Jordan Melo M7 “China”

Jordan Melo M7 "China"

Since Kobe went East the stars today have followed suit and never looked back. The Jordan Melo M7 “China” sees latest signature from Anthony paying tribute to the blossoming basketball country. A predominately white tumbled leather upper is met by grey underlay set over a speckled midsole. Jade accents grace the upper and translucent outsole set off oddly with red laces. Is this the best M7 yet? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

Jordan Melo M7

Jordan Melo M7 "China"

Jordan Melo M7 "China"

Jordan Melo M7 "China"

Jordan Melo M7 "China"

Jordan Melo M7 "China"

Jordan Melo M7 "China"

Source: AJ-Talk


  1. question says:

    Are these good for outdoor bball? soles look kinda thin

  2. kipper says:

    as a matter of fact grey laces would look great. so great im actually considering…

    1. kipper says:

      sorry but now im thinkin black laces. i like the shoe but the laces are f-ing me up right now.

  3. junkyard says:

    i like the alot 4 real

  4. comment says:

    these should be called the melo "spearmint gum"

    1. almac305 says:

      I'm thinking melo, "Aquafresh".

  5. size12whut? says:

    thought these shoes couldnt get any uglier, i was wrong

  6. @DcastUA says:


    Communist shoes

  7. KidFiasco23 says:

    why the hell these guys keep making china editions, someone please explain?

    1. kareja says:

      because there are over 1.3 billion of chinese people

  8. drOrthotic says:

    these are not bad actually. the red laces just throw it off.

  9. franchiseplaya says:

    i like 'em. when you go into chinatown and buy a jade necklace it's usually on a red string i think thats where the red laces were inspired from.

  10. Yoshi12 says:

    I agree, that woulda been a nice touch.