Jordan 6-17-23 “Carmine” Release Date

Jordan 6-17-23 "Carmine" Release Date

The Jordan 6-17-23 “Carmine” has officially received a release date. Pulling memorable aspects from the three models of its namesake, the 6-17-23 is more upfront then your standard hybrid or fusion. Using the familiar but seldom used “Carmine” colorway from the Air Jordan 6, the shoe is instantly?recognizable. Look for these to release January 8th, 2011.

Jordan 6-17-23


  1. ELA87CAL says:


  2. Dwightstl32 says:


  3. Lace_fiend says:

    waste of materials and money 4 any1 who buys…but who knows they could b gud performance shoez

  4. KixCitySF says:

    I can dig it. Better than the force fusion bs!!!

  5. caucus says:

    not bad at all

  6. Alphabetz says:

    Are you people serious?..This shoe is a joke what if all companies began to put this “fusion” type ideas into their products you’d find Mercedez Benz without power windows, Computers with Floppy DIsk drives etc…This just goes to show the lack of creativity Jordan has to offer

  7. Sandman 12 says:

    Do i like the idea? No but, she shoe is a pretty decent looking shoe, you cant front on that. I’d cop for the court thats about it

  8. Parkz23sp says:

    if the white was just black look way better buy def ball sneaks

  9. easy says:

    Probably the worst shoe I’ve seen in a while….Come on JB, step your game up!

  10. UNVLE JOE says:

    OH NOOOOOO! Run 4 your lives!!!

  11. Pacer says:

    I reckon these are pretty dope. Bringin something different to the table

  12. solesaved says:

    Wick Wick WACK!

  13. awful shoe and THIS COLORWAY MAKES NO SENSE

  14. They’re aiiight, I could probably rock these here and there.
    But not a main shoe,


  15. Jbrentmoody says:

    these could work in a different colorway but these are ugly!

  16. I900holla says:

    2010 version of the jumpman 3 percent…i miss those :-(

  17. Baba Shooey says:

    Where is the 23 inspiration?

  18. Jryan001 says:

    they remind me of the melo 5.5 all star CW and i loved those shoes so comfortable and a great CW so im definitly getin these