Nike “Highligter” Pack

Nike Highlighter Pack

You may recall Nike Basketball releasing a Nike Hyperdunk 2010 “Highlighter” Pack during the summer of 2010. They return this year with an upcoming, four-sneaker “Highlighter” Pack that may be the best so far. This newly-surfaced pack contains a Nike Air Max Penny I, a Nike Air Max Uptempo ’97, a Nike Blazer and Nike Air Phenom. We assume that most of you will flock to the Nike Air Max Penny I Black/Electric Green more than any shoe in this collection. What are your preliminary thoughts on this Nike “Highlighter” Pack? Look for the Nike “Highlighter” Pack to hit select retailers very soon.

Source: DJCK


  1. Anonymous says:

    Not feeling this at all. Sorry. The Pennys are kinda cool though.

  2. Javier says:

    wow are they scratch and sniff too??!? they’re ruining the image of the uptempo’s and penny’s how do u think pippen and penny would feel looking at these ugly ass shoes.

    1. size12whut? says:

      blasphemy! all penny 1′s should come with the grey jersey tongue, regardless of color

  3. shawndoh says:

    oh, well at least now i have the name right. i thought this was the “future clearance rack pack”.

    1. Ely0222 says:

      That is sum funny sh!t right there,

  4. Matt says:

    Those Penny 1s look dope as hell
    eehh the Uptempos r so so not feeling the pink too much
    i dnt mind pink just not on tht shoe
    im guessing the orange nd black sneakers r the phenoms
    im not too crazy abt those blazers

  5. Ely0222 says:

    Pennys are the only decent ones, would diffently wait till they hit the sales racks if i even thought about coppin,

    Theres to much other heat droppin around the same time to even worrie bout these but always appericate the post from NICK KICKS

  6. DISGUSTING! Nike, PLEASE don’t ruin the Air Penny like that!!

  7. Marcus says:

    lol man, nike really is catering to fucking hypebeast fags lately… id have to cop the pennys though, would fuck with the uptempos if it didnt have a whack ass yeezy cw…

  8. Anonymous says:

    I mastabate to the Pennys, the Pippens suck and are appropriately colored pink because Pippen is a bitch, the other 2 suck too.

  9. Anonymous says:

    They not that bad, just don’t care for pink shoes … if those pink uptempos suppose to be for girls man why?? None just start releasing all ur shoes in all sizes bcuz I’m not a girl who onto pink shoes :-/ and blazers not really my thing ….

  10. State Boogie says:

    i never thought it could be done but i guess you can make a pair of pennys and uptempos look terrible

  11. Nate Baiyewu says:

    nike can keep them

  12. nucca says:

    da pennys are dope as fuck

  13. Robby.! says:

    Those Penny’s aren’t how a classic should be remade. #NikeFail

  14. Dude6734 says:

    The black/orange kicks are actually pretty fresh, probably the ones id cope if I would pick one pair of shoes outta this pack

  15. Winse says:

    Wow those Penny 1s are crazy sick! everything else is garbage!

  16. TJKing says:

    The Uptempo’s ain;t all that bad, looks to me like the tongue is 3M!

  17. Ibn1982 says:

    I will be getting both the Penny 1′s and the Uptempo 97′s. I dont normally wear Neon Pink but hey the Lebron South Beach had pink accents and pink laces….