Nike Air Max CB34 Detailed Pictures

Nike Air Max CB34

After a slew of other Barkley sneaks, the Nike Air Max CB34 is back. Today we see detailed images of the CB34 in an original colorway. The predominately black midtop features club purple, white, and orange accents as they were originally released during Barkley’s time with the Phoenix Suns. Visible Air, aggressive design, and a wavy midsole make this one fo the most beloved CB models. Is this a future pickup for you?

Nike Air Max CB34
Black/Club Purple/Team Orange-Black

Nike Air Max CB34

Nike Air Max CB34

Nike Air Max CB34

Nike Air Max CB34

Nike Air Max CB34

Nike Air Max CB34

Nike Air Max CB34

Nike Air Max CB34

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  1. $NEAKERHEAD says:

    can't wait!!!! will you guys just tell the release date already d@mn!!!!!

  2. Winse says:

    too sick!

  3. COPE says:

    NICE! (loso voice)

  4. D!z says:

    Those are crack right there

  5. Coach K says:

    I love him but does any retro bball sneaker that has max air automatically carry a $160 price tag!?

    1. size12whut? says:

      better believe it

  6. dirt.davis says:

    cb 34 hoe!

  7. size12whut? says:

    when shoes were shoes. hope they release the webbers that look a little like these, HELP ME OUT SOMEBODY! when he was with golden state with sprewell old school nike commercials

    1. size12whut? says:

      black shoe with royal blue zig-zagging lines

    2. jason says:

      those are the nike air strong. i had the high cuts that zo wore. loved them, wore the soles bald.

  8. Cmoneymontana says:

    They are suppose to drop the 23rd.

  9. @SMJDC says:

    my Ogs the air bubble aint red/orange and they wasnt that small

  10. atomic sushi says:

    I can see myself ballin in these babies. whooooooooooooooooo

  11. solesaved says:

    Def would be a nice add to the stable

  12. drOrthotic says:

    that flat ass air bubble is a fail of epic proportions. somebody pump that thing up, it looks like it's dying up there. and they got the nerve to slap a $160 tag on these?? F outta here!!!

  13. typical says:

    this is the most commented post on this page. even though i think these are ugly im still gettin them b/c you all like em'

  14. LeChoke James says:

    Nicekicks please delete the spam. T.Y.

  15. Carolinabluejunkie34 says:

    I been patiently waitin!!!! But REALLY need the white ones!!!!

  16. Bo strangles says:

    Dem shoes are the ugliest joints i seen in a while!,plain,plain,plain

  17. Winse says:

    i'll wait til they hit factory outlets though cuz $160 is too harsh rite now

  18. dirt.davis says:

    any idiot talkin down on thisclassic ! jus shut yo gay ass up!thanks bruh! go heat! we gone beat kobe ass.

  19. marcO says:

    cop x 2 for sure