Century Mark? MJ’s Top 10 Scoring Games

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Century Mark? MJ's Top 10 Scoring Games

In a recent interview Michael Jordan claimed he could drop 100 in today’s NBA. Attributing it to softer play and new rules, MJ felt he’d get to the line a lot more. This had us recounting Jordan’s highest scoring games over his career and of course the shoes he wore. Could MJ put up Wilt numbers in the league right now? If so, what shoes would he wear? We’ll never know, so we take a look back at his ten best scoring games and the Js that graced his feet.

10. 56 Points in Playoff Game at Miami Heat
Date: 4/29/92
Shoe: Air Jordan 7 Black/Red-Purple

Air Jordan 7 Black/Red-Purple

Air Jordan 7 Black/Red-Purple

Money closed out the Heat in the first round of the Playoffs en route to ring number two. Years later Miami would be the first franchise outside of Chicago to retire Jordan’s number.

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  1. TYe says:

    Gotta love watching classic games.
    never gets old.

    1. fat_will says:

      Tru dat Tru dat

  2. chewie says:

    I think mike in his day could drop 100 today if he was on a crappy team and just took all the shots. It would b easy to do specially with all the fouls and if he got hot at the 3. Those 2 lows look very uncomfortable too

  3. fat_will says:

    this should have been the Air Jordan II show but real rap Michael put in work he would dirty evrybody in the league right now 100 points and then some!!!

  4. @DcastUA says:

    Mike would EASILY drop 100 on this league, no one plays defense or has fundamentals anymore.

    1. kells says:

      the celtics don't play defense? they sure can't outscore anyone so they have to shut them down while they're on defense. the lakers didn't pick up ron artest strickly for his defensive skills?

    2. Crack says:

      Agreed. If Kobe dropped 81 then Mike woulda scored 111, No Sweat!

  5. aayush says:

    air jordan 2 5 timesftw

  6. monk41 says:

    of course he would, he dropped 69 in the era where there was still the hand check and the league was WAY more physical….. now a days you go to the line if someone breathes on you too hard

  7. D!z says:

    Hey its possible but these rules are strict though. I like how nicekicks used the Wilt Chamberlain pic and replaced it with MJ's head haha

    1. nicekicks says:

      ha. Couldn't resist!

  8. Janitor says:

    Yes. If he was playing my Raptors and Sam Mitchell was coaching, opting again not to double team (to this day I'm still SMMFH @ that 81-point game).

    MJ in his prime > Kobe in his prime

  9. DFM says:

    Yo, MJ would NOT score 100 Points in the League today!!!

  10. LBJ6 says:

    why wouldnt he ? how can you be so sure that he wouldnt be able to ?
    Dumb Fcking Moron

  11. drOrthotic says:

    i think MJ could drop 100 today. if Kobe could score 81 points with the defense they play these days, then i dont see why MJ cant. i aint necessarily saying it would be a cakewalk tho, but for him, it would definitely be possible.

  12. @bmorecareful says:

    Hell no! Mike wouldn’t score no damn hundred. The rules might be soft but players are more athletic now than they were 20 years ago. There were fat players in the league when Jordan played. Aint no fatboys out there now! Lol

    1. datkidfelix says:

      If Kobe can drop 81 he could drop 100 easy homie. EASY! Money played in a time when cats had pride and if you scored over 40 you got bridged on you next layup. They held, slapped, punched and grabbed just so you didnt out shine them. Thats why it was tougher back then. They wasn't letting you drop points just like that. Thats why MJ is so respected because the ol'heads know they tried everything to stop him and they couldn't. No disrespect but how old are you homie? I ask because if your were too young to really see the games back then and know whats up then I can understand your reasoning because you really just don't know.

      1. flight89 says:


    2. Ramahs-Ali says:

      Your an idiot

    3. pat says:

      eddie curry

  13. GourmetBennyB says:

    All of professional sports is so soft nowadays especially the NFL, u can't even look at a QB without gettin penalized….I think MJ would def drop a 100 on these dudes nowadays…who's gonna stop the 80's, 90's , even early 2000's MJ, he would school these dudes

  14. nicekicks says:

    These guys have it way too easy these days. I could just imagine what MJ would do in today's game.

  15. mikey says:

    Sorry but Jordan would not score 100. It took him OT to get to 69 in a league where hand-checking was notoriously looked over. Now the league does allow anyone to lay a finger on the offensive player and MJ – hand-checking KING, would probably be fouled out or riding the bench for being in foul trouble. I still see KB24 81 as a better feat because that was an actual game, yeah the Raptors sucked and so did the Lakers, but it was a game in which LA was down and they needed every one of Kobe's shots to go down. Not saying KB is better than MJ because we will never know but come on Mike, no one has forgotten about you for you to say something like that.

  16. JerryGshOck says:

    if kobe hasnt done it… lebron wont get close… jordan = lebron…kobes over everything! jordan wouldnt come close!

    1. @DcastUA says:

      it's an insult you compare jordan to lebron.

      Detlef Schrempf > lebron

    2. Ramahs-Ali says:

      Jordan is the G.O.A.T, he is better than Kobe, and Lebron. One thing that you are forgetting to mention is that Kobe damn near stole everything that Jordan has done, and he has admitted to doing so in numerous interviews, but unfortunately he still will never be as good as Jordan. Period.

      1. Mikey says:

        So what does that still say about Kobe? Even though he's taken moves from certain players doesn't mean he's stealing? What is something new a player can do? NOTHING. Everything has been done. It's not STEALING, it's Kobe TEACHING himself from game footage of another player. If you have ever played basketball don't you try to learn from the best? It's only common sense.

    3. DC Uptown Vet says:

      guys calm down,, its obvious JerryGshock has mild retardation.. smh,, fool a** wtf its insulting you even put Jordan and Kobe in the same bracket but lebron?? … really?? do you even watch basketball?? did you even watch lebron play last playoffs?? jordan had heart, tenacity, and the will not to lose,, the nba is soft now-a-days yung so fall back n praise the lord that you can even say jordan's name.. str8 like dat.

  17. soBeast says:

    man i wanna see MJ play live so bad! erghh not fair for the younger generation! lol

  18. budgetballin says:

    he makes it look so easy.

  19. QuietRiot.. says:

    You all forget to mention Jordan the multiple times Jordan dropped 40+ in 3 quarters then sat out the fourth im pretty sure Jordan could've dropped 70 back during his era so its more then possible he can drop 100 since the NBA wants a more exciting High Offense style of play nowadays..

    1. Chris says:

      kobe dropped 62 points in three quarters against the best record having dallas 32 first half n 30 in the thrird!!!!! so that means nothing

      1. chris says:

        he sat out the fourth!!

  20. none says:

    theres a reason they call him the god of basketball no defense to stop him