Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite "Eggplant" to Release

Months ago, the Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite landed in a Metallic Silver colorway. Later, an all black pair hit shelves. Next up is an “Eggplant” pair. When the Foamposite hybrids first began rolling in, we speculated on what other pairs were coming in a feature called “What If?”. It looks as though we were right on with one of our predictions, as an “Eggplant” shoe will drop the first of February. Are you anticipating the release of these Forces, or is this colorway dead for you?

NOTE: The above picture is a rendering and not an official representation of the shoe.

Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite “Eggplant”
Varsity Purple/Varsity Purple-Black

  • Chico Dusty

    ugly ugly ugly.

  • Honch

    damn i thought i was gonna buy all the colroways…Nike give me my 3M whites for Easter…Eggplant is whored out already

  • Saturn

    i just threw up

  • kurse

    okay let’s wait until we see ACTUAL pictures before we pass judgment

  • Anteezy

    Damn these are soo ugly they make the other CWs look great.

  • Nosebleed Da Hitmaker

    lol Back when they came out with the silver ones, alot thought that they would be a sick pair if they had the Eggplant colorway because its a Foamposite AF1. I have to differ. These are fugly. But I have to wait until the real images surface before I talk about them. But I’d have to still pass on the Foamposite AF1. I dont know why, but I just do not like the fusion of a Foamposite and AF1

  • Omar Santiago


  • DMAN

    I really don’t know why people are hating on these so much. I think the idea of AF1 and Foamposite combined is a great Idea. The 1st two CW’s were nice and I’m sure when REAL pics of the Eggplants surface, they won’t dissapoint.

  • Anonymous

    Straight up, ya dad mastabated over the AFI Foamposites to the point where he copped a pair of the silver joints at the WBF. Then I tried these slobs on and they are way too narrow, so I returned mine and copped a set of silver foampros. Therefore, the AF1 Foamposite sucks a dick and is an awful shoe. Step it up Nike.

  • bmorking

    These r the hottnesses, cant wait to rock dezz wits my flacco jersey and sum purp sweats!!

    • Metatron

      you sir, are a bama.

    • Air Penny

      You suck and Ravens suck. Watch the CHIEFS blow you out!

      -Air Penny

      • bmorking

        yo my reggin da raves will smash doo… you doubterzz and haterzz crack me izzle.. deezz kickzz up ya azzez after the raves smash the patzz on da wayzz to da super bowllzzz

  • deucedacardigan

    these shits are ugly!!! NIKE NEEDS TO STOP!



  • Seth Von Weirdoe

    These aren’t the actually shoes, this was a mock-up made by NiceKicks for their “What If” segment

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    These are PhotoShoped I bet these would like nice in person… I like these though just bcuz they’re purple x) LOL

    • Red3811

      oh i love oyu. I love purple more man i cant wait to get my hands on these. Purple haters.

  • Winse


  • solesaved

    Eggplant is becoming the new elephant print.They just throwin it on everything.

  • Roy Rodriguez3

    You when some one says I think I just throw up in my mouth,, well I just did these are wack… only foamposite ones should only have this colorway….. OMG stop destroying a pretty decent sneaker with horrible bright purple or dark… who cares

    • Matt

      Well idk entirely about that man i mean yeah the foamposite looks lovely in that colorway not for nothing but imo the 1/2 cent looks great in eggplant i think only those two shoes look good in em

  • Matt

    ithink if the bottoms were clear dark purple it would set it off and make it look nice
    these are honestly somewhat decent
    im not a fan of the foam AF1 but that’s just me

  • Brian_2594

    forget these. I’m waitin for the pearl 1/2 cents.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like foamposites to wear around, and I don’t like the foamposite hybrids. Actually, the black and silver colorways of this shoe were straight, but the eggplant is a little much.

  • @AskYaGirlBoutMe

    I honestly like these but i wouldnt cop