Nike LeBron 8 V2 “Christmas”

Nike LeBron 8 Christmas

Following the teaser photo of the “Christmas” Nike LeBron 8 V2, we now have detailed photos of this upcoming sneaker, along with release information. LeBron James will more than likely wear this sneaker on Christmas Day when the Miami Heat take on the Los Angeles Lakers. The upper is predominately colored in red and constructed of both Torch and Flywire. The Flywire elements are colored in white and green to coincide with the green shoelaces. Other features include the black/white speckled midsole, the black-outlined, white swoosh, a black, full-length Air sole unit and a monochromatic lion head logo on the tongue. The Nike LeBron 8 V2 “Christmas” will hit select retailers on December 26th, 2010.

Nike LeBron 8 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 8 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 8 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 8 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 8 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 8 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 8 "Christmas"

Nike LeBron 8 "Christmas"

Source: Eastbay


  1. Shoop says:

    I gotta cop these to along with my South Beach LeBrons. These are too crazy! I think these have more of a Christmas theme to it than the LeBron 7s from last year. Good looks Eastbay!!

  2. Conor says:

    Grab these and put a pair of black laces in and they’re fire. These are my new favorite VIIIs over the other V2 colorway.

  3. ill Bill says:

    Top Three Lebron 8′s (in no particular order)

    1. South Beach
    2. China
    3. These

  4. freeballer says:

    Nike, do yourself a favor and just release the South Beaches already! This Christmas colorway, I’m not feeling it. Green laces throwing me off. Black laces would do much better.

    1. at hahaha thats right just realease that crap……..all this is lame ha

    2. Pizzle says:

      the south beaches been released in South Beach since the like the 15th…im gettin em Nov 19th no doubt when they release up north

    3. DELETO says:


      1. freeballer says:

        …They were only released in Miami, “GUUY.” Hopefully Nike makes it a general release.

  5. Joemama says:

    Str8 up GARBAGE. Shits look like something Kobe said NO to!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Flyer Than Santa Shoes!!

  7. TjDaSneakerHead says:

    not all dat 2 me

  8. std says:

    The green laces are hideous. but black or white laces and it’s barely acceptable, nothing I’d cop at all

  9. Anonymous says:

    These flat out SUCK! And compared to the brilliance of last year’s Christmas VII, they suck double!

  10. Eavo44 says:

    they have black laces with them in the box…

  11. DCast says:

    ugly, just like lebron from outside the arch.

      1. Poopface says:


        1. Bill says:

          *you mad

          1. Poopface says:

            you ugly

    1. Poopface says:

      ok its one thing to say that lebron shouldn’t have gone to miami or do the decision thing but to say he’s a bad player, that’s straight up RETARDED

  12. Sole Eater says:

    If you are not even attempting into making a theme shoe then why drop these? I would rather use these as toilet paper than disrespect my feet.

  13. I know the world wants to know what Donnie has to say about these… Well one word,”PASS!” Im waiting to see what BRON BRON is going wear when he comes to the big apple! The pass two years have been a must have in my book. 1. The big apple VI 2. The red carpets VII

  14. Dizzle21083 says:

    They remind me of the Big Apple Lebron VII’s

  15. Winse says:

    these are terrible

  16. Nutty says:

    Told ya these would suck. And no air bubble … double suck. Kobe is gonna one-up Lebron once again.

    1. Nutty says:

      I meant no “visible” air bubble …. it’s there but you can barely see it

  17. cloud9 says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    they straight i guess

  19. jman says:

    these bite

  20. Ghettoboiallstar says:

    THIS IS THAT “CHRISTMAS SUPRISE” THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT? STRAIGHT UP GARBAGE. i think they should add some green to the un-chinas and call that christmas. christmas colors are bucks colors. if he wore this in milwuakee evry night ppl would vomit all over the court. theres too much red add some white to it. and why v2.