Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red New Pictures

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Jordan Brand is providing plenty of heat of heat for the holiday season. New pictures have surface of the sought after Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red. This colorway hasn’t seen midtop form since its original release in 1998 and will return in December to the delight of J fans. Tumbled white leather sits above a suede red midsole woven amongst black pods. Hidden lacing and holograms take us back to the days when MJ and a host of collegiate stars sported the OG. Will you be wearing these this December?

Air Jordan 13
White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

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  1. BigStyles says:

    On my feet right now!!!!!!!!!!!! RMK!!!!

  2. SBOOP1988 says:


  3. 3o5 pHeNoM says:

    Can’t wait!!! Will these release for kids? I need a pair for my boy!

    1. RetroSay says:

      nice to see fathers keeping they kids up with Js to insted of payless light ups keep it up bro

  4. Jovan93 says:

    These are my favorite jays on feet, and the OGs were my first jays!

  5. J-Dizzle says:

    so raw

  6. Maz says:

    gonna have to pass on these for the flints

    1. size12whut? says:


    2. Lastofthetrue says:

      Ur crazy. I’m gettin both no doubt

    3. brando says:

      flints are hype

  7. size12whut? says:

    thinkin the same thing homie

    1. Mikey says:

      Maybe the lighting is low hopefully its just the pics

  8. Kevin Cobarrubia says:

    i think this year's winter is not gonna be that cold coz of this releases…. lmfao
    too much heat, it feels like I'm in Philippines again!!!

  9. size12whut? says:

    i still say the soles should have been white or red (or icey). the black kinda throws it off for me

    1. Chewie says:

      but that sh!t stay clean tho

  10. RetroSay says:

    pass XIII's wasnt realy ah kick for me althought its still a nice shoe , i would like some retro X's please

  11. Sneak-Uh-Head says:

    Gotta have these!! Any one else see the same thing as last year. White & red 13′s before the cool greys. Last year the white and red 12′s before the space jams. No need to make a decision. I’ll cop both!!

  12. p&d says:

    any1 know if flints and these gona be gr?

    1. J From MD says:

      The Flint's might as well be a GR since they're retroing on Black Friday(Remember how the "Flu Game" 12's came out last year on Black Friday as well)

  13. Dro says:

    Mine should be in the mail box soon….

  14. BLAH says:

    I'm really going to drop 1000+ on all the color ways..

  15. nicefusions says:

    Got them 13 fusions on my feet right now. O" HELL YEAH.

    1. jason says:

      why would you tell us that….fusions, wow.

  16. Julz56st says:

    They nice…. They nice

  17. lboogie says:

    I'm definitely going to pick these up! I missed out on this colorway when it dropped back in the day. I was going to cop the Flints too, but they don't have 3M on them which is a big no no for me. The 3M made the shoe so much better… now they just look like alot of the fakes on the market.

    1. Chewie says:

      they still shine tho, good leather, but pass i u want to

  18. Chewie says:

    ive seen multiple pics of these and they all look like this, these may b a pass if they r yellowed like that

  19. willie_mcfly22 says:

    Tired of seein pics. Jus come out already!!

  20. YeeZy23 says:

    i wish they made the red look ligther, but still a must cop=)