Video: Nate Robinson Unveils his Nike Air Max 1 iD Collection

Video: Nate Robinson Shows Off Nike Air Max 1 iD Collection

Nate Robinson has made a name for himself in the sneaker community rocking a variety of new school and retro heat on court. His hardwood kicks prove his passion but leave us all wondering what he wears off court. Today we get the answer. In a recent Twitvid Nate showed off his massive collection of Nike Air Max 1 iDs; all using different inspiration and color palettes. Was Nate going hard with the soft tones? Check out the video to find out.


  1. dan says:

    Wish I had an NBA salary.

    1. Kicks2exclusive says:

      that shoe game is getting sicker and sicker nate the great fresh with it diggin them all

  2. D!z says:

    I cant front, Nate has a decent collection but I cant complain because Nike ID doesnt give us that many options.


  4. wat says:

    This dude thought every shade of everything is soft.

  5. Marq15clark says:

    No such thing as salary when ur on the Nike team smart people

    1. SoleCal says:

      There is no “Nike Team” smart guy. There are “friends” of Nike but no team.

  6. DCast says:

    more excited about the nikeid box that comes with the VI than this video and his colelction

  7. Luis Cortez says:

    If I hear him say “soft” ANYTHING ONE MORE TIME…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nike Air on deck and all the way home :)

  9. Marquis_geek says:

    like anybody can make those off of nike id

  10. Ozone says:

    wow….what a serious little homo. Air Max 1 ID options are a #fail. stupid little chimp thinks he has a hard collection because he orders every combination of fruity ass colors from Nike ID with his worthless millions

  11. Dawson says:

    I wanted to see his collection of everything else, ID’s aren’t anything special. Somewhat disappointed.

  12. Jkal says:

    i couldnt stop laughing when Nate said “you got different shades of red, you got the red red and the soft red” lmao

  13. Marcus says:

    im sure nike gave him this shit as another meager attempt at subliminal advertisement…

  14. Keith says:

    He got soft brain… a shade of soft soft brain.. lol

  15. yo seriously….yall calling this a collection? Think about it…