Air Jordan 3 “Cement Grey” Detailed Images

Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey

The Air Jordan 3 “Cement Grey” release is right around the corner and for many sneakerheads, the moment could not come any quicker. For those who haven’t seen enough photos of this January 22nd release, new photos have surfaced displaying stunning details of this 1988 Tinker Hatfield masterpiece. What aspect of this particular colorway first caught your eye as a basketball enthusiast/sneakerhead? Was it the one-of-a-kind elephant print used on the heel and toe areas or perhaps the contrast tumbled leather used on various panels? Let us know in the comment section below.

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

Air Jordan 3 "Cement Grey"

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  1. Andrew S. says:

    Absolute sneaker perfection. Copping 4 pairs.

    1. yo mom says:

      shddup and you’re gonna resell all of them…

      1. Andrew S. says:

        No son, I am not reselling any. Been in the game since I bought my first pair when I was 10 back in 88. Grown man buying grown man supplies. Step out of the way youngster.

        1. Sole Kollektor says:

          i second that yo… these are perfect definately a keeper… i might cop a couple of pairs as well… these young cats have no idea what these shoes mean to a real sneakerhead…

          1. Jordanhaeffner165 says:

            wtf ur just gonna assume nobody cares about a shoe bc they werent around when it all started? You probly couldnt even name the games or how many points MJ had when he wore em. Get outta here

          2. Charles Bronson says:

            just because u googled MJ stats doesnt meen u kno either. NlGGER.

          3. Jordanhaeffner165 says:

            r u serious? I “googled” some stats? ur a fool dude..

  2. kep0ne says:

    Agreed. Might not cop 4, but I’ll be damned if I don’t my hands on a pair.

    1. Andrew S. says:

      I usually don’t cop 4 pair of one shoe, but these are by far my #1 grails.

  3. love4rondo says:

    how much are these gonna be? $160?

    1. Angel says:

      $150. Only the 13s received the $160 price tag for some reason.

      1. love4rondo says:

        Thanks bro. Where do you guys go to cop? In-store on online (Eastbay, Footlocker, etc.)?

        1. ad9esr says:

          footaction n footlocker got em. 24-36 mens per store in the city n chi-town and 12 a store elsewhere. Get there early…Go celts!

          1. Kobe says:

            will they b available online at midnight?

          2. soul kollektor says:

            homie never go online at midnight, you will end up with a gift reciept and a sorry

          3. louisvuittondon says:

            what do you mean a gift reciept and sorry? see im in pittsburg ks in college so online is my only option

          4. Anonymous says:

            ^ He means you will get your feelings hurt cuz the site will oversell their inventory and then cancel orders and send u a bogus e-mail sayin “sorry your orde4r could not be filled” with a $25 gift card (thats what eastgay does)

      2. Gorgon666 says:

        Got my 13 last Tuesday for $150. Didn’t check the price on the box. Maybe they missed it at the shop

  4. Angel says:

    Can’t say enough about how much I love these shoes. I’ve had the Fully Laced elephant print laces sitting in a ziploc at home waiting for this release. These are the perfect summer sneaker to throw on with some cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Simply clean and casual.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Starks laces baby

      1. Angel says:

        I’ve had trouble finding the Starks 55″ laces, though. The Fully Laced ones were tough to locate, too. Had to order those from a place in Texas.

        1. The Megatron Don says:

          Pick your shoes got you on the 54” depending on what color you checkin for.

  5. Beyond8Infinity says:

    Gottem yesterday, too fresh. You gotta stuff socks inside when u not wearing em tho cus they crease tooo easily

  6. tamboi2 says:

    nicekicks gonna get them?

  7. Jshow16 says:

    For sure cop. Got mine reserved.

  8. Dannyfactz says:

    Lol its funny how JB releases retroes of bball shoes that you can’t really hoop in and charge more.

    1. Andrew S. says:

      Why couldn’t you ball in these? Seems to me the greatest of all time did pretty well in them.

      1. Eddie Cox says:

        the quality of the retros have gone down for two reasons really. 1. the retros are mostly used for cosmetic, and style purposes. 2. The retros will sell out regardless.

        1. Andrew S. says:

          I don’t know if I agree. The qualities of the III’s has been pretty great. The True Blue’s from last yr were money. The black cements from the CDP were garbage but most of the CDP’s were garbage.

    2. Showstaz says:

      i hooped in my fire red 3′s for a good bit til it started cracking on me bad. Mike Bibby just busted out the cements this past week too. they’re actually really comfortable and supportive basketball shoes

      1. sjvfjas says:

        Bibby can wear them because that will be the only time they touch his feet.

  9. Ariel Acosta says:

    Absolute Beauty! Ive been waiting for these for a good minute and the time has almost finally arrived!

  10. Roc says:

    Nice Kicks When’s The Black Ones Coming???

  11. Mazza 27 says:

    how do 3′s fit..this will be my first pair and i got a 10.5 in the 7′s but usually im 11

    1. Jonahthaprophet says:

      run kinda big, got mine aLready, my 7s fit tru to size but i have to doubLe sock these & they boff 9.5, extremeLY awsome never the Les$

      1. Luis Cortez says:

        What’s up with Capitalizing the “L” in any word that has it in it?

  12. Eazy_everywhere says:

    Nothing less than legendary! !

  13. RJ says:

    cop mines off solelegit.com!! yeeahhh!!! lol authentic shoes btw, i cop others like cool grey xi and foams!

    1. Fryknpuertorican says:

      have you received them in the mail yet??

      1. John Nygen says:

        yes got them this morning!!! shoes are fire!!! i just pre-ordered the Black History Black 3s also, imma get them 1-2 weeks before they come out!

  14. whatisthisidonteven says:

    aight so these are limited right?

  15. New Player says:

    I Love These, Im Copping.

  16. Jaseonone says:

    Love em hot to def but man crack kills my 3′s from the countdown pack sole cracked after like 3 wears put pls believe that ain’t stop me…

  17. Showstaz says:

    actually held a pair today at a finishline my friend works at….thought i’d never stoop low to say that Jordans aren’t as good of a quality shoe as the past retros, but i think i have stepped into the light. The tumbled leather is very shiny and has the potent leather smell the motorsport 6′s had. Even the leather on the fire red 3′s back in 2007 had better feeling and looking leather. Also the elephant print didn’t have the fuzzy texture to it that some of the 3′s and spizike’s posses (but the print ran very deep, which I liked). Either way I paid well below retail (with the employ discount my friend got me) to cop a pair, cause who can pass up on these?!?!

    1. MD says:

      they only get 3 discount per store

  18. Jbet says:

    Got them this past saturday, love them, great shoes not like the cheap feeling 2′s that came out last May. Don’t sleep on these u will be mad, and these run big instead of 11.5 I went with 11 and they fit great

  19. 22 2's says:

    Employee discount on J’s?

    1. Andrew S. says:

      I’m gonna go ahead and call a bluff on that one.

    2. MD says:

      yea , certain company allow discount on certain kicks, i’m lucky to get one my self!

  20. Anonymous says:

    All sneakerheads unite to cop this shoe!! Gettin me and my lil man a pair!! Might take him to get these as his first release day cop!!