Confirmed: Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement Returning in 2011

What a day to be a sneakerhead. Also a regular in the rumor mill, the Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement retro has been confirmed for 2011. Much like the Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, the Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement has been confirmed due to leaked line sheets. This retro will retail for $150 and likely drop in the fourth quarter. This marks the fourth time this colorway will be retroed. Start saving as it looks like 2011 is going to be a big year.

Air Jordan 3
Black/Cement Grey-Varsity Red

Source: blondsoccerplyr of Niketalk

  • Aqeel EL-Amin

    HUGE news indeed.

  • Dric

    Must have

  • legacy25

    Looks like my white cements are going on ebay. Gotta cop these bad boys!

    • Jprince426

      really. you are selling a shoe in january to get a shoe that comes out at least 6 months from now.

      • Metmang

        Ya seriously. If you want to buy those shoes just save up a little lmao. And even if you want to sell the white cements, don’t sell them now. The market’s surely flooded with flipped pairs thanks to a bunch of jobless losers living in their mom’s house bought just to buy more weed money and not get a job.

        • Javier

          lmao reselling sneakers should be illegal.

          • BillCollektr

            finishline dot com still has pairs now…i bet resellers are loving that haha.

          • Pdavis718

            good looks homie, i brought a pair from finishline and the size 10 is sold out all ready thanks for the tip.

        • 2legit2quit

          takes 1 to know 1

        • beat yo azz

          fag yeah i said fag shut the fuck up just because your boy freind ass fucked you and bought you a pair you dont have too put other people down jordans rule

      • legacy25

        Imma see if they go deadstock first. I’ve been regreting buying em anyway since they still have my size at the mall today

      • rell

        damn thats crazy i mean its hard but not that hard..

      • Squezme

        more like 10-11 months. lol

    • Sensehns

      your absolutely dumb if you do that homie!!….jordan won a dunk contest in the wht/cements that notable right thurrrrr automatically should tell your retarded brain cells “KEEP THESE, N LETS START THE COLLECTION” not bitching at you just keepin it real sneak head shit meng…dale!!..

      • do it 4 the luv

        ^^^thats what we call a hypebeast…coppin shoes cuz jordan won a dunk contest in them. for real kid???? lmmfao

        • GetOphMuhBawlz

          def a hypebeast….and hypebeast be phuckin up the shoe game…..he a lame

    • KillaCam

      mann u still gotta keep those white 3s its murder on da feet..

  • Patrick Helms

    this is great news i do not have to be so sparing with wearing my CDP pair. Thanks JB

  • Joe

    First the Concords, now these! Its getting pretty hot in here!!

  • Bill

    I’ve never understood the hype around these. Black with elephant print looks ugly.

    • UnKLeoN

      Thanks for contributing to the most ignorant statement of 2011

      • Bill

        I’m ignorant becasue I don’t buy into hype?

      • Anonymous

        i could think of more ignorant statements than that…like god hates gays or all black people are lazy. that man was just stating his opinion

    • The Megatron Don

      You ain’t feelin the kelly rowlands.

  • Anonymous

    jizzzz why did JB have to do this to me today …

  • Anonymous

    I’m going broke in 2011.. But I’ll look good doing it.

    • Bradsgray

      I know right! Slow down!

  • freeballer

    I heard about this a few weeks ago, I had no idea it had not been confirmed.

    • Nice Kicks

      Things were very much here-say, but we hold out for hard evidence before making a formal confirmation.

      • sneakerlove

        any news on the chicago 10s and cement 4s that were suppose to drop this year?

        • .suede.

          I think the 4’s are off the table (I was also dying to cop the 4’s). The full line-up was actually released a week or two ago, so this announcement is old news.

          • sneakerlove

            dang i wanted those cement 4s, bad hopefully the chicago 10s still release

  • deontae hooks

    im still on the search for a 2001 pair in my size with the nike on the back

    • Anonymous

      Bitch Yo Dumbass Aint Gettin A Pair

      • deontae hooks

        get the fuck off my dick

        • Anonymous

          Bitch Get Yo Dumbass Off This Page With That Bullshit You’ll Never Get A Pain Of Those

          • deontae hooks

            have you ever heard of having a grail im sure you probably have one as well..sound like someone is mad they havent found a “pain” of those either lmfao

  • rell

    damn between foamposites, concords, these, a pair of Yeezys, and some other kicks i missed out on, this is gonna be a good year..cant wait

  • Savorysneaks

    these have been retroed 4 times if you dont have a pair your not a real sneaker head…the last batch that dropped in the pack were complete trash poor quality on the leather and basically ever detail of the sneaker

    • Ariel Acosta

      Your ignorance is funny. So you are saying that certain people should not be called “sneakerheads” for the simple fact that they dont have a pair of these already? LMMFAO, seriously dude get a life.. there could be a million and 1 reason why certain Sneakerheads dont own a pair of these. But I guess “to each his own” right?

    • Marcus

      are you stupid?? did you just buy these white 3s?? shit is getting worse and the cdps are premio quality compared to these new 150 dollar bitches

  • southseattle

    two pairs

  • Enzo24

    I can’t see these selling like most 4th quarter Jordans. This looks more like an October release, with 2 colors of the XIs coming in December. I’m not sure whatelse is coming during the holidays, but there should be @ least 2 more big ones between nov-dec

  • Big_nob06


  • Ny4lyfe19

    Already got OGs and cdp so I’ll pass

  • Gilbertmacias77

    well i agree that resale should be a crime but lets face it time are hard right now.and buying two pair just to sell one for double its price you just got your pair for free.huh sounds good to me…thats why its good to have freinds that work at and for the one who said that he will sale his white/cements give it up bro you dont deserve to wear some og colorways you dont know sh_t about air jordans so stick to air force 1s or something that you can afford…….clown

  • Robert

    As the gentleman stated above, “two pairs.”

