This Day In Sneaker History…

This Day In Sneaker History

Maybe we should ultimately thank NBA commissioner David Stern for the Air Jordan signature sneaker series’ rise to power. On September 15th, 1985, Nike unleashed the first installment of the Air Jordan series in the form of the Air Jordan I, Michael Jordan’s first signature sneaker. Although it would not receive an abundance of preliminary attention, an act from the NBA would later propel this signature line into the biggest and most recognizable sneaker series ever created.

It was on this day, in sneaker history, (October 18th, 1985) that NBA commissioner David Stern officially banned Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan I from the NBA courts for failure to meet the on-court dress code. Stern declared that MJ’s shoes did not properly match the Chicago Bulls jerseys. Prior to this memorable act, David Stern fined Michael Jordan $5,000 every time he stepped on the court in the Air Jordan I. In a gutsy move, Nike willingly paid MJ’s fine every game, as the shoe company discovered the potential of excessive notoriety and hoopla with this act.

Ironically, after the Air Jordan I was banned from the NBA courts, sales for this sneaker skyrocketed. Nike lost a ton of money by paying MJ’s fines; however, they gained a limitless amount of publicity that transferred into the biggest signature line to date. One of Nike’s first commercials for this sneaker showed MJ wearing the Air Jordan 1s and stated a simple message: On October 18th, the NBA through them out of the game (referring to the shoes). Fortunately, the NBA can’t stop you from wearing them.

What are your thoughts on how the Air Jordan 1 banning played out?

Also, in attempt highlight this classic sneaker history, Jordan Brand will soon release a variation of MJ’s first signature sneaker dubbed the Air Jordan 1 “Banned” (photos below), a comical play on NBA commissioner David Stern?s attempt to ban Michael Jordan?s first signature sneaker.

This Day In Sneaker History

Michael Jordan handling the rock in the OG Air Jordan I

This Day In Sneaker History

Air Jordan I

This Day In Sneaker History

Michael Jordan resting in the OG Air Jordan I

This Day In Sneaker History

Michael Jordan rocking the OG Air Jordan I and the gold chain

This Day In Sneaker History

Michael Jordan flying high in the OG Air Jordan I

Air Jordan 1 Hi Banned

Air Jordan 1 Hi "Banned"

Air Jordan 1 Hi Banned

Air Jordan 1 Hi "Banned"

Air Jordan 1 Hi Banned

Air Jordan 1 Hi "Banned"

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  1. Big Z says:


    1. turtmegurt says:

      ones with the dunk bottoms r the ogs of the ones i i wish i can have those

  2. @DcastUA says:

    as if danny ainge's shoes match the celtics' unis (rolls eyes)

  3. monk41 says:

    i hope they take off the red 'X' from the back

  4. Damian2345 says:

    A must have sneaker in anyones collection for sure

  5. JPrince426 says:


  6. richboy says:

    he was killin em wit tha chain!

  7. mynameis says:

    when will jb rerelease the white and red? i like that better the black and red

  8. juice says:

    the dunk bottoms yea those are samples just for him those are worth soooooooooooooooooo much there was one just for him

  9. killa says:

    To this day, I still don't know why these shoes were considered up for banishment. Even back then I was a kid and looked the shoes and the jersey like, "the colors match, sooo what's the problem?" I was a little kid in Chicago and people were going crazy for these shoes (Spending money for them or robbing yo ass!) My grandmother ended up buying me and my cousin some fake OG's made by Olympus or Olympian. I can't remember but we thought we was fly, lol!

    1. SuckMyKick says:

      Chi-town stand up!!!

    2. B. Russ says:

      Olympias! lol I rocked them too

  10. Sneak-Uh-Head says:

    I don’t think they are a must have. I’m happy with the white,red,black 1′s out the OLNL pack!

    1. SuckMyKick says:

      Yeh I still have mine too and they're still pretty fresh… so I dont feel bad about passing these up

  11. TheOfficialCA says:

    At the bottom of the "gold chain" pic, a guy in the crowd wearing what looks like a fur-lined coat appears twice (once under MJs right foot and again four seats to the right)…photoshopped?

    1. Jainejr21 says:

      Damn TheOfficialCA you got some eagle eyes…lol

      I wouldn’t have noticed.. It is photoshopped!

      1. B. Russ says:

        why would just one person be photoshopped? no one else is a repeat…

        1. mmathew says:

          Lady One seat behind and to the right of the fur coat guy under michael's right foot is repeated. She's there and also about 3 seats to the left of Jordan's left calf.

  12. cammo21 says:

    When is the relwase date on the banned 1's

  13. Dee Wells says:

    Some folks may remember that MJ broke his foot and when he returned, Nike hooked him up with some Air Jordan 1s with the Dunk bottom and more "air" in them.

    To this day, MJ wears a size 13 and a size 13.5 shoe.

  14. @RegularOlTy says:

    Asked my JB rep about these earlier today and they said that these were canceled.

  15. drOrthotic says:

    the OGs with the dunk soles are sweet

  16. Doran says:

    The Reebok BB5600's were a classic sneaker.

  17. meeee says:

    WOAH i never knew the OGs had the sole pattern like the Dunks! thats tight!

  18. jr_lyon says: