Footwear Flashback: Vince Carter Owns Dunk Contest in AND 1 Tai Chi

Footwear Flashback: Vince Carter Owns Dunk Contest in AND 1 Tai Chi

The year was 2000. The NBA had survived a lockout and America had survived Y2K. With Jordan having just retired for the second time basketball fans needed something to believe in. It was easy to think the air had been taken out of the game with the ’99 All-Star Weekend being cancelled and the Slam Dunk Contest being replaced in ’98 by *sigh* 2-Ball. Who would save pro basketball’s best weekend?

It’d take another Tar Heel. The reigning Rookie of the Year Vince Carter erupted in the 2000 Dunk Contest to the point where no one remembers who finished second (Steve Francis) that year. With some help from his cousin/teammate Tracy McGrady VC shocked the world pulling out a plethora of dunks never seen by man. His 360? air assault was all the better matched by his AND 1 Tai Chi. As he spun so did the shoe, highlighting the finesse/power yin and yang that was Carter. A landmark event and popularity peak for both Carter and AND 1.

Who: Vince Carter
Shoes: AND 1 Tai Chi White/Red
Event: 2000 All-Star Weekend NBA Slam Dunk Contest
Date: 2/12/00

Vince Carter

Vince Carter in the AND 1 Tai Chi White/Red

Vince Carter

Vince Carter in the AND 1 Tai Chi White/Red


  1. Anonymous says:

    Fuking Freak!! in a good way lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    Man i remember those AND 1′s. My pop join the army we was living in Alaska. Everyone had those on!! Rocked mines so hard. Lol!!

  3. Brings back so many memories. I had those Tai-Chi’s too. I swear everybody had those at Palms in LA after that Dunk Contest.

  4. Yaboyprimo says:

    wow yo i cant believe that already 11 years ago it feel like yesterday when i played ball in high school we had these kicks

    1. dmiles says:

      yeah i rock those in high school too, when i didnt have money for jordans back then

  5. Scifi724 says:

    I was at that dunk contest .. Best one since MJ and Dominique.. !! Everyone after 2000 has been garbage..

    1. Anonymous says:

      Iggy, Nate, Dwight, Gerald Green, Jason Richardson, and now Blake Griffin FOH

    2. TruBluWaff says:

      iggy was raw, he got jacked

  6. Vegaxx23 says:

    Who won 2-Ball that year??? LOL

  7. Anonymous says:

    Damn what a beast!!!

  8. Slamm says:

    just goes to show how nike dominated todays world is, even ten years ago brands like and 1 was relevent and cheap quality sneakers were non existant! goddamn i wish i was born earlier to experience the golden age of sneakers

  9. BigBear78 says:

    S.M.H. Damn 11yrs few by fast!!! but anyway Vince your last 2 greatest dunks are you jumping over that 7ft. bum in the Olympic’s.. & the 1 where he was on the nets & hung in the air for about 4seconds against Alonzo Mourning & absolutely FINISHED ZO’S CAREER!!!!! other than that he’s pretty much been irrelevant the last 3yrs.. also re-release those 2001-2002 Nike Boing kicks those were FIRE!!!!!

  10. P.A.'s Finest says:

    One if not the BEST individual performances ever!!!!

  11. dirty says:

    fuck vince.
    <— t dot massive

  12. Treway says:

    clearly the best dunker ever ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  13. ccc says:


  14. freeballer says:

    Best Dunker Ever

  15. Winse says:

    Ditto. Best Dunker Ever!!! until will see Blake G…

  16. Nutty says:

    Half-man, half-amazing. Best Slam Dunk champion ever! I’ve seen them all from the late 80′s on up. But J.R. Rider’s dunk was beast mode when he did the under-the-leg baseline dunk. Sickk nasty. Jason Richardson also gets a nod. Another dunk that comes to mind is the alley-oop A.I to A.I. dunk but the effect wasn’t as great since it took a few tries. I don’t expect a whole lot of creativity this year, with any competitors, but Blake will be ferocious with his attempts.

    I wonder if the “Lyin’ King” will once again say he will be in next year’s dunk contest writing checks he doesn’t cash.

  17. Djrubadub says:

    I’m proud to say that I was in that arena on this particular day. Yessir.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why the F won’t punk azz Lebron won’t enter?!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I remember everybody and their mama had the Tai Chi’s on their feet. And btw, best dunk contest i ever seen. All because of Vince.

  20. Hergio23 says:

    lmao he already did say that he wanted to be in the contest this fear! he will never do it though!
    VC was sick in his prime