Nike LeBron 8 “Pre-Heat” First Look

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Nike LeBron 8 "Pre-Heat"

Earlier today we caught word of the upcoming Nike LeBron 8 “Pre-Heat”. Now we get our first look at this Miami Vice inspired colorway. Sporting an aqua upper met by black and pink accents this is certainly one of the louder and flashier LeBron 8 makeups yet. This colorway is rumored to have a release date of October 16th at the new Miami House of Hoops followed by October 17th at select?Nike stores in Miami and a November 12th drop date online at Nike Store. Now that we have a good look is the Lebron 8 “Pre-Heat” a must cop?

Nike LeBron 8
Retro/Black-Pink Flash-Filiment Green
October 16, 2010

Source: @Sneaker_Pimps / SneakerboxClyde

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47 Comments on "Nike LeBron 8 “Pre-Heat” First Look"

  1. LYK

    Some pics I saw didn’t do these justice..

    But now I can see what it’s worth.

    Since it’s winter(live in CT), Im sure I can find a leather

    coat to go with these!!

  2. flyguy15

    these shoes are sick just saw/held em today u guys should definitely cop em the eyes for the lion on the tongue logo are pink so it looks like their on fire its pretty fresh

  3. Jon Mayor

    Hey, where the hell is the "New House of Hoops" in Miami!?!?!?!? I Need to know this "while scratching my neck" LOL

  4. Matt

    Woow Im Impressed i wasnt feeling the new Lebron 8s
    but i can say this are pretty cool….nowhere near the red carpet Lebron 7s but these are adequate

  5. Sn3akerking

    If anyone is in miami and is going to get these IF YOU GET ME 2 PAIRS I WILL BUY YOU A PAIR !!!! GET AT ME IM DEAD SERIOUS i just dont have the time to come to miami…….

    Hit me up (647) 993 9408 or emai me or twitter Sn3akerking

  6. xxsesimeseedxx

    everyone of you that said you are copping are only saying that bcuz they are lebrons, or becuase you are a bunch of BIZNATCHES, little gays'. have fun wearing your pink and blue shoes, lol

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