More to Go: Top 20 ’90s Basketball Shoes to Bring Back

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More to Go: 20 '90s Hoop Shoes to Bring Back

To say retros have caught on over the past decade would be an understatement as it seems nearly everything has re-released.?With the holiday return of classics such as the Nike Air Go LWP and Nike Air More Uptempo we can’t help but be thankful and greedy at the same time. With that said, there are still a load of kicks we haven’t seen come back that we’re fiending for. Take a look as we count down the top 20 basketball shoes we want back from the ’90s.

20. Nike Air Flight One

Nike Air Flight One

Nike Air Flight One

Model: Nike Air Flight One
Year: 1995
Worn by: Penny Hardaway & Michael Jordan

The Air Flight One is one of the hottest non-signature shoes worn by Penny Hardaway. Looks aside, the shoe got big props when MJ laced them up in the playoffs in favor of the Space Jams. A Black/White retro would be enough for us to do the same.

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  1. iLano says:

    There’s no doubt.. Bring back those Command Force’s!

  2. pmony says:

    they shouldnt bring back none of them ugly shits

  3. Onelife says:

    Command Force!!!!

  4. Conor Levey says:

    I want a pair of the Comman Forces. They look so fly.

  5. PeterParker says:

    Barkley CB4II bring em back instead of re-releasing the same shoe in the same color year after year… Matter of fact bring back the black on black air max cb 94 them we can talk

  6. Addictivekicks says:

    Who the f*ck came up wit this list! i’ll give you 2 maybe 3 out of the 20kicks are even worth looking at,
    you dudes need to get some cats who actually been around since the 90′s to help you when do these

    1. UNCLE JOE says:


    2. yo mom says:

      i stopped going through when i saw fila webber which is second one…
      who the eff wants that? seriously?

      and what’s up with having to go 20 pages? so the website gets more hits?

  7. Ambient_01 says:

    you forgot domonique’s double pumps… remember that ad where he chases after the backboard?? classic. they should be on this list ahead of at least 10 others.
    huge oversight IMO..

  8. orka says:

    I was a huge Shaq fan growing up, and the Shaqnosis was his most recognizeable shoe without doubt, but I would much rather have a retro of Shaq Attaq III or Preacher Ice. The latter is probably my favorite Shaq (and possibly Reebok basketball) shoe of all time.

  9. Nate Baiyewu says:

    no bull, i dont really need any of them

  10. How about the Thunder Dan shoes from the sun nike air flight light 3/4

    1. dopasaurus says:

      i know what ones you’re talking about…he wore the nike air prevail, too…killer kick.

  11. Marcus says:

    wow that is alot of old school heat, im all about air raid 1 or 2s, but those shaqs are nice, but i wanna say shaq had a better shoe then those…

  12. word is bond says:

    Mutombos are highly under-rated

  13. Dbullis13 says:

    i agree these are all wack

  14. Garypayton says:

    gloves are so sick

  15. jthagreat says:

    bring back both C/w’s of the T-bugs. PLEASE

  16. Hilytemusic says:

    The Mutombos are dope….. But what about dope shoes like the hyperflights? I wish those would comeback!

  17. who?bigstu says:

    i want the gloves to come back so bad i went out and got a glove tattoo

  18. Nuttbush2323 says:

    How about the old rodmans with the zipper?

    1. Brandon Remy says:

      air shake ndestrukt. sh*ts were tuff…

  19. Eric Eberle says:

    PLEASE bring back the Air Command Force back! I rocked these back in high school. So ugly they are fire.

  20. Dragonle7 says:

    are you guys gonna really request these shoes from Nike, if so that would be reeeeeeally cool!