Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

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Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Hyperfuse meet LeBron James, LeBron James meet Hyperfuse. The?Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black is the final chapter in the three part LeBron 8 series. A Hyperfuse upper makes for a lightweight adaptation of the previous two releases, with Air Max sitting in the heel and Zoom Air in the forefoot. This appears to be the first colorway with likely many more on the way. What are your initial thoughts on the Nike LeBron 8 V3? Tell us in the comment section.

Nike LeBron 8 V3

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black

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91 Comments on "Nike LeBron 8 V3 White/Red-Black"

    • Sensehns

      RETARDDDDDDD…lol sorry i call it like i see it. these are WHACKKKKKK not super whack but WHACCCCCK…LBJ 7’s, LBJ 8’s, LBJ 8 V2’s are the only hardessssssst lebrons out PERIOD!.. check the prices all over the net. men lie women lie, numbers dont. Every pair you find priced the most is the most in demand. Muchachooo…

    • kobehatesflips

      obviously no one knows how good the V3’s will be to hoop in, but if its anything like the hyperfuse, its gotta be pretty dang good. just watch a random nba game and see how many players wear some form of the hyperfuse, its incredible. as far as hooping in either the V1 or V2’s, i would think the V2’s would be better just because of the weight reduction with the material change to flywire. anyone that says the V1’s are better are just bitter because they didnt wait for the V2’s lol!

    • kirch21

      yea i got the V1 and id say as far as performance the V2 will be better and the V3 will be the best with how light they will be.

  1. heat!!! (and not the team in South Beach bron-bron took his talents to). the 8 is shaping up to be the hardbodiest model release campaign EVARRRRRRRR!!!! quote me.

  2. Jbam19

    They should throw some flywire on the pannels where there is flywire on the V1 and V2 make super duper technologically advanced…im also diggin this airbag wish we could get a full breakdown video from someone at nike

    • Jbam19

      Also is this going to get name change to the Lebron 8 PS? I thought that was supposed to have the Fuse on it or are we going to get blessed with a whole nother sneaker?

      • Aj

        They can’t… Because the fuse material is too thin to even put flywires in, and even if it was wider, you can’t embed wires in open mesh.. which is what half of the fuse material is.

  3. sneakerlove

    if that was flywire instead of hyperfuse mesh material,and they had full length 360 unit i would buy these. im feelin the jordan 12 french carbon fiber plate on the bottom though

  4. Oakland's Finest

    i guess there trying to make one shoe lighter than the other, the V4’s come out toward the end of the season

    • Anonymous

      Agreed about the dude bein a straight up fraud-ass clown, but his shoe line is the best to come out since Jordan was still in the league. Therefore, cop.

      Also follow me on twitter @DinkPinch to check out the heat ya dad rocks.

    • kirch21

      you guys are all dumbasses for calling him a clown just cus he moved to a better team……. why the hell would he stay in Cleveland with his shitty team when the owner wont do a damn thing to get good talent around him

      nobody can when rings by themselves…… NOBODY. not kobe and NOT EVEN JORDAN…..

      look at Cleveland now….. worst team in the league…. if the lakers lost kobe they would still be good!

      he gave them 7 years of his career to try and get them a ringh and who did they get…… an extremly washed up shaquille oneal….. good move dan gilbert…..

  5. Slice

    Can you imagine the scuffs on these mugs after playing a set? I think black/red or all red be the best for the Fuse panels.

    My V/1 is a great sneaker, but I still don’t like the 360 bag. Too heavy. Glad they brought back Zoom where it counts.

  6. Avirez

    Enough said all this years lebron 8 are ridiculously I’ll specially the v2’s love em and they are extremely comfortable.

  7. Ndkjkjdskj

    NIKE IS FUCKIN GENIUS…..This is on hell of a basketball sneaker…….looks like they gunna be great for ball…..swet pants……and shorts

  8. Im not going to be too harsh, so lets weight the options:

    Pros: Red Tongue, Colorway, sexy bottom Soles
    Cons: Faux “Flywire” wit Hyperfuse, the TMac 2 look in the toebox

    Looks like a 50/50 split…

  9. Aj23rich

    Probally gone be the best balling shoe period becuse the regular 8s feel like u balling in heaven. got to keep the feet feeling good.

  10. 5ivedawg

    These are UGLY. and whyTF are there 3 versions of this 1 shoe? there are already about 30 colorways of the V1 and V2… this is ridiculous. Just make more V2s and call it a day

  11. kirch21

    they put hyperfuses, lebron 8, and kobes in a blender, baked it in the oven, and this is what came out. gotta get these to ball in!

  12. Evan Anderson

    These are whack shit, man. Liked the V/2’s a lot less than the V/1’s, and these a LOT less than the V/2’s.

  13. warriorfan

    the lebrons are getting better and better, but how many are they gonna release this season?? It’s kind of weird how there’s so many versions of the lebron 8.. this one looks the best so far though, and the most playable for normal hoopers. It kinda looks like the same inspiration as the air max fly by with the torch, zoom and air max. Looks like a good shoe to hoop in, but theres way too many lebrons coming out this season!

  14. B A T M A N

    i’m not a fan of the zoom air cos 360 max is more comfortable. even with the look, these are lukewarm for me. might cop a pair if nice fit and more colorways released. anyone know the real advantages to this shoe over v1 and v2?

    • Anonymous

      the zoom air in the forefoot would be an advantage because it would probably be a lot more responsive than the full-length 360 Max unit. And also with the Hyperfuse tech in the upper would probably make it a whole lot lighter than the other versions as well.

      • B A T M A N

        thank you. they say the zoom air is for cutting/running responsiveness. 360 max is for explosive vertical jumping. on second thought i’m not digging this style at all. i already have the v2 and almost twisted my left ankle in them. but the Air Jordan 2011 is starting to look better and better. (:

  15. bakk

    Yo nike! why do 3 version of a shoe?
    Why not call ‘em the Lebrons 8, Lebrons 9 next year, and Lebrons 10 in ’12

  16. Ballplayer5

    people don’t get it
    I have the nike zoom hyperfuse, great shoe best i ever had.. incredible light and make you faster as usual..
    This in combination with the stability and grip from the Lebron collection.. IT IS DEFENITELY MY DREAM SHOE AND I NEED TO HAVE IT!
    does somebody already know when it will come out ?
    can’t wait

  17. swizzboults

    Was thinking that i would add these to my Bred 8s and my Xmas V2s but now that ive seen them i’ll think i’ll pass. though i would say at first the 8 didnt look good in photos but looking at mine now i realise Nike knows what there doing so in the flesh these might be sick and hopefully a bit cheaper. Are they still going to release Zoom Soldiers too, as they did P.S and ZS last year

  18. MrFreezy

    im so hyped to see how these perform!!!! hey nicekicks, can we get a performance review on these as SOON as u guys get a pair please?!

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