Air Jordan 12 Flu Game

Much like this year, Jordan Brand began releasing its major Air Jordan Retro offerings around the end of November. Specifically, the Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” around this time last year to many sneaker enthusiast’s delight. Although some people were opposed to its obvious texture makeup altering (the OG pair featured black leather instead of nubuck) and the sick face on the midfoot, the “Flu Game” Air Jordan 12 still became the most sought-after Air Jordan 12 of 2009.

Did you purchase the ?Flu Game? Air Jordan 12, and was it worth the money you paid for it? If not, are you wishing you would have snagged them last November? How does the ?Flu Game? rank amongst the other Air Jordan 12s that released last year (?Rising Sun?, ?Nubuck?, White/Red)? Lastly, was this one of your favorite Air Jordan Retro releases of 2009? Let us know your thoughts on the ?Flu Game? Air Jordan 12 in the comment section below!

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game

Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game"

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game

Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game

Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game"

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game

Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game"

  • wat

    People keep dissing these but I wish I had a pair.

    • Tim Ibe

      wat sz are u? ur wish may come true

      • wat

        size ten, ten and a half. i can fit an eleven.

        • wat

          ^This person isn’t me.. But I’m a size 10 too. But I have no money though.

          • Pen ISS

            so….WHO CARES YA DOUCHE????!!!!

          • wat

            Shut the hell up. As you can see, I was having a conversation, you dumbass.

          • Richie B!tchie

            YOU HAVE NO MONEY,
            so SHUTUP!!!!!

            And you are not having a conversation, you are commenting on the Flu Game 12s with another fag

          • wat

            That is a conversation you dumbass. And I have to shut up because I have no money? Amazing.

  • Ldotboydon

    Picked these up for cheap. Quality is really good…a lot better than a lot of other retros which have come out recently.

  • Anonymous

    I wanted them when they first came out, but I waited it out a bit. I ended up getting them for cheap. The quality is actually pretty good. I remember seeing the criticisms about the sick face, dates, and the nubuck, etc. It’s obvious not an exact replica of the OG, but it’s a nice sneaker.

  • CooL_KiD_305

    I LOVE these shoes, I can care less what the old heads say about these missing the leather upper. these shoes are tight!!

  • Pimp69honda

    I copp my cheap like $80.00 lol and dey tight

    • JIMMYBOY_52

      fakes !

  • Anonymous

    I copped a pair. Very happy with them. They were number 3 on my list of 12’s. Had the Nubucks & the Raising Sun before them. Felt like this was a purchase alot of people slept on. Now people want a pair!!

    • Jameziee

      your right… :/ wished i had me a pair…

  • Enzo24

    I couldn’t do it. How ratchet of JB to not use leather?

    • wat

      “Ratchet.” People throw that around so much nowadays. Ratchet means ghetto. How is that ghetto?

  • Dkirk0230

    I deft coped mine in last year and yes it was worth tha money what pair of js ain’t worth it

  • BigD1ckJohnson

    I’m sorry. I wanted to cop, but the nubuck killed it. Why would you put such a big twist on a great sneaker. I had a 1996 pair that separated on me so I wanted to get the Flu Games until I saw the nubuck. I like the direction they went with the sneaker with the little sick face & the dates on the side, but it goes to show that too much change wasn’t necessarily good. I bet it had the leather it would have sold out the first day it came out.

  • Anonymous

    i understand it was trying to tell the story about the flu game, but sorry, that little sick face was kinda corny to me. and the fact that it had the nubuck too. that’s the reason why i lost interest.

  • Nate Baiyewu

    Waited too long for these and missed out. They looked good. not og good but good none the less

  • Anonymous

    lookin for a sz 12

  • jocrak

    just picked up a pair of white reds for a buck 30.. buy one get next half off haha so i got the citrus’s for 59 bucks.. Its hard to support your local shop with deals like that… citrus 9 and whte red 12 for $195… comon

  • Prince Patrick II

    ‘ Wish I would have copped /:

  • iRockJs

    i copped mine last november…wish they woulda had the leather uppers but nevertheless a dope shoe.

  • Reggie

    Wish I had a pair.. Missed all the 12s.. That’s why I’m copping all the 13s this year..

  • Him

    Copped em then…recently got rid em & i kinda regret it

  • Shoegamedumb

    These were the least of the one’s I purchased (Nubucks by far were the best followed by the Cherries). Paid about $90 including shipping so I can’t complain

    • Michael Espinoza



    Yep I copped my pair with a red/black jacket, socks, black/red/white t-shirt and black & blue tee for my black Nubuck 12’s. I think I spent $283.00 for everything on Black Friday.

    Then I spent day night at mall for Space Jams…..WILL BE DOIN’ DA SAME FOR Cool GREY

    That will complete my collection of 11’s, Space Jams, ,and Silver Anniversity 11’s with Cool Grey

  • Bcohen1

    I was hoping that these would have been true to the original pair, but the changes were too much. I ended up buying an OG pair instead (well worth the price I paid) and copped the cherry 12s. The cherry 12s were by far the best 12s released, and many people didn’t realize that the cherry 12s were never retroed before SMH. I’m glad I passed on the faux “flu games”.

    • soBeast

      AGREE on the cherrys. these came out before them and i copped it. ended up having no money when the cherrys came out and really regret it..

  • tt faulker

    recession flu game 12’s

  • southside google gangster

    Lol at haters
    I have some flu games from 03′ and these
    Guess what…

    The nubuck ones look 100 times fresher

    • ateohhwon

      I must agree wit this guy. Yea tha OG’s are cool, but personally I like how tha nubuck looked A LLLLOT better than tha leather. I actually copped mine for $25! Haha definitely glad I have em. Super comfy too

  • Jr

    I picked them up. This shoe is my favorite Jordan. Love the shoe and love the black red color scheme. I’m happy with them although I do wish they were the og leather I am still pleased I picked them up when I could

  • Lilrj55

    It’s funny because I bought these on Friday

  • Mkay11

    liked the white/red 12s better bc they were on point with the OGs and jb didnt screw with the materials

  • D3rrtyDarun

    I felt that the leather would have been a better fit for the flu game. This is still a nice sneaker but the little change of material killed the purchase for me. Still I hope JB learns from this and im praying that the decrease in sales of JB allows them to consider bring back the Nike air for retros in the future.

  • Winsr

    Got em for $90 months later so I can’t complain but the Cherry XIIs were the Nicest!

  • Tristintrstn

    honestly i’m not a jordan fanatic, i wish i could’ve cop a pair of these

  • jman

    i am glad that i got my pair and this pair was not supposed to look like the ogs they were supposed to look at little different because micheal felt sick and this sneaker is sick and i love it

  • Kamau Johnson26

    Upset with the quality of the sneaker. Jordan should respect their customers with quality that should be as good as the OG or maybe even better. I got a pair and now I just wear them to work.

  • Alex_yngcapo

    i hate how they crease in the front

  • soBeast

    the nubuck does LOOK better, but it get dirty WAY too easy! i got some sratches on there that i dont even know where it came from! and i cant get it off! it LOOKS better but i prefer the tumble leather… but yeha i cop these.

  • RobbieJay

    I found these this summer for 100 in a sz 13 @ Jimmy Jazz…god is good

  • dimedropper

    the toebox creases easily…but the shoe is great can’t really complain

  • Dpiddy

    Flu games always gimme da bonah..