Nike Zoom Kobe VI “Christmas” New Photos

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas" New Photos

December 25th will see a showdown of two of the most talked about teams, players, and sneakers. The Nike Zoom Kobe VI “Christmas” will be worn by Kobe Bryant against LeBron James and his “Christmas” Nike LeBron 8. While LeBron’s sneaks use the standard holiday colors Kobe’s draw inspiration from the Grinch. Will Kobe steal Christmas? Will his sneakers steal the show? Give us your early prediction in the comment section.

Nike Zoom Kobe VI
Lime Green/Varsity Red

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

Nike Zoom Kobe VI "Christmas"

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  1. They resemble reptiles to me more than they do christmas.

    1. orka says:

      Yea. I just don’t like the Black Mamba snakeskin theme – Main reason why I can’t completely like the VI in general (other than it being too similar to the IV, much like the V). I like the colorway, but would rather just get the Foamposite Pro coming out next year.

  2. cammo says:

    4 straight losses in a row ! Kobe and the Laker Girls already gave me my Christmas presen early. I’ll cop the Rondo Hyperfuse PE’s instead. GREEN MACHINES !

  3. beetk2 says:

    the more i look at these, the more similar these are to the 4′s

  4. DCast says:

    when do they hit shelves? All I care about

  5. Owanat says:

    They should have pitted LA against Boston, and make the Heat go up in Cleveland for Christmas.

    Anyway, this should reminds me of a chameleon. It’s too bright, too slime looking.. You’ll def get a lot of attention if you have these on.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i dont mind these at all. neon green is one of my favorite colors, and just the fact that they made it work on this shoe pretty well IMO.

  7. Marvy McFly says:

    Love ‘em, remind me of the Grinch that Stole Christmas.

    1. tim says:


  8. WTF! says:

    I could giv a f*** about the kobe’s, wht i really wanna know is when those lebron VIII’s in the back are gonna drop. lol

    1. Francisco_segovia says:

      Calm down, lebron’s shoes are as horrible as the heat is playing haha

      1. And the Lakers are just as bad “So Whatchu Sayin?” – EPMD

    2. Tipsyy says:

      haha yea, the same !?!

    3. Frank the Tank says:

      I think you mean “couldn’t” give a f***…because if you could that means you at least care. Word.

  9. YoMaMa! says:

    looks like the inside of my baby cousins nose lol

  10. Skahn5678 says:

    the zoom in the back kinda looks like lunar light stuff

  11. rod says:

    i’m gonna bypass 6′s altogether and stock up on a few 5′s. the textured upper was bad enough.. now a neon cw is just insult to injury. the clever grinch theme gets you a few seconds of attn.. then youre stuck w/ an eyesore on your shoe rack. i predict kobe wears this once then he trashes it.

  12. glp says:

    they look like something a soccer player would wear.

  13. Vic Robinson says:

    who is this guy how does he get this shoes?

  14. H2thevu says:

    is foot action or foot locker going to be getting these? And what’s the release date?

  15. Magimsu33 says:

    Boogyman Colorway?

  16. Womack says:

    Two words- Must Cop. These would rock well with a regular lay, especially in the summer.

  17. Unknown_meph says:

    The the the…THE GRINCH SHOES!LOL

  18. Bryan Liew says:

    the colourway looks like the grinch

  19. Stark says:

    its more like a running shoe…

  20. bigPAPA says:

    these shoes are tight. green makes it stand out, and doesnt kobe wear low tops in his games? he’s just versatile. he can wear some tight ass runnin shoes cause n***a runns. and dunks and crosses. i appreciate these shoes.