Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot “Cranberry” & “Black”

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Nike Air Bakin

Last month, we gave you a detailed Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot in which many of you really liked. We now have another look at both the “Cranberry” and “Black” Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boots. This particular model combines the Foamposite shell with the design frame of the Nike Air Bakin. Its complimentary features include carbon fiber, full-length Air and ACG branding on the outsole. Look for both the Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot “Cranberry” & “Black” to hit retailers within the next month. What are your thoughts on this new Foam Fusion?

Nike Air Bakin

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot Black

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35 Comments on "Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot “Cranberry” & “Black”"

    • Jimjone

      I love how people from DC really believe that BS that they “started” Nike boots cause of that Wale song. NYC was rocking ACG’s in 03 man get out of here.

      • Leanin2daside

        Slim I remember when I didnt like nike boots this was ’99 at Largo High School, Largo, MD…wtf cuz from NYC talkin bout…’03..come on cuz

        • DC AvenueBoy

          i can stamp erybody n dey mova got 3 pairs of nikeboots.. work,, snow.. and a stunt pair str8 like dat lmaoo.. we been rockin deez things since 4eva man.. to us nikeboots is a eryday shoe son.. fall back

          • hdc

            first off, DMV was rockin ACG anything… way before the actual nike boot came out… terra sertigs mowabbs, terra humaras… its sad now that TIMBERLANDS are wack NY aint claiming them… SMH… go back to yall run down pair of butter timbs B! lol

      • Yy2kenon

        I’m from DC and 03′ is mad late! We’ve been rockin’ em for years! U got the “Uptowns”/AF1’s, let us do us!

      • For_da_people

        It goes way beyond that my dude. NYC was rockin’ ACG’s since the early to mid 90’s. DC better reconize!

      • Bighouseboy427

        C’mon slim, you lunchin’ that shit wit’…lls…Wale didn’t start shit! I’ve been rockin’ Nike hiking boots since 85 even before those bammas started callin’ their boots “ACG” any damn thing. Y’all bammas need to stay in your lane, cause Nike boots & foamposite will forever be our(DMV) shit. Ya digg!!!

      • D.C. Jay


  1. Steady

    being that im from the westcoast and not from the DMV, I’ve always despised the nike boot. but these are clean. (still not buying them tho)

  2. Anonymous

    They need to call these the Air Max ACG Moon Vick Bakins! Haha and that ain’t even saying I don’t dig them, cuz I ain’t mad at ‘em

  3. SoleStud

    I’m a size 7 in kids copped last night at Weaton mall DTLR the men ones you can’t buy yet just kids…doesn’t make sense. But def fire if you a fan of Nike boots and foams

  4. Anonymous

    these suck. all nike wants to do now is rip off designs from their old bball sneaks and make ACG boots out of them. what happened to them making something original?

    • Itchyhandz

      u bugin’, this is da best thing nike could’ve done but every1 is entitled 2 there opinion,mine is deez boots r da truth even better then da 1st air max acg foamposite boot

  5. Quanvg

    Man wont nobody rockin Nike boots like that before DC. We was rocking them joints way before Wale even made his song. New York cats kill me. Just like ya’ll lay claim to Air Forces Ones. B-more was the first. Had NY cats coming to B-more to get the different colors. Get outta here NY clowns


      I wish everyone would wake up and understand the point being made. NYC was the first to rock them wack ass ACG Boots not all the ACG alternatives. So all yall DC ppl with this, we did this/that shit, just keep it shut. And at the end of the day, those ACG boots are trash so who cares who started it. DC you want the honor, take it!!!! NO ONE IS MAKING MONEY OFF OF IT OTHER THANK NIKE.

    • Liquid12677

      Acg escapes is a nyc Harlem thing then it spared throught out the 5 boros. If new shit the streets 1st its hit manhatten.Nyc nigga move all over and spread shit niggz see our movement on dvds niggz want what niggz rockin. Nyc nigga can go to any states with some new shit that niggz never seen be like his not from here his from up north. This is why DMV niggz dont like nyc cats we some fly ass niggz bag bitches.A lot of niggz dont understand the 5 boros niggz in each boro is different Queens nigg is on some pretty thug shit, Harlem on some flashy shit,Brooklyn nig on some stick up robbin shit. Bronx is on some poor shit trying to eat.

  6. UrbanKing88

    Cut it niggas in Detroit was rockin nike boots when i was in 6th grade i hated em them the came a long way tho

  7. I’m from jersey not NYC and it’s silly to me that y’all arguing over who rocked what first… All I know is if it was on the shelves we was copping it if it was hot… I’m from the 90’s so that mean I rocked Nike boots goretex tims Og foamposites Og jordans way before I ever heard of a wale. One thing I can say about my tri state peeps we are trendsetters not swaggerjackers. Dc do them but believe me wherever I go all eyes is on them up north east coast boys. Any way I will be copping both and I will post it on my twitter cause I does this

  8. Gchristopher82

    NY was rocking ACG’s in the early 90’s. Alot of these people were hustlers who went to jail. When the came home in the early 2000’s they brought them back out. DC held on to it. But the only ones the wear are the all black joints. NYC does all colors and styles.

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