Nike LeBron 8 “Pre-Heat” First Look

Nike LeBron 8 "Pre-Heat"

Earlier today we caught word of the upcoming Nike LeBron 8 “Pre-Heat”. Now we get our first look at this Miami Vice inspired colorway. Sporting an aqua upper met by black and pink accents this is certainly one of the louder and flashier LeBron 8 makeups yet. This colorway is rumored to have a release date of October 16th at the new Miami House of Hoops followed by October 17th at select?Nike stores in Miami and a November 12th drop date online at Nike Store. Now that we have a good look is the Lebron 8 “Pre-Heat” a must cop?

Nike LeBron 8
Retro/Black-Pink Flash-Filiment Green
October 16, 2010

Source: @Sneaker_Pimps / SneakerboxClyde


  1. Voss says:

    Seeing these on the feet instead of that leaked pic already changed my mind.. these are mos def a COP

  2. patrick says:

    the pink is so subtle yet it a huge feature on the shoe. a great colorway

  3. SouthBeachJames says:


  4. D!z says:

    I'll cop these………FOR MY SISTER!

    1. Dav!s says:


  5. d west says:

    WTF, these are ugly as f

  6. dmx says:

    dope as fuucck !

  7. @nicekicks says:

    Getting them, period.

    1. UNCLE JOE says:


    2. John B says:

      Agreed 100%. these will be mine.

  8. chad says:

    Definitely a killer shoe if you can play it off right, they will be neck breakers next spring and summer.

  9. hol up says:


  10. Matt OC says:

    Rough & Ready to Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @DcastUA says:

    flywire should be pink. how do people get them early, employees?

  12. DREAMER says:

    I’ll pass on this color way!!!

  13. J From MD says:

    Reminds me of a LeBron VIII equivalent to the Allstar Game VII's, not bad but look too bright.

  14. Sneakerbox Clyde says:

    We're thinking of doing some Mr. R Miami Tees for the release :) DOPE!

    1. John B says:

      online shop??

  15. Wayne Brooks says:

    Can't even front on these – they're fly!

  16. LYK says:

    Some pics I saw didn’t do these justice..

    But now I can see what it’s worth.

    Since it’s winter(live in CT), Im sure I can find a leather

    coat to go with these!!

    1. HogwartsHighFreshman says:

      its damn 70 degrees today in CT dumbass

    2. @DcastUA says:

      lmao leather coat to match…have fun looking like a cartoon pimp.

  17. 3o5 pHeNoM says:

    Str8 fire!!! And I live in Mia a super def cop!!!!

  18. drOrthotic says:

    yo those are pretty dope. kinda reminds me of the San Jose Sharks colors with just a touch of pink.