Nike Foamposite One and Foamposite Pro for 2011

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Over the past two years Foamposite has come back in a big way. 2011 will be no different as we see new colorways of both the Nike Air Foamposite One and Nike Air Foamposite Pro. In addition to the “Electric Green” Foamposite Pro we will also see the shoe in “Pacific Blue”. “Metallic Pewter” won’t be the only non OG colorway of the Foamposite One releasing as we see a “Dark Army” makeup, similar to the HOH exclusive that dropped in 2008. Are you down with the new Foamposite colorways? Tell us in the comment section.

Nike Air Foamposite One
“Dark Army”

Nike Air Foamposite Pro
“Pacific Blue”

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30 Comments on "Nike Foamposite One and Foamposite Pro for 2011"

  1. D B

    I like but i think the army colorway should have the big swoosh too. i love the foams but i dont like them without the big swoosh just keep that in mind i think it takes away alot from the shoe

  2. DeBonicus Maximus

    I, like most people, prefer Ones over Pros, but the difference isn’t big enough to prevent me from copping. With that being said, the pacific blue is one of the most ridiculous colorways that a Foamposite could come in. All this means is that I’ll be dropping anywhere from $480-800 on Foamposites in 2011 with absolutely no complaints.

    • RETRO4S

      exactly what i was thinking. those pacific blues look beautific. now i got those, the royals, metallic pewters, Kobe VIs, and all the jordans coming out next year on my list. gotta somehow pick and choose which ones to get which is gonna kill me.

  3. Sequence001

    I’ve never been a huge fan of foamposites but those Pacific Blues are Gorgeous!!! Those will be my 1st pair!

  4. Aaa

    I still think these are the ugliest kicks in the world……but i believe i may be a #HypeBeast next year and cop my first pairSSSS

  5. Kingop1991

    nike just kno how to get into my pockets. first pewters and royal blues & penny 1s now, more colorways? they killing me lol

  6. nikenana

    They might be over doing it…. I like the Dark Army and the Metallic Pewter but the pacific blue and electric green might be a pass

  7. size12whut?

    anyone notice the penny hybrid the guy was holding in the background. looks like they got a bit of air flight one on them and foamposite. must have for penny people

  8. Traedatruth10

    the foams dont look right without the Penny logo on them, but f it im getting everything it a great collection just to look back in your closet and be like dam i have all the foams it a great feeling

  9. Crzyballplyr67

    I think the foamposite colors are getting ridiculous. I think some of them are fresh but there are a lot thy are pretty unnecessary.

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