Air Jordan 5 “Wolf Grey”

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Call a pair of these Air Jordan 5s the “Light Graphites,” the “Wolf Greys,” or anything else you’d like; just don’t call them ugly. This fresh colorway of the classic silhouette will land in May, serving as a precursor to a number of expected AJ5 Retros. This Light Graphite/White-Wolf Grey has all the classic features this model should have, including the plastic laces clasp, 3M tongue and heel “23″ embroidery. And don’t worry, the icy sole is there, too. Expect more detailed looks at this upcoming Jordan to surface very soon.

Air Jordan 5 “Wolf Grey”
Light Graphite/White-Wolf Grey
May 2011

Source: MN


  1. Lace_fiend says:

    glad i slept on the cool greys

    1. Inluvwitkicks says:

      lmao like yu did tht on purpose..

      such posers. keep tht sht real either no cash or yu couldnt get em

      1. Kharlie says:

        they not that hard to get hold off, theres still plenty around

      2. Nick says:

        your retarded 11 cool greys are mad over hyped, and over priced, they are the worst 11s out, id take the breds over them. your clearly a hype beast and for that i award you 0 points. I still have mad cash but i slept on them as well

        1. Anonymous says:

          YOU are penalized 24 points for using the very hypebeasted term “bred” old-heads and OGs such as myself do not subscribe to such terminology, neither should you if you’re gonna have the gall to call someone a hypebeast…. Cool Grey 11s rule over these, but these are one of the freshest Retro+ colorways to date…. you do know what Retro+ is indicative of right son????

      3. that comment was hella stupid. I honestly dont like the Cool Greys. Does that mean I “slept” on them? no, but I did sleep in that day AND keep money in my pocket. This may come as a suprize to some but you dont NEED to cop EVERY overhyped jordan that drops just because you wanna be one of the millions wearing the same shoe. You can however have your own taste

        1. My sociology professor said it best.. Being different and standing out from others whether it comes to fashion, philosophies, and etc is a trend in itself. Whether it’s wanting to be one of the millions wearing Cool Greys or being different from those very millions and lacing up a ling ni pair or whatever you call them, they’re both trends at the end up of the day. We should not give a crap anymore what people think and put our opinions first..

  2. Oh jheez. I might have got a little bit too excited when I saw this picture….

    1. Anonymous says:

      That is just fine my bucko, did you perhaps maybe dump some of them cums all in your pants my honey? It’s okay, I actually mastabatedmypenus when I saw these too and I also climaxed all over myself, tis a normal thing my son. I will be copping 2 sets of these, perhaps 3.

      1 to rock, 1 to stock and one to flip.

      1. fresh pair says:

        This dudes a pedophile. Straight up. Was you abused as a child, did the priests call you ugly?

        1. Anonymous says:

          Yeah son, I wore that priest ass out son. Straight up. Then I saved my cums and fed them to your faaaaaaaaatha.

  3. tezzZZ says:


  4. FreshMatic305 says:

    Hard colorway

  5. Ariel Acosta says:

    1 word… “WOW”

  6. Winse says:

    Fresh! Any shoe looks good in a cool grey colorway

  7. Mrkamikaze23 says:

    definitely gonna Carl Winslow these…..2 pair!

    1. auto-spell* says:

      are you sure youre not gon’ steve urkel them?

    2. OMG LOL STFU says:

      was that a 40cal reference ? lol , he used that in a rap before , anyways i kinda like these but soon these are gonna get blown out of proportion too just like the cool grey 11′s , on the other hand i wouldnt give a damn about if they were hyped or not im coppin these bad boys lol

  8. WINS says:

    I slapped my mom after is saw this pic.

  9. Troyaraneta says:

    They alrite way to much good kiccs coming out this year won’t be wastin my duccets on these my loot going on the white n cement 3 the Tru blue 3 the playoff 13s cardinal 7s and the osooo beutiful concord 12s y’all can have the bs

    1. JoeV8511 says:

      concord 12′s exist ? I think you meant concord 11′s

      1. Inluvwitkicks says:

        wow whn did yu start wearin j’s the concord 12′s where the first cw.

        not sure if the drop but they most def exist

        1. Marcus says:

          yes, where the fuck is the first cw…

      2. Stevee220 says:

        yeah they have the same colorway as the concord 11′s but theyre called taxi 12′s

    2. these nuts says:

      concord 12s? haha

  10. Jwade says:

    Wow!!! Coppin these for sure. Got the greta flints the cement 3′s next week then the playoff13′s. Pockets stuck on broke. Smh….

  11. Stoney Jackson says:

    These are indisputably nice but I definitely prefer a black base on the V.

    Waiting on the Bins.

  12. IMO these are plain. I still like’em but I wanted to see some black in it.

  13. GetOphMuhBawlz says:

    Dey alright…..I ain’t pressed to get em

  14. cammo says:

    What happened to the burgandy laces? Copped regardless hope they get along w/ that Grape and Laney pack.

  15. Gonzo4of9 says:

    yes. must obtain

  16. Socal says:

    DEF. PACMAN right there

    the movie “Colors” for you not so smart ppl..lol

  17. Janitor says:

    Can’t wait to rock these with my Three Wolf Moon shirt! Who wants to join the pack? Roll with me, on my courtesy-scooter thru Wal-Mart.


  18. Fryknpuertorican says:

    Has anybody bought from solelegit.com?
    Btw these are fire

    1. RJ says:

      yes my friend have and he did a local pick up in the bay area. guy is legit. cop cool grey xi and white cement 3. guy has a lot of early releases. authentic shoes cause we bought it to footlocker and dude checked it..everything is authentic so i would recommend it!!

    2. RJ says:

      yes my friend have and he did a local pick up in the bay area. guy is legit. cop cool grey xi and white cement 3. guy has a lot of early releases. authentic shoes cause we bought it to footlocker and dude checked it..everything is authentic so i would recommend it!!

  19. Heatmiser says:

    These are lame. F icy soles

  20. Anonymous says:

    it’s ok…