Unlock Air Jordans in NBA 2K11

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Air Jordan Greatness Unlocked

We have learned about some very intriguing features in regards to the highly anticipated NBA 2K11 video game which debuted at retailers today. Since mid-July, we have learned of Michael Jordan making the cover, what sneakers MJ will be wearing in the game and Jordan Brand’s major presence in this project.

In connection with its release today, we present to you the details pertaining to NBA 2K11′s shoe locker. The shoe locker allows one to unlock shoes from the Jordan Brand’s sneaker collection, as well as learn history about each pair. Gamers will also be able to equip players with kicks from the shoe locker.

Check out our 8-page feature which reveals each of the 40 Air Jordans that can be unlocked, along with the NBA 2K11 skill boosts each shoe possesses.

Unlocked Sneaker: Jordan Jumpman H Series

Air Jordan Greatness Unlocked

Skill Boost: +2 Offensive Rebound

Unlocked Sneaker: Air Jordan 6-17-23

Air Jordan Greatness Unlocked

Skill Boost: +2 Off-Hand Dribbling

Unlocked Sneaker: Jordan AIR’s

Air Jordan Greatness Unlocked

Skill Boost: +2 Stamina

Unlocked Sneaker: Jordan Pro Strong

Air Jordan Greatness Unlocked

Skill Boost: +2 Defensive Low Post

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  1. STEVOoO says:

    1st. like how the shoes help out your stats. -STEVO

    1. NATE DOGG says:

      this game is going to be off the hook

  2. Research says:

    Awesome!….. But where are the spiz’ikes??

  3. nicekicks says:

    Spizikes and the 6 Rings were never designed for performance. I know that the early Jordans don't perform any better, but they were a performance shoe ahead of the rest at their time.

  4. nicekicks says:

    As for the 6-17-23 being in there, I am perplexed as well.

    1. You guys know the game is already out right? Anybody have it yet? Its on Amazon right now. Would love a special piece on the game and any other kicks seen in it.

      See ya online (got the XBox 360)!

  5. Theassassin23 says:

    Great article guys! Well put together. Crazy excited to get home and pop this in the 360

  6. Squezzy says:

    I am very disappointed. Mike on the cover. Mike in the game. The whole Jordan collection & no 6 Rings?

  7. Ewd815 says:

    Madden 2011 > NBA 2k11

    1. @DcastUA says:

      NCAA 11 > Madden 11

    2. Paw waww says:

      Madden 11 is garbage.

  8. locobans says:


    I <3 NK…. NiceKicks.com always have interesting information compared to rest of sneakers sites…I feel like you guys go a step further (Y)

  9. HollywoodC says:

    Havn't ever played the game or any video games but +10 Dunk… sweet

  10. size12whut? says:

    ever play in a pair?, most comfortable jordans ever made

    1. aloha_adam says:

      lies jordan 8 are the most comfortable j's. padding for days

      1. dr. orthotic says:

        but also one of the heaviest as well

  11. olas says:

    Shame that the game comes out only on Friday in Europe and what is even worse I am moving houses that day, so no playing for me :/

    Psyched about the game now, finally will have a game will all them Jordans in it

  12. aLMaNaK209 says:

    Since he's wearing a red & black pair of XI's in a screen shot of the game, i take it that the colors on the shoe are customizable like in past @K games !!

  13. fat_will says:

    today is the day. 2K11 meet my 360

  14. @TX3017 says:

    Can't wait to get out of class to pick up a pair of shoes both IRL and virtually!

  15. mike says:

    no 11's wtf

    1. nicekicks says:

      check the last page – saved the best for last…

  16. 91_kid says:

    Air Jordan 2010

    -5 attractiveness

  17. jeezy says:

    i totally agrre with u about the 11's being overrated…and i think the 12's are the most comfortable jordans to ball in ever…mad padding plus zoom all around and u have a winner

    1. meeee says:

      i only ball in 1 pair of 12s, outdoor in asia, the bottom gets hot and it helluh burns my feet! (not litteraly). but i think the 8s are the most compfy

  18. SPEED KILZ says:


  19. KIX says:

    is there any codes to get all of these kicks and avoid the trouble of completing achievements….

  20. Luke Jay'walker says:

    seriously the best performance shoes are the XIs? SHM