Spot the Difference: 14 Changes on Air Jordan Re-Retros

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Air Jordan Lead

Tomorrow sees the release of the highly anticipated “Altitude” Air Jordan 13 to many people’s excitement. While many may have this shoe at the top of the must-have list for the holidays, a few have shown their discontent with the drastic changes between the original version and the 2010 retro version. The 2005 “Altitude” Air Jordan 13s feature premium leather on the side panels, while the soon-to-be-released 2010 version owns mesh on the side panels.

Our Nice Kicks staff compiled a list of Air Jordan Retros that featured noticeable changes between the recent retro and the last retro. In this feature, you will see 17 Air Jordans that contained visible changes from retro to retro. View our Spot the Difference: 14 Changes on Air Jordan Re-Retros.

**Note**: Changes from OG versions to first retros were not included in this feature. Only re-retros.

Air Jordan 4 “Bred” (1999) – Air Jordan 4 “Bred” (2008)

Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4 "Bred" Left (1999), Right (2008)

Air Jordan 4

Air Jordan 4 "Bred" Left (1999), Right (2008)

Change Clothes: As we all know, a major change in up-to-date retros and 90s retros was the switch from ‘Nike Air’ branding to Jumpman branding. This was one of, if not the biggest change on the two Air Jordan 4 “Bred” Retros, as it is seen, in detail, on the heel panel.

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  1. dro says:

    We need the nike logo back!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Second and third that, makes more of a classic. Most of us buy J’s for the memories. And I remember Nike Air logos!

  2. D!z says:

    I guess that if they consistently make the OG’s then the OG’s wont have any value to them. Its like reprinting the old issues of The Amazing Spider-Man but looking at these pics make me not want to buy retros

  3. Andrew Le says:

    no 3m on the flints doesnt bother me. my fav shoe

  4. TIMMIAY says:

    fire red 3s?

  5. Bknowbles says:

    fake 2000 blk/silver v?

  6. The embroidered 23 on the Jordan 5 is such a let down to me… I cringe every time I see it.

  7. al. says:

    i want the original 1′s. the new ones seem way too high.

  8. n says:

    Bump some cool greys bring back the concords

  9. npt says:

    those 94 black/cement 3s mmmm

  10. DCast says:

    other than the branding, changing up retros just to please og sneakerheads exclusivity is stupid as hell. no one care if you have a pair from 94 that you never wear, you’re not better than anyone stop kidding yourself.

  11. greanbeen says:

    on the 5s from 2000 the tounge was wayy smaller and they ran so tight. love my 07s. hate that 23 on there tho

  12. freeballer says:

    God I hope they release the Concords next year. Or Columbias.

  13. Winse says:

    Jordan Brand has went down the toilet in quality yet they still continue to increase prices to $160+

  14. cammo says:

    The biggest difference between the Altitudes from 05 and the 2010s is that the 2010s will be in my collection. Play Nice.

    1. Jr_lyon says:

      Same here!!!!!

  15. Philz says:

    I think the ice blue soles on the 11s are a great chance they look cleaner that way…imo

  16. DugLast says:

    One of the many reasons I love this site. Nice work.

  17. I cannot STAND when people refer to the BLACK/TRUE RED 7′s as “Raptors.” Lame!

  18. were can i get the altitudes

  19. Bknowbles says:

    I see y’all changed the v pic lol thanks.

    1. They didn’t change anything. It still says “2000.”

  20. og says:

    they forgot to mention the perforations on tha old 3′s, wish i had an og pair of 4′s like that tho, sick