  • Joedirt0907

    I need a release date

  • DugLast

    I think my heart just stopped.Auto cop.

  • Kicksonfire

    So many 3’s this year. Im copping them ALL! Along with the Bordeaux 7’s and concords 11’s. So much heat for one year.

  • K.Islam

    I just wanted to add a comment…lol j/k Dope release!

  • HenryAkinniyi

    If the leather is the same as This years White Cement 3’s. Then im going to be really Satisfied 😀

    • Marcus

      the leather on this years white 3s fuckin is thin fucking dog shit, and dont even get me started on the padding in the shoe, but im sure your a rookie to the game, and as they say, ignorance is bliss…

  • Nate Baiyewu

    They about to pull that bullshit move like 09 when they released 2 XIIs then the Space James. C’mon Son!

  • Anonymous

    Got the ones from the pack on 08. Will cop again and a pair for the lil one!

  • Prl2

    oh yeah coppin x2!!!

  • Cesar Perez

    Holy Moly!!!! Personally I love the 3’s thanx to the DB3…this are going on my collection with DB3’s, White Cement, Pure Money and now this!! Also I’m waiting for the True Blue and Black History Month!!!! Im going to ROCK them and not leave them in no Shoe box to turn yellow!!!!!

  • Gb010

    Its gonna be a expensive year !!!! Does anyone know if there are any J4 releases this year ?!?!

    • JesusPieces

      white cement

  • Supermanxxx

    i wouldnt be surprised if it was the same quality as the CDP. SMH

  • Borreroh

    Wowwww krazy year .. Now I got another shoe on the list.. This is crazy but worth it

  • kep0ne

    2011 is looking to be a dope year for sneakerheads all around. I’m just glad these releases are relatively spaced out…

  • The Megatron Don

    Big things come in 3’s white/cements, true blues & black cements. Pretty ass shoes I’ma call em the destinys child. cause I’m fuckin w/ all 3.

  • MD

    OMG, I think i just wet my pant!!! 3 is getting copped!




  • Ian11384

    Im copping both of them but I need to see pics especially pics of the 11’s

  • Rare Air

    Already have a DS pair… So I’ll pass…

  • Dave

    whack. unless they do something about quality then its an easy pass

  • Zae Breeze

    Not on any hypebeast type stuff but, these will be copped!

  • Aj23rich

    Nice must haves since i could’nt afford the CDP.

  • Aoaf1

    Is the black/ cement going to be QS or GR RELEASE????

  • Socal

    Why is there any debate about copping these. 3’s are #ExtraMegaRoboCops no matter what. The cats passing on theses are prolly the ones thats goin to camp for them ugly AJ 2011’

  • Anonymous

    Got my white/cement off solelegit when I need these bad boys!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Bigsmooth336

    they had to bring these out after the white cement 3’s.. it was only right

  • Ty

    Crazy…this news should officialy put collecting Jordans to rest. No reason not to wear them anymore. A new retro will come out in a year or two. Why bother buying a pair to keep on ice. Black cement CDP IIIs took a dump today.

  • King

    Too soon! Glad I got mine with the nike air on the back. The sneaker game is dying when you go somewhere and everybodys got the same kicks. But I cant complain too much. At least it’s not fusions or clown colors.

  • Evan Anderson

    Love me some 3’s. Got the White Cement’s, will get the True Blue’s, and consider these copped too 😀

  • Bxconductor

    Just came in my pants. Only thing better then pussy is the black Jordan 3’s

  • Winse

    These are way better than the Whites. Passed on the CDPs so mos def gonna get these instead

  • icollect2

    maan! why everything gotta be in the forth quarter? geeesh!!!!

  • Angel

    Good thing my black CDP 3s are still crisp. I’m still going to get these regardless, but it won’t be as urgent as the concords for me.

  • auraiiiii

    hoo brah I coppin 5pairs to burn & put them on youtube… eff da shoe game…

  • Anonymous

    *falls off bed* cant wait to have my cements & these babies sitting nxt to each other in my closet :)

  • jordanman

    still have mine brand new from 08 cdp pack no need for these

  • Snkr11

    I’ll pass and wait for True Blues

  • Michael101 Mm

    The big cactus!!!

  • GetOphMuhBawlz

    These are gonna be 300 when they drop but I’m still coppin cuz I been waitin 4ever for these and behind the aqua 8s,and infared 6s these are my no3 js of all time……def cop

  • Kevsup10

    So sick of varsity red.

  • Dee Ray

    You get these cause they are the Greatest J’s of All Time and i can’t wait for them to drop!!!! and bring on the True Blues too!

  • Bobby Martian

    Always be a fan of the 3s but im good with the white cement 3s.

  • Rickswitjesus

    Nike is gonna have me broke!!…….Ah well gotta give up the kids!

  • Bsarhadi

    i been wanting these since they retro’s in 2002. i passed on the 13’s (im really sad about it, flints are so sexy) and tomorrow (the 26th) is going to be really hard on me cuz im passin on those too but these are what il be lookin forward to. i cant get them all now there is other shit i want like an s2k im coppin this summer