Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red New Pictures

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Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Jordan Brand is providing plenty of heat of heat for the holiday season. New pictures have surface of the sought after Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red. This colorway hasn’t seen midtop form since its original release in 1998 and will return in December to the delight of J fans. Tumbled white leather sits above a suede red midsole woven amongst black pods. Hidden lacing and holograms take us back to the days when MJ and a host of collegiate stars sported the OG. Will you be wearing these this December?

Air Jordan 13
White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red

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41 Comments on "Air Jordan 13 White/Black-True Red New Pictures"

  1. Kevin Cobarrubia

    i think this year's winter is not gonna be that cold coz of this releases…. lmfao
    too much heat, it feels like I'm in Philippines again!!!

  2. Sneak-Uh-Head

    Gotta have these!! Any one else see the same thing as last year. White & red 13’s before the cool greys. Last year the white and red 12’s before the space jams. No need to make a decision. I’ll cop both!!

    • J From MD

      The Flint's might as well be a GR since they're retroing on Black Friday(Remember how the "Flu Game" 12's came out last year on Black Friday as well)

  3. lboogie

    I'm definitely going to pick these up! I missed out on this colorway when it dropped back in the day. I was going to cop the Flints too, but they don't have 3M on them which is a big no no for me. The 3M made the shoe so much better… now they just look like alot of the fakes on the market.

    • steve

      the blue area use to be reflective when light would hit it, giving the 3M look to the shoe. I don't believe the 2010 version has that 3M Reflective on it.

  4. steve

    just received my flints in the mail. These white/red should be an easy cop considering the hype behind the cool greys, I don't believe these will be too hard to get. I'm really looking forward to the playoff 13's, those are the ones I originally had back in 98.

  5. apartmentlover

    13s are my passion – breds, ogs, altitudes & now hoppin on flints, wht/red and playoffs…..playoffs r u kiddin me?!


    Sigh….not if I get my hands on a pair of the Red/Black Dorcherner 3's. I will wait for the white, team red, and & black BANNED 1's to make thier debut next year!!!!

  7. Shoop

    Finally got the opportunity to get my hands on these. I might as well double up since they comin out around Christmas..gonna have a little extra spending cash.

  8. J From MD

    I'm kind of on the fence with these because of some of the changes(Like the pods/sole to Black instead of Grey) But these are minor things. I would still love a pair, but how come they're $160 and not $150? Hmmm

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