“The LeBrons” to Return in Cartoon Series

"The LeBrons" to Return in Cartoon Series

LeBron James has had a history of great Nike commercials. Perhaps the most beloved run of ads was “The LeBrons”, a series of spots centered around four different LeBron alter egos: Kid LeBron, Athlete LeBron, All-Business LeBron, and Wise LeBron. To the chagrin of fans these characters will return in an animated series running on LeBron’s Youtube channel and website. Look for “The LeBrons” to release this spring at a computer near you.

Source: NY Times

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  1. EM79 says:

    If it’s one of the most beloved series of commercials, why would it be to the chagrin of fans? Wouldn’t they be happy about it?

    1. only1jeep says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    2. t!minor says:

      possibly because it will be animated instead of lebron playing each of the characters himself.

      1. MC88 says:

        That makes sense. Either that, or the author didn’t know what “chagrin” meant.

  2. Should be pretty cool!

  3. solesaved says:

    Def would like to check it out.

  4. i loved the commercials he did that i think it’s for the lebron 2′s but man… wrong timing to put the show up when people’s hating on you at least let the hate simmer a bit

  5. I already knew this was going to happen, it was just a matter of WHEN?

  6. RETRO4S says:

    who’s gonna watch this $#!T?

    1. RobbySoulie says:

      I’m gonna watch it because I like to watch cartoons and eat cereal

  7. Nate Baiyewu says:

    I would check this out if Lebron did the voices for all the Lebrons

    1. I actually hope he does!