A History of Celebrities Wearing the Air Jordan 7

A History of Celebrities Wearing the Air Jordan 7

From King James to Kevin James, a host of A-listers have rocked the huarache based Air Jordan 7. OG colorways and new ones have been spotted on the feet of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, and more. Who wore them and who rocked them best? See the the history of celebrities wearing the Air Jordan 7 over at Complex.

Ian Stonebrook lives in Austin, TX where he spends most of his time kicking it with friends and fam, hooping, golfing and going out.


  1. Yo dawg breh I be always in deez sevins an shit like dey knows I’m da dopest fresh nigga. I be matchin demz up with a fuzzy ass sideways tennis visor.

  2. Dam I can’t believe nobody had the flint 7’s… Personally the cleanest and freshest pair of 7 IMO. They should be retroed again this year.

  3. Celebs wearing Jordans, big deal…….Call me when someone bust out those Jordan CMFT 11 x Sole Collector or New Balance 574 x Undefeated joints….

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