Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” New Photos

Air Jordan 11

Just in case you haven’t seen enough angles of the Air Jordan 11 ‘Cool Grey’ that is set to release on December 23, here are some more photos of the most anticipated shoe of the year. This pair stays true to the original release of a completely grey upper with white laces, midsole, and branding. However, a newly tinted blue outsole has rocked the sneakerhead population and created quite a stir. Has the superfluous amounts of pictures changed your mind on this pair?

Air Jordan 11
Medium Grey/White-Cool Grey
December 23, 2010

Air Jordan 11 'Cool Grey'

Air Jordan 11 'Cool Grey'

Air Jordan 11 'Cool Grey'

Air Jordan 11 'Cool Grey'

Air Jordan 11 'Cool Grey'

Air Jordan 11 'Cool Grey'

Air Jordan 11 'Cool Grey'

Air Jordan 11 'Cool Grey'

Source: Kickz-Lab


  1. Shoop says:

    Mad fresh. Patiently waiting on the release.

  2. h3hashemi says:

    haha why didnt the guys in the background run up and steal these

    1. obvious says:

      Typical Black Response

  3. @DTurnt_Up says:

    Man, number one shoe i plan on coppin for xmas

  4. Nobody Important says:

    very nice.

  5. Chewie says:

    blue sole makes it pop, and if it decreases the piss cancer of clear soles im down. Ive wore my jams casually 4 times and they are turning around the inside grips(outsides look icey but i kno it isnt long til its all pissy yellow) to bad my fav kicks r 6s n 11s

    1. Nutty says:


      I feel ya man about your soon to be life-expired XIs. Have you ever decided to color the shoes blue? It's safe, effective, and look absolutely crack! I read when someone did it and posted pics when it was done to Space Jams and Concords. Concords are off, but the SJs are wicked nice. Just Bing it up and you will see it on NikeTalk. I suggest doing that, but it will take work. I bet it's worth it tho!

    2. jedi_23 says:

      o man wrong ones to be the favs…and u put it right CANCER lost a lot of good ones that way

  6. fat_will says:

    Man i got a dilemma idk if should get these or save for ajXII pack come out later someone help

    1. jixxaman says:

      aj12 pack or did u mean ajXI ? ? sn; Concords above all

  7. crazyhorsethechief says:

    $175….That's highway robbery (patiently waits for the barrage of comments arguing the contrary)

    1. dave says:

      i agree, and now they're going to charge $160 for a pair of 13s. THIRTEENS. every pair they raise the price 5 or 10 bucks. That adds up. The price goes up and the quality goes down. yet the masses will flock and the wheels will keep turning. They'll never change their practices so long as we all keep jumping on these overpriced js….

  8. big j says:

    The pack isnt suposed to come out next holiday rite?

  9. fat_will says:

    idk if thats wen it comes out then air max 9o lazers and cool greys is gonna be copped

    1. meh says:

      yeah, i'm pretty sure it's slated for christmas 2011… if it comes out at all.

  10. clyde says:

    way over rated

    1. @DcastUA says:

      so is posting pics on them every other day.

    2. Nutty says:

      Definitely agree now that I see how deformed this kicks are ….. I'm used to OG XIs, not this garbage. smh

  11. sburks2020@aol.com says:

    i think the blue tint is to reduce yellowing or you can try sea glow. it really does work

  12. Winse says:

    still gonna cop even though I don't like the blue soles & the same box as the Space Jams for the extra $25 again

    1. dave says:

      WORD! you'd think that if they were going to rape our pockets they'd at LEAST design a new box. I mean come on, what kind of lazy designer pulls this ish?

      I loved the packaging for the space jams because it was innovative. new. fresh. just simply dope. it made me feel like they went the extra mile in making the space jams a unique release. now they've just gone to the well one too many times.

  13. uncle joe says:

    WOW these shoes look retarded in the first picture. J brand are straying further and further away from the original silhouettes. These are a definite pass for me.

  14. freeballer says:

    these pics dont look too good, but still buyin of course

    1. @champ22 says:

      i was thinking the same thing about the pics too

  15. Tr3y says:

    told myself i wasnt gon get these but i see these kicks on every sneaker site i go and now they grew on me!! im coppin, smh

  16. RETRO8S says:

    i think it'd be dope if JB did special boxes for each of the I-XX3 in whatever colorway they're releasing. like these would be the boxes for all the XIs that come out except change the colors accordingly. idk. just throwing it out there.

    but for these cool greys. i can't wait to cop.

    1. jixxaman says:

      they shoulda did it for the anniversary XI's

      1. taylor gang says:


  17. asdf says:

    are these qs

  18. Sneakersoul10 says:

    okk theres only so many angles of a shoe you can get were all amp for them stop playin them wit new pix every hour

  19. @mando8892 says:

    I'm all for sticking to the original script, but if this helps reduce the piss yellowing effect I'm all for it.

  20. bellofontay says:

    pair for me.. pair for my lil dude