Video: Air Jordan 2011

Senior Footwear Designer, Tom Luedeke, and VP of Creative Design, Tinker Hatfield, take you through the design and performance features of the latest Air Jordan flagship model, the Air Jordan 2011. The two also discuss how the game of basketball has changed and what adaptations have been taken by Jordan Brand to create a shoe for adaptive players.


  1. Aj23rich says:

    These are a must have for true Jordan fans. #TeamJumpman

    1. Speak for yourself bro. These are ugly

      1. Anonymous says:

        these are not even ugly…. ur just a hypebeast

        1. freeballer says:

          uh no…. stop being blinded just cause they j’s.

      2. jordanman says:

        jordan hater if you don’t like just keep moving on

  2. Ok thats nice an all; but this shoe is ugly…

  3. R@F says:

    Doesn’t change the fact that if you look at it, its mediocre. I’d take the Jordan Icons (remember that?) than these. Lets hope it performs well than it looks.

  4. Blah says:

    dwade is not a closer

    1. Johnsonparts23 says:

      your joking right? did you not see the ’06 Finals? nuff said.

      1. Pjm says:

        did you really source something from 5 years ago?

  5. SneakerboxClyde says:

    Better than the 2010. I’d cop the YOTR ones. I like the colors and material placement on that particular one better than the other 3.

  6. freeballer says:

    I want to see em in person. If they lost the stupid ass waffle pattern and dropped to like $140, Id consider.

  7. superman3 says:

    This Jordan 2011 is a lot like the Bugatii Veyron. Ugly as hell but, great for over priced. Not many people will want to drop coin on this not to mention when there’s far too many other retros coming out this year alone that are 10 times better looking than these. $170!!!! JB is out of their F’n minds!

  8. Hahaah says:

    Wow they callin Dwade a 4th quarter closer ahhahahah

  9. Anonymous says:

    these are ok!

  10. Francisearl-r Salinas says:

    for some reason they remind me of the 2010 hyperdunks…

  11. Marty McLea says:

    hot shoe. release day cop.

  12. M2k910 says:

    when will they stop with these designs(cuz of technology),these make the 2010s look like XIs.smh

  13. pippen4life says:

    Listening to Tinker Hatfield talk about the AJ 2011 is making them look better and better to me…

  14. Code9 says:

    i think these are hot, ppl keep bitchn bout the price but they have functionality w/ the interchangeable midsole and all… weren’t the 11 cool greys goin’ for $175? It’s taking folks some time to catch on but i liked the look from the beginning

  15. Anonymous says:

    not worth 170 this video is a scam no shoe is going to make you a better player if your garb then your garb no getting around that unless you work at it

  16. i love the quality of them..they are ok but not all that..ima def cop tho.. wouldn’t hurt to collect these.. i have a feeling they will look better when people see them on someones feet with a butta outfit

  17. Aj23rich says:

    Thats what makes Jordan Brand Great all the Haters that talk ish and still Buy the shoes becuse Jordan Brand offers something 4 everyone.. lol

  18. Jomoso says:

    i like them but the back of the shoe is ugly

  19. Dopeboyfresh says:

    You never see D Wade’s feet during the entire promo…that’s because he’s wearing the 2010s

  20. Nazr says:

    the thing that concerns me is that the midsole isn’t attached to the shoe – your feet in tradionally built shoes can slip within the insole and now you have to figure the chance of the midsole sliding during a hard cut as well.

    people can talk all they want but there is that picture of Wade making a hard cut when he made the shoe’s “debut” on xmas. The shoe looked like it completely crumpled.

    1. Eric in Vs says:

      The Xmas day model was clearly a prototype. It had a red outsole which has since been replaced by a clear outsole. Also, he switched back to the 2010 which further supports the idea that the 2011 shoe was not ready yet.. He played the whole game against Cleveland two days ago in the clear bottom 2011 and had one of his best games of the year.