Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey

We have seen an abundance of Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” photos since the beginning of July; however, as the year winds down additional information regarding this sneaker’s release will continue to unravel. Jordