible parenting skills

  5. Eli Moore says:

    these were a classic, but after all later releases on these 2 shoes, i don’t feel too bad anymore.

  6. GS UP says:

    yeah 11s are trash everbody be panhandlin the 6s way colder im tired of jordan bringin out the same garbage for christmas, but yeah i got em i stayed up all night doin beak i made sure i got them boys i still got em lookin crisp

  7. $upa Hu$tla says:

    This is what they should drop at the end of this year. Trust im more than happy that the 11′s are coming back out. but its always been major heat that comes out at the end of the year so why not these??

  8. AirMaxMorris says:

    I must have been the luckiest with these bc I missed the pack and only wanted the 6′s. While working for nike clearance and we received the 6′s and the leather dmp jacket! If I told you what I paid for both you would call me a liar! I even kept the reciept.

    1. JBx23 says:

      Yep yep, I used to work for champs and I got the 19′s for $7!

      1. Nick Ardagna says:

        thats cus theyre 19s….nothing to be proud of

        1. Anonymous says:

          Yea deffinetly your a fucking hater!! U acting like u would
          Have picked up a pair of they werent a couple of dollars.

          1. PsilentType says:

            19s are terrible… I wouldn’t even want if they were free

          2. Nick Ardagna says:

            maybe id pick up a pair if they were a couple dollars but only because then they would be cheaper than fire wood

  9. 5ivedawg says:

    all this slander for the 11s?!?! those are top 5 Jordan shoes ever. all the CWs are EPIC. I only have the ‘laker’ 6s, but i woulda copped these

  10. JzeusTx says:

    income tax return will be spent on this pack… anyone with a 10.5 holla

    1. Caci Q says:

      Got size 11 FRESH

      1. Caci Q says:

        This pack goes for almost 1k!!!

      2. DanArc says:

        How much you want for that my man.

    2. Djny20 says:

      dang, got 11.5 Ds

  11. Bronxzfinestz says:

    I traded a pair of nds supreme lows for a Ds dmp and they are sitting happily in storage and are only wore during the summer.

  12. Jthrillz728 says:

    295 ! Like forreal, where are them days now, cuz .

  13. freeballer says:

    Those 6′s are fire, I like em as much as the 11′s in this pack. I heard quality coulda been better on the 11s in this pack though.

  14. Villebilly says:

    That day it was crazy i was able to buy 4DMP packs,plus the next week my local champs got more in and it happen to be the pack that had the gold jordan writing on the 6

  15. Mostknownjonjon says:

    I copped as A Bday Gift to Myself wasn’t Able To Copp in Ga Had to Have my Sneaker connect from North arolina Purchase & Ship a Pair To Me. I Messed Up My xis when I was a Senior I dropped Blue Paint on Them in Art class, & My first year of College Someone Stole My 6s But overall I’m Glad I Copped & I’m Looking to Purchase another Pair Soon No matter The Price…

  16. Kysfinest says:

    I did get a pair of the DMP and haven’t worn then yet. Great package but now the 11s are coming back out, will the DMP be worth it now?

  17. Shoegamedumb says:

    $295? I WISH. Ended up paying double that (still not bad considering what they go for these days) but even the weather was jealous because it was supposed to be sunny the entire weekend but rained after I left the house for BOTH pair. Ruined my 6′s more than 11′s but still a sad day

  18. Dmp6forsale says:

    Got dmp 6s for sale

  19. Dagenius says:

    The DMPs are the best pack ever. I am the proud owner of a set. I actually keep them in a lil glass case I bought from Ikea. If someone really offered some stupid price id sell. I say stupid because I used to goto a shoe store in SF that sells a package for 1100. Realistically, ill never sell these and look forward to rocking them in 5-10 years!!

  20. Joe says:

    those 6′s and 11′s were the only J’s to actually look good when the icy soles turned yellow, they matched the gold accents pretty well. I will never regret buying this pack, wearing them, and then selling them once they were well worn for still more than what i bought them for. Worth ever penny and worth every minute waiting in the freezing cold for them