Anta KG 1 ?Beat LA?

Anta KG 1 "Beat LA"

The Anta KG 1 “Beat LA” is the latest signature makeup for Kevin Garnett under Anta. This makeup uses an all green suede upper set off by white piping, black accents, and gold detail. A white midsole and laces further bring in the Boston Celtics theme. Will the Anta KG 1 hit the states? Will the Celtics beat LA this Sunday? Tell us in the comment section.

Anta KG 1
“Beat LA”

Source: aaronknows


  1. Jaimejr2189 says:

    And no, they WON’T BEAT LA!

    1. Wrong, they did beat LA.

  2. Kevin Lam says:

    Boston loses both ways: the shoe is uglier than kobe’s and they still won’t beat LA.

  3. Sub Zero says:

    What is 152-120? I hope that is the score the Celtics win by if they beat LA in the clinching game of the NBA Finals.

  4. Anonymous says:

    these are the best antas ive seen. and yes they’ll beat LA b/c rondo is at the 1.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m still not that crazy about anta yet, but i agree, these are the best antas i seen.

    2. no...LOL says:


      1. Tsktsk says:

        No, you.

  5. rafi215 says:

    Sorry Laker fans, the Celtics WILL win…..convincingly!!!

    1. Mamba says:

      They sure will win NOT! maybe the Eastern conf but the MAMBA and his 7′ft Anacondas!

      1. Tsktsk says:

        Where’s the “NO HOMO!!”, man?

  6. JLawry says:

    The whole team has weak shoe game, 152-120 is an estimate of how many pairs he’s gonna sell world wide, mostly in boston

    1. 1121 says:

      except ray allen

    2. ha says:

      u fuckin stupid

    3. Aj says:

      You’re a retard for 2 reasons.

      1.The whole team has weak shoe game? Nate Robinson and Ray Allen destroyed EVERYONE in kicks on court last year. Have you seen Allen’s 11 PEs? So fuck outta here sayin they got weak shoe game.

      2. If you actually READ the article, you would’ve noticed that the shoes aren’t releasing in Boston, or the U.S. at all. this is a China-exclusive brand. So gtfoutta here retard

  7. Anonymous says:


    p.s. The Big Bad C’s are gonna blow the Lakers out.

    1. 008 says:

      Only thing Celts will blow is each other.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Once again, ya dad was correct, and you herbs can all go die. FUCK L.A.

  8. Dreamer says:

    Sorri but u need to FEAR LA

  9. Kremlin says:

    it should read BEATen by LA

    1. It should read 153-120 now.

  10. 152-120 is the all time regular season record between the Celtics and the Lakers. Celtics have the 152.

    1. 008 says:

      Again, crawlspaced by LA.

  11. 5ivedawg says:

    not diggin these; i like the white ones better. and i cant wait til the Celtics beat the Lakers this year

  12. GT says:

    LA Looses Nuff’ Said

  13. 008 says:

    Ewwww, KG’s shoes are butt. Talk about being crawlspaced, having a ‘Beat LA’ edition!? Dude, the only thing you should beat is yourself for signing a deal with a janky asscompany that won’t even be around in 2 years.

    KG = dumber than a box of hair.

  14. Kobe MVP says:

    Boston SUX & U can’t beat LA!! 3peat baby!!!

  15. blackmaaambaa says:


    1. Anonymous says:

      I hope there is another quake and you people all end up in the fuckin drink. Go have another riot and celebrate BHM and die.

  16. Maria Silva says:

    The 152-120 labeled on the shoes tongue represents Boston’s regular season record against the Lakers… noobs.