Kicks On Court: Ray Allen Closes Out 2010 in Air Jordan 11 PE

Kicks On Court

While Gilbert Arenas has been tearing up Kicks On Court day in and day out, Ray Allen, the 2008-09 Kicks On Court King, has been relatively quiet in the sneaker department. We have only seen him wearing the Air Jordan 2010 Team for the most part of this young season. Ray Allen closed out 2010 with a bang though. Check out today’s Kicks On Court to see Ray Allen’s sneaker selection for his last game of 2010.

In a losing effort against the New Orleans Hornets, Ray Allen laced up a White/Green-Metallic Gold Air Jordan 11 PE. If you recall, Allen debuted this Air Jordan 11 PE on opening night of the 2008-09 NBA season for the Boston Celtics’ ring ceremony. Is this the best Air Jordan 11 PE to date? Would you purchase this shoe if it ever retailed? View these kicks plus more, worn by Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and others, below.

Kicks On Court

Ray Allen wearing an Air Jordan 11 PE

Kicks On Court

Ray Allen wearing an Air Jordan 11 PE and Trevor Ariza in the Nike Hyperdunk 2010

Kicks On Court

Ray Allen contesting a shot in an Air Jordan 11 PE

Kicks On Court

Amir Johnson shooting in the "Cool Grey" Air Jordan 11

Kicks On Court

Richard Hamilton wearing the red Air Jordan 2 via "Candy" Pack and Vince Carter in the Nike Air Max Hyperdunk 2010

Kicks On Court

Kobe Bryant laying it up in the "Concord"? Nike Zoom Kobe VI

Kicks On Court

Chris Paul and Nate Robinson in the Jordan CP3.IV Black/Orion Blue and the Nike LeBron 8

Kicks On Court

Stephen Curry in the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

Kicks On Court

Stephen Jackson wearing the Jordan Take Flight

Kicks On Court

Jrue Holiday and Shannon Brown wearing the adidas adiZero Infiltrate and the "Concord" Nike Zoom Kobe VI, respectively

Kicks On Court

Elton Brand in the Converse EB3

Kicks On Court

Josh Smith in the adidas adiZero Infiltrate and Kevin Durant in the Nike Zoom KD III

Kicks On Court

DeMar Derozan in the Nike Zoom Kobe V

Kicks On Court

John Wall wearing the Reebok Zig Slash

Kicks On Court

Derrick Rose in the adidas adiZero Rose

Source: Yahoo


  1. Tonytone says:

    What does PE mean at the end of the shoe title? Can anyone help me out with that?

    1. akmed says:

      Player Edition

      1. Wayne601615 says:

        Player *Exclusive

        1. Beaver69pounder says:

          it can be both, it can be a player edition which is not exclusive to the player or a player exclusive which is.

      2. Zacheryjon says:

        haha this nigga said player edition haha

        1. themann says:

          my bad i mean this dude said player edition

        2. lol, but why you tryna clown dude. Maybe he don’t spend most of his time reading shoe blogs, maybe dude has a JOB.

    2. kidkickarus says:

      Personal edition

    3. BoyImGOod says:

      Player Exclusive
      Personal Edition

    4. Wuingo says:

      It’s “Player Exclusive”. Shoes made specifically for one player. Usually a unique colorway, with number and sometimes last name etched somewhere on the shoe.

    5. Shey010 says:

      player edition/exclusive i think

    6. Anonymous says:

      Plays Eloquently

    7. Joe says:

      Penis Envy

    8. zm says:

      it pretty much means.. you cant get ur hands on these (in nelsons voice: ha ha)

    9. Yungmaino says:

      player exclusive (pe)

  2. Mdkimble says:

    Damn those 11′s are sick!!

  3. Detrujillo says:

    Allen’s PE 11′s have to be the dopest kicks ever.

    1. Robb says:

      I think so, yeah

  4. Dannyfactz says:

    Lol Rip finally switched it up! Jesus Shuttlesworth’s shoes would’ve looked better if the bottom were white and the patent leather gold or green. The combo looks kinda like something that you’d find at Marshalls.

    1. dj decks says:

      lmao… word! they look bootleg. like he copped on the boardwalk in atlantic city.

  5. Lexanius says:

    Those are some sick 11′s copped 3x

    1. yo mom says:

      b, stop it… u wish u can afford a pair…

  6. Them PE 11s Are CRAZY!!!!!!!

  7. Omar says:

    john wall with the hadouken

  8. Newkirk says:


  9. Yuh says:

    @tonytone it means like th8eir personal own (custom made)

  10. npt says:

    people only like those cause theyre 11s the colorway itself doesnt look good to me

    1. eyuuup says:


    2. Jason Smith says:

      i think the colorway is ill and matches even better with the C’s alternate road uni that has gold in the CELTICS lettering. the fact that they’re 11s doesn’t hurt, though.

  11. Poopface says:

    steph curry’s pic looks exactly like his pic in the last kicks on court!

  12. Lightfoot1990 says:

    I wonder if we will ever see those Air Jordan 11 Ray Allen PE’s on ebay…

    1. Poopface says:

      hey r u sellin ‘em

  13. Jr_lyon says:

    Aren’t those the same Jordan 11 PEs Ray wore on ring night a couple years ago?

  14. Youngen says:

    Player edition

  15. oh gee says:


    I dont even fux wit XI’s like that but damn damn damn. Them bitches sexy as my baby.

  16. Mafio says:

    Oh man, those Ray Allen PEs are going to break the bank in a few years!

  17. PsilentType says:

    Wtf those 11s are doodoo, you losers would rock that ugly ish just cuz it’s an 11…

    1. sam says:

      thank you.

  18. Dopey_young says:

    PE means player edition. And that is the sickest 11s ever.

  19. Jason Smith says:

    I was watching the game and had to pause the DVR when I saw them sh**s during an early time out. My jaw hit the floor and I had to mop up a puddle of drool. So sick they need chemo.

  20. Jedi Knight says:

    Those 11′s are gorgeous!