Video: Air Jordan Avatars in NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 is arguably one of, if not the best video games of the year. The game has been praised for its graphics and gameplay. One feature that hasn’t been mentioned for the Xbox platform is the ability to put Air Jordans on your very own avatar. We all know you can unlock Jordans from the Air Jordan vault however, this is a cool add-on that users are just now discovering for themselves. Check out this video for a better glimpse of the sneakers, and let us know what you think of being able to rock Jordans in real life and the virtual world.


  1. @SATERAN says:

    bought my avatar some concord 11s ftw

  2. meeee says:


  3. c smith says:

    This feature IS available for xbox 360 Imy avatar has on the. Concord 11's

  4. Sneak-Uh-Head says:

    Damn. Wish they had this for the PS3. Like to be able to use the shoe as a avatar or something.

  5. xDatBoiGrantx says:

    Lmao, say no to fakes… I have the concords so it only right to throw it on my XBL avatar. GT- HYPHiiE

  6. RETRO8S says:

    ya how can you say this is only for wii when the fourth word the guy says in the video is "xbox"

    but anyways. i freakin' love this game! been playing it a lot since i got it.

  7. Uh... says:

    So it’s not only Wii avatars then because that was clearly an xbox 360

  8. Andrew says:

    Yeah I think you mean xboxlive avatar, cause mine is already fresh in aj3s!!!

  9. @mando8892 says:

    Way to drop the ball on this one Nicekicks

  10. dat dude says:

    say no to fakes your avatar got on the fake 4's on smh ………

  11. brando says:

    about to get some 13s on my feet

  12. brooklynmars says:

    the concords on the avatar look like 6 rings, and thats not good. bred 13's look the best

  13. @DcastUA says:

    lemme guess ill have to "buy" them with xbox points……… ghey

  14. RJ / wiz says:

    This is stupid and pointless why would spend money on shoes unless you can actually wear them

  15. Mr.e says:

    The concords dont really look like 6 rings. They look good from the side and from the back just like real concords. The 6 bred is the sweetest of them all. The 13 bred is nice but it looks clunky. The 1 looks so much better on the avatar than it does on me. The 3s are white, lame. And the 4s do look like fakies. Couldve atleast pit Nike AiR on the back. Don’t want those jumpman 4s. But like a true head I bought them all to not wear any of them. Rockin the sambas, no socks. But this was a good idea. Some smart guy should make kicks for avatars, either copy real shoes or let us do like a NikeID type deal. Even do quickstrikes at certain times and make it important to have a rare pair of shoes for your avatar that only 500 or so avatars have. I love shoes.

  16. @DcastUA says:

    All lies…. the concord DO look like six rings. end of story. next

  17. scapparel says:

    This is so stupid and pointless.

  18. Mr.e says:

    They look like six rings in one spot of the shoe. Turn your avatar to the side and they look like concords. But your opinion is your opinion.

  19. demetrius says:

    People are Paying actual money from a debit card or you earn money from the perfomance from victory's in the game….If you are paying hard earned money for an avatar game…this is a Classic dynamic duo of "C'Mon,Son!" & C'Mon,Maaaan!"

  20. nice says:

    jordan has found another way to rob you guys. who cares about their avatar?