TSA Doesn’t Like Christian Louboutin’s

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TSA Declares War on Christian Louboutin

TSA Declares War on Christian Louboutin

We have heard of TSA officials giving grief to passengers passing through security with spiked Christian Louboutin sneakers in the past, but thankfully tAz Arnold aka ti$a took a quick pic to document the harassment. ?According to tAz, TSA officials attempted to confiscate his $1245 Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes citing that they appeared to be “weapons.” ?We checked the TSA regulations website an apparently you can get away with metal scissors, hand tools?including?screw drivers if less than 7″ in length, but apparently 1/4 long “spikes” with dulled tips spaced evenly across a shoe is a problem.

Thankfully ti$a and his $1200+ shoes did make it through but be warned that the next time you go through security, TSA may be out to take away your dignity and your shoes.

TI$A, next time we suggest you rock your collab kicks you did with Stamp’d LA and check the Christian L’s.

Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes

Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spikes - $1245

Christian Louboutin Louis Men's Flat Spikes

Christian Louboutin Louis Men's Flat Spikes - $1,095

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51 Comments on "TSA Doesn’t Like Christian Louboutin’s"

  1. orka

    That’s just asking for trouble. While I think people are free to whatever they want to, they really should think about place and time in certain instances.

      • I fully agree. This is what happens when the Federal government believes it has all the power and the people have none. Clearly, a loafer cannot be used as a weapon.

      • Pjm

        exactly. this shoe can not be used as a weapon anymore than anyother shoe could. i wonder if they would confiscate my Converse Poorman’s Weapons?

      • franchiseplaya

        NK, why you always edit your comments after the fact. why don’t you let your original statement about TSA having too much power, stand? just add to the thread. you guys even say in the article that the shoes were allowed on anyway. so whats the problem. TSA prolly see a few pairs of steel toes, cleats etc. but how often they see spiked kicks? good on TSA for at least taking the time to check em out before giving a free pass.

  2. I wouldn’t say they look like weapons. I’d say they look ghey.

    Getting those things confiscated would probably be in his sex life’s best interests.

  3. Nucca

    those shoes are super gay..no offense to the gays but that sh*t looks like something from the womens department…i would rather rock some sketchers then that sh*t. they shoulda did him a favor n kept those ugly ass shoes

    • You can bring aboard track spikes that could actually be used as a weapon or steel toed boots. These “spiked” shoes have dulled tips not even 1/4 of an inch tall. #imjustsayin

  4. Winse

    that shit looks like some punk rocker steez U wear to a heavy metal concert, why the hell would U wear those in public

  5. franchiseplaya

    anyone who travels would have to know that these would be regarded as problematic in this day and age. i think NK is way off base saying that the TSA workers are power trippin or overzealous. who would’ve thought that someone could potentially start a bomb with items hidden in a shoe or comandeer a plane with a box cutter. these guys are the last line of defense for YOU to travel safely. NK should be applauding them for taking the time to investigate and eventually making the right call to allow them for travel, hardly as idiotic as NK’s statement. the guy wearing them is an idiot and not because of what the shoes look like. next time put them in checked luggage.

    • I have nothing but respect for the TSA and the men and women who serve our country in an honorable way whether it be with the military or the police.

      What I don’t have respect for is people who don’t follow their own protocol of what the rules are and try to write the rules as they go along. I spoke with someone who used to work at the TSA before writing the article and they told me that with these being only 1/4 tall and dulled tips, a bic ball point pen would be more of a weapon.

    • security theater

      You can’t commandeer a plane with a box cutter, the passengers would attack and probably kill you, never mind the problems getting through the locked cockpit door. And any bomb that can be hidden in a shoe will probably kill fewer people than you could kill with your bare hands.

      • franchiseplaya

        well sec. theater i don’t know whatyour background is but i think that most common flyers on an airplane would probably have a difficult time trying to disarm an attacker motivated and trained with any sharp edged tool. the first one to engage in a confined space would most likely be the first death. sure maybe an attacker would be overwhelmed by numbers eventually but i’m not sure i’d want to be the first one in, but i’m sure you’re badass enough to do it, right? thanks to TSA maybe theres LESS of a chance for me to have to ever make that decision.

    • MyTimeNow

      Yo non fran above me, I bet u believe that the passports they found 8 miles from their were the hijackers too. TSA isn’t protecting us from anything that isnt gonna happen anyway……wake up!! all that bomb in the underwear shit is US Gov propaganda, so in a small example would think….. an ugly shoe with harmless “spikes” shouldnt be allowed on a plane so they get taken and a TSA worker gets a monthly paycheck in the form of a pair of shoes. Cant wait til they take La Gear La Lights because the light may distract the pilot!

      • franchiseplaya

        well, yourtimehaspassed, if you read the article, the shoes weren’t actually taken. thats why i take issue with NK’s and tisa’s depiction of events. TSA workers are just doing their job investigeting the matter and like i said, common sense prevailed on the part of the TSA and made the right decision in allowing them to fly. the TSA may not be able to guarantee 100 pct. safety but i do prefer there to be LESS chance of some horrible event and i hope that everyone gets to where they need to go safely. if some idiot with spikes on his shoes needs to be inconvienced to do so, then i’m okay with that.

  6. Abc

    Thank YO TSA for trying to make our airlines safer. Im ashamed you nice kicks. Like wearing shoes is life or death. You guys sound so dumb talking about this sh*t like its an actual way of life. Congrats losers.

    • Personal freedom and liberty. How quick are we to give it away….sad. You can bring aboard track spikes that could actually be used as a weapon or steel toed boots. These “spiked” shoes have dulled tips not even 1/4 of an inch tall.

  7. freeballer

    A few things.
    1) Those are ugly
    2) They’re hilariously over priced
    3) Who the hell would wear those to an airport?

  8. Rger088

    stick them in your luggage and they won’t get confiscated duh.. and if you are so dum to wear those on board you deserve to get them taken away. Airlines can do w/e they want to protect the safety of their passengers. Ti$a you don’t own the fucking world you can’t do w/e you want…

  9. Marco

    Why are the most expensive shoes so ugly, I think they intentionally make them so ugly so only people with money to waste will consider buying them

    • Provenstyle

      also… why are you guys showing ads for “The Bachelor” on a sneaker site? This is not People Magazine son.

  10. KillaCam

    I own a pair and Im straight as an arrow. They are fuckin bad ass! They come in handy. Its a weapon on you feet.

  11. RS

    everyone is hatin on the shoe because they can’t afford the shoe and they don’t know how to rock them. Man this is upscale sh*t, y’all can just stick to your sneakers like kids. These shoes are mad freshh!!

  12. Sneakrfreakr

    I have traveled extensively over the past few months since I got my black hi-top Louis’ and make it a point to wear them on almost every flight possible. Not once has anybody associated with the TSA given me anything but compliments on my sneakers. I’ve worn them all the way to the Caribbean without a second glance..

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