adidas Originals x Snoop Dog

Earlier this week, we previewed the first ever collaboration between adidas and Snoop Dogg. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a rapper collaborate with a major sneaker brand. From the Nike Air Yeezy to the upcoming Reebok x Swizz Beatz collaboration, some of the most successful projects have been with big name rappers.

Today additional photos have surfaced of the adidas Original x Snoop Dog collaboration. These photos show the simple yet personalized look adidas opted for on this particular pair. Black leather is highlighted with a Los Angeles Lakers-esque color scheme as gold and purple are used on the lace eyelets, heel cup, and ankle liner. The sneaker also makes use of droopy cartoon dog eyes on the tongue, a tribute to the rapper’s iconic name. The shoe is available at Sheikh .

adidas Originals x Snoop Dog
Winter 2010-2011

adidas Originals x Snoop Dog

adidas Originals x Snoop Dog Fremont

Source: Freshness

  • Ra’Jay

    Not bad.

  • Sdv17985

    No East Coast locations? Sneakerheads dont just reside in the west ya know.

    • Aj

      Snoop Dogg is all West-Coast, do you have no knowledge of hip hop at all?

  • Winse

    These are pretty ill especially wit that Purp & Yellow

  • Coconnor1993

    not a fan

  • Anonymous

    Snoop shoulda had this sooner. Also, the eyes on the tongue should be all cracked out and red … that’s how you really represent the man.

  • Boys Athletic Shoes

    Looks very impressive.. can’t wait to have one of this shoe..

  • Jahisalaam

    niiiiiiiice. i like the eyes they totally look like yo boy

  • Jcdenava

    These are some tight shoes snoop is putting out can’t wait to get me a pair

  • AntMuthaFuckinYoung!

    Damn where can I get these?

  • AntMuthaFuckinYoung!

    When are these coming out?!