Gucci ‘Tennis 84′ Lace-Up Sneaker

Gucci 'Tennis 84' Lace-Up Sneaker

The upscale tennis shoe that fathered many a style returns in OG form. The Gucci ‘Tennis 84′ Lace-Up Sneaker is back using lux white leather with the signature brand web on back. A rubber sole and green and red detail dress this subtle classic that inspired the likes of the Reebok S. Carter line. This model is available now at Gucci.

Gucci ‘Tennis 84′ Lace-Up Sneaker

Gucci 'Tennis 84' Lace-Up Sneaker

Gucci 'Tennis 84' Lace-Up Sneaker

Thanks Gary!


  1. Rob Meschino says:

    i saw something about these recently. something about how they were the first insanely expensive sneaker, making them affordable to rich people with terrible purchase behaviors and drug dealers, exclusively. love it.

  2. SayWha says:

    Nah son.. that aint $375 worth of shoe right there. be 4real.

  3. yo mom says:

    1. boooooooooring.
    2. wtf is that?
    3. fuck gucci and gucci man, too… brrrr

  4. Ely0222 says:

    these are kinda clean, looks likes nice materials also, but wuts up wit the price tag, they better be complete custom wit individual # for that sticker price, would look good in the summer though, to much snow and rain around my way this time of year

  5. Vut978 says:

    These look like the s.Carter

    1. no s. carters look like these

      1. Davechris7 says:

        I remember when they came out. Over hyped because of the name brand. The silhouette wasnt unique at all. I looked like any other clean adidas shoe of the era. The Gucci name and the “off white/cream” gave it its appeal.

  6. Jose_andon says:


  7. Raydavis125 says:

    If they put a swoosh on these, the hype would be on.

  8. The_Prophet_57 says:

    I can’t get into kicks like these. I don’t care what logo is on em

  9. The_Prophet_57 says:

    I wouldn’t even pay $50.00 for these. seriously

  10. for rich folk only…and im not one of them

  11. If you ain’t grow up in the 80′s you can’t appreciate these throwbacks…

  12. Freshsince1978 says:

    What took Nice Kicks so long to post a classic like this! This shoe has been out for almost a year now. They also have the all black low and a black croc that will set you back $1150.

  13. Jason Smith says:

    A relic from the dawn of the crack era…the black ones were better but I agree about the price…You could cop (at least) two pair of waaaay iller shoes for that dough.

  14. Winse says:

    I used to have these but they were the RBK S. Carters

  15. Anonymous says:

    I remember these selling for $250 at the Gucci shop in Atlantic City back in the days. The Hi-tops sold for $300.

  16. Gold9oh says:

    these joints is sick. big daddy kane is rockin some og’s in the video for no half steppin. im on these tough

  17. i have these, deadstock. From the 80′s price $10,000. email me for more info. lol jk

  18. Bobby says:

    They need to come out with the Green Hi Tops….

  19. Marco says:

    They exactly like the S. Carter from years back

    1. Polo says:

      No. S. Carter is exactly like the Gucci 84….hence the 84….as in these shoes came out in 1984….more than a decade before the S. Carter. Get it straight son!

  20. HAHAHA says:

    This shoe model should have died once Jay-Z swaggar jacked them for his reebok line.