Kicks On Court: Arenas Rocks Dolce & Gabbana in Hollywood

Kicks On Court

Lights, camera, action! The Los Angeles Lakers basketball games undoubtedly bring out the celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington, Steven Spielberg and many others. Therefore, it is not out of the norm to see an abundance of high-end fashion sitting courtside. However, Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas chose to rock high-end fashion sneakers on the court in Hollywood.

In a losing effort against the Los Angeles Lakers, Gilbert Arenas took a break from the Air Jordan Retros and laced up a Dolce & Gabbana High Top sneaker. Arenas’ luxury Dolce & Gabbana High Top sneakers feature a two straps across the midfoot area and contains a patent leather-like texture makeup. This is the first time we have seen a sneaker of this sort in our Kicks On Court. Who else is even close to Gilbert Arenas’ level in this year’s Kicks On Court? View these kicks plus more, worn by Kobe Bryant, Jason Kidd, Gerald Wallace, Steve Nash and others, below.

**Note** Also, check out what upcoming, major Jordan Brand holiday release Mike Bibby wore in last night’s game against the New Jersey Nets.

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas wearing a Dolce & Gabanna High Top sneaker

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas shooting in a Dolce & Gabanna High Top sneaker

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas in a Dolce & Gabanna High Top sneaker

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas facing up in a Dolce & Gabanna High Top sneaker

Kicks On Court

Gilbert Arenas defending in a Dolce & Gabanna High Top sneaker

Kicks On Court

Mike Bibby wearing the Air Jordan 13 White/Black-Varsity Red

Kicks On Court

Kobe Bryant laying it up in the "Ring Ceremony" Nike Zoom Kobe V

Kicks On Court

Damien Wilkins in the "Veterans Day" Nike LeBron 8

Kicks On Court

Jason Kidd shooting in the PEAK Kidd III

Kicks On Court

Gerald Wallace shooting in the Jordan Ol School IV

Kicks On Court

Jrue Holiday wearing the adidas adiZero Infiltrate

Kicks On Court

David Lee rocking the Nike Air Max Hyperdunk 2010

Kicks On Court

Elton Brand wearing the Converse EB3

Kicks On Court

Carmelo Anthony attacking the basket in the Jordan Melo M7

Kicks On Court

Ron Artest boxing out in the Ball'N Lay Up

Kicks On Court

Stephen Jackson wearing the Jordan Pure J

Kicks On Court

Steve Nash in the Nike Zoom Go Low

Kicks On Court

Luis Scola and Richard Hamilton wearing an Anta signature shoe and the Air Jordan 2 Black/White, respectively

Kicks On Court

Brook Lopez (right) in the adidas TS Heat Check

Kicks On Court

Shaun Livingston wearing the Air Jordan 2010 Team and Chauncey Billups in the adidas TS Lightning Creator

Kicks On Court

Rodney Stuckey in the adidas TS Cut Creator

Kicks On Court

Left to Right: Nick Young wearing an iD Nike Zoom Kobe V, Lamar Odom in the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse and Hilton Armstrong rocking the adidas Young Guns

Kicks On Court

Louis Williams in the Converse SICKS

Kicks On Court

Brandon Roy in the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

Kicks On Court

Jason Terry wearing the Reebok Zig Slash

Kicks On Court

John Wall attacking the rim in the Reebok Zig Slash

Kicks On Court

Daniel Gibson handling the rock in the Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier IV

Kicks On Court

Mo Williams wearing the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

Kicks On Court

Josh Smith in the adidas adiZero Infiltrate

Source: Yahoo


  1. Arightd says:

    Arneas is a fool, I wonder if he’ll ball in the Yeezy or some Louis. He’s the champ when it comes to rocking different kicks to ball in hands down.

    1. Lionel Cook says:

      Yeah I want him to break out the Yeezy myself!

    2. liam25 says:

      yea Arenas pulled those off pretty nicely

  2. Anonymous says:

    Arenas; in my book your KOC MVP

    1. barbra streisand says:

      what does a luxury fashion house like dolce & gabbana know about basketball sneakers?? those kicks shouldn’t be anywhere near a court.

      1. nigeenige says:

        shoes doesnt really have alot to do with basketball besides the comfort of your feet my man be ballin in crocs bussin niggas ass

      2. its 2010 ppl do what they want.

  3. Ely0222 says:

    Arneas killed it, he broke out sum heat from the private collection.. Remember Arneas did it first, i diffently see ppl in the NBA rockin some high end kicks in the future

    1. Your mama's mama says:

      It’s heat cause it has a D and a G on it? Point blank those shoes are wack…BEAST

  4. douster says:

    it’s disappointing that arenas probably spends more time worrying about which sneaks to wear every game than he does worrying about his game. his performance isn’t garnering any attention, that’s for sure.

    1. guest says:

      you can’t knock his play while he’s averaging 17 and 5 after everything going on the past couple years.

      1. Bullets Fan says:

        Ummmm…you can most certainly knock his play 17 and 5, should we forget he’s on almost a max contract????. He basically took league max (knowing he had not fully healed from his micro surgery) then he missed the following season again with injury. Then he flaunts a gun after already catching a prior in SF misses another season. He is one of the most HATED players in DC, we would dump his arse if we could find a team dumb enough, but we can’t!!!! He has never been worth his weight in gold, head case and can’t D up. It’s funny every post with him he’s getting blown by… Ps those DG’s are ugly anyways..bunch of beasts on here.

        1. Jay-Rock says:

          No one put a gun to any of the Wizards front office officials and forced them to give Gilbert that Max contract. And it was never his responsibility to report how his knee felt, thats what TEAM DOCTORS are for. If you were given that contract your banged up knee would probably feel pretty damn good too after you signed the contract. Gilbert is still the best player on that team, and John Wall will overtake him in time. Gilbert is an enigma, and he puts in work on the offensive side of the ball. You may not like him, but he stretches the court and you have to defend him at all times. LIVE WITH IT!

        2. Theshoeseeker says:

          gilbert been ballin this year if you think about it he came back from injury and tje jail time to produce he be puttin up huge numbers if he didnt have to share with john wall who in my opinion isnt that great of a player everyone thinks but he is good tho

        3. ga says:

          why hate look at how tmac came back from his injury and dont get me wrong i am a huge tmac fan, arenas is playing real good coming back from surgery and not playing for couple seasons, be realistic and stop hatin

    2. Anonymous says:

      Yea your right, but the shoes are getting him a lot of attention lol. I think he just needs more time to get himself together, after all he did go from being the franchise player for the wiz, to a felon, then gets back and the team has been handed over to a kid (john wall).

    3. Nice Kicks says:

      He put up 23 points in D&G’s!

  5. Notyou says:

    what a nig

  6. Boss says:

    Gilbert Arenas has taken it to a whole new level……

  7. orka says:

    Stylish, yes, but I don’t think his team will be happy once he injures himself by keep wearing more casual shoes. It’s almost as silly as Rasheed Wallace’s insistance on wearing AF1 (which is totally stupid from a performance standpoint).

    1. Anonymous says:

      i agree completely. only D&Gs are even worse. I dont see how Sheed leaves the straps on his AF1s hanging down to the floor sometimes.

      1. ... says:

        style points

    2. JahCongo says:

      Dude won an NBA title wearing AF1′s…I’m jus sayin’. (I know I wouldn’t rock ‘em)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Gilbert is killing it! He’s a true hooper. He just plays in whatever. Probly had those kicks on with his outfit be4 the game! Reminds me of being young and just hoop in whatever shoes I had on at the time.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think its kind of cool to see Arenas just kind of wearing whatever he wants on the court…It beats seeing lebrons on everyone’s feet or a pair of ugly JB kicks…or a pair of those “space man” Adidas lmao

    2. Brad says:

      Thats probobly not why he’s wearing them.

  9. Bishopp3000 says:

    I’m surprised that noone comment on Bibby and the 13′s as many “jordan brand followers” comment on this site.

  10. HollywoodC says:

    Arenas really just doesn’t give a FUCK

  11. Nate Baiyewu says:

    Daniel Gibson goin hard wearing Lebrons in Cleveland

    1. Anonymous says:

      And yet he is so pissed with lebron talkin ish to his team…C’Mon Son lol!

  12. Yendordeer1 says:

    damn he on for that one

  13. Nope says:

    Lou Williams is wearing Converse SICKS, not Evo’s.

  14. npt says:

    Gilberts lost his dam mind lol

  15. guesswho says:

    man, i swear Gil reads this post each day and says…. Hmmm what kicks should I wear next to make Nicekicks readers go crazy!

  16. Adam Tran says:

    bibby’s 13′s look hella big on him haha

  17. DugLast says:

    Why the hell is Rip rocking those black/white IIs? Give that man a PE JB!

  18. Dp Jolly says:

    just end the kicks on court now! who else would REALLY wear d&g on the court

  19. FUCK YES!
    I watched that game and was wondering what kicks he was wearing.
    That’s pretty fresh.

  20. pookie says:

    cavs players need to stop rocking lebrons.