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AIDS Awareness: The 20 Best Converse (Product) RED Kicks

Over the years, we have witnessed sneaker series take on inspirations that are beneficial for awareness campaigns. Shoe campaigns such as Nike’s “Think Pink”, Jordan Brand’s “Green Week” and Converse’s ongoing (Product) RED series have undoubtedly caught the eyes of many in a positive way. The latter campaign is showcased today thanks to December 1st being national World AIDS Day.

The Product (RED) campaign, which was created by DATA chairman Bono and Bobby Shriver, has produced some of the better Converse releases to date. That said, take a look at our AIDS Awareness: The 20 Best Converse (Product) RED Kicks.

Converse All Star OX

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox (Product) RED

Converse All Star OX

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox (Product) RED

Date Released: November 2009

The ongoing Converse (Product) RED campaign produces some of the most highly-detailed, stylish designs we have seen from the 102-year-old brand. This Chuck Taylor All-Star Ox is no exception. The premium grey nubuck textured provides a nice, subtle look, while red eyelets and a camouflage inner lining, provide eye-catching complimentary attributes.

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  • BigBlackDick

    Buy these shoes!
    o support me!
    I have AIDS and got em from doing anal with my mom! no lie!

  • Jeezy Orteezy

    Nice write up George….nice to see someone incorporating awareness into style. There is so much more to life than the next Jordan/ Foamposite release date. HIV/AIDS is an absolutely terrifying disease. Luckily Science and Technology are fusing to provide life -saving options.

    “That said”,

    Keep the Jimmy Hats Snug!

    Jeezy Orteezy

  • Anteezy

    I still want those Lupe Fiasco kicks.

    • Donavon_wardell

      me too…they had em at akira chicago but only small sizes

  • B.Staten

    Much Respect

  • dmy

    true, true. with jeezy orteezy on the life comment. for most of us in wealthier nations, we must not forget that for the most part there is a PREVENTION for this pandemic.

    btw, the lupe fiascos are very fresh, i need to rock mine. i was mad at converse though for only donating 5% to the cause . . . i paid $90 for those.

  • Anonymous

    i like lupe’s music but some all patent chucks is nothing to covet. if anything i would like those american flag chuck cups…imo