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December Jordan Brand Releases
The month we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Shoes we’ve been anticipating since as early as Spring are ready to releases, much to the joy of sneakerheads everywhere. To help you get your money in order and your dates aligned, we put together this month-long release reminder covering the most major Jordan Brand releases. From hybrid takes on throwback classics to a holy grail of many, December is giving us most anything we could ask for. Which will you be scooping?


Air Jordan 1 Anodized
December Jordan Brand Releases

University Blue/Black-White
Releases: Now Available

Air Jordan 1 Anodized

December Jordan Brand Releases

Releases: Now Available

Air Jordan 1 Anodized

December Jordan Brand Releases

Altitude Green/Black
Releases: Now Available
Releases: December 11, 2010

Air Jordan Fusion 10

Jordan Brand December Releases

Black/Varsity Red-Dark Shadow
Releases: December 11, 2010

Air Jordan Fusion 4 Premier “Laser”

December Jordan Brand Releases

White/Varsity Red-Black
Releases: December 27, 2010

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  • atx512

    What happened to the DB 3 retail price changing to 125?

    • orka

      They’re gonna be $125 AFAIK, but I guess we will know for sure Friday night.

      • abudda

        At what time do online items become available?

        • orka

          12:00A.M. Easter Time usually, but sometimes they don’t become available right on the clock. Can be couple of minutes early or late.

          • orka

            Sorry, meant to say ‘Eastern Time’

  • Deontae Hooks

    Im still copping but damn they jacked the price up on the Doernbecher 3’s smh

    • Johnm388

      how do you know?

  • trujlee

    pretty sad only online relese for doernbachers.

    • orka

      Gonna be at Nike Town too. I’m just gonna try online myself, though. Chicago is too damn cold now… it’s snowing already.

    • kai3n

      getting mine from HoH

      • orka

        You sure HoH is getting these? I talked to the manager at the one in Chicago, and he said they’re not gonna carry ’em.

      • ZC_305

        nike town exclusive buddy

  • pwong.

    why are all the retro’s 160….. i wish they were all still 135.

    • npt

      saw a review of these on youtube and the box said suggested retail $125

      • Im_so_ILL

        wht is the name of the youtube video u saw?

    • k.MOjARRO23.

      dey went up cuss dey retros. alotta ppl. colect retross.

    • Ballin_kid21

      step ya money up u want good quality pay for it

  • L00k4tmik3

    hey guys where can i order the db 3s online or what stores are recommended?

  • Bill

    Getting the 13’s. Passed on the flints for those.

  • Uno

    Doernbechers have been 125 once . The 6’s were 165 with tax and everything. The 1’s were around 125. And the 2′ were 145. So why is everyone complaining?

    • Troy Smith

      I think people are ‘complaining’ because Nike and JB said they were going to be $125, which made people really happy to see a Retro III for $125, even after they originally were said to be retailed at $160. With all of three or four release date changes we have seen on these shoes I am not surprised they are now $160. Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if I got online and they were $125 with all of the changes. But, I doubt it.

  • product

    db’s 160. niketown opens @ 8am. will be online @ midnight. cool greys a general release?

  • Jr_lyon

    I already got the Altitudes, now I need the Doernbechers and the Varsity Red Melos

  • word is bond

    Pages 3 & 4
    that’s all you need to know

  • Shawne

    Got the flints so I wont be purchasing anymore 13’s but i might cop the Altitudes. But DEFINENTLY coppin the cool greys out the gate i dnt care if I have to wait at footaction all night!!!

  • Armando Alcantara

    Sooo are the 3s 125 or 160. Someone needs to clear this up

    • UJU


  • Fresh16stephon

    Say what yu want but on the 23…. The cool greys goin to b the hottest kicks out. I will have them on for Xmas

  • Smokyo

    What’s up with those silver anodized Jordan 1s with the black sole? I’d cop those in a second.

  • Pooch_yep_dats_me

    only the 13s are $160. and of course the 11s are $175. but all the other retros in 2011 will be back to the normal $150

  • freeballer

    i think all retros should be no more than 150. except MAYBE elevens. but those shouldnt be more than 160.

  • Nosebleed Da Hitmaker

    LMFAOOOOOO!!!!! They bumped up the price of the 3s from 125 to 160 #GTFO #MakeUpYoDamnMind #DatPriceChangeWasGay

  • ByronJ25

    Cant wait

  • Moneyjj21

    I want the 11 bad but don’t know if I want to spend two bills on them thow

  • Wuano

    The cool grey’s are $175 its a must cop

  • Moneyboi456

    is city gear goint to have the cool greys

  • Blakeconnell93

    These are a fresh model the black with the red bottom are even fresher

  • Cookieface

    them coool gray ` s ICY *

  • Danejohn24

    I have them already….all yall need to get like me!

  • Eliasdonado

    yea, i’m a bit dissapointed. Just got my 3’s (retro 2011) in the mail like 2mins ago.
    I ordered them from Marquee Sole and they didn’t come wit the elephant print box.
    they came wit the elephant print paper, everything was right on the inisde, including my lovely threes. So sycked abou my threes. But a lil disapointed from the box. I was rlly lo0kn forward to that box. Next time Imma order by kicks from rmk
    – Philly!

  • Perilous Peter

    nice page very happy with what youve done

  • Lawrence Rathbum

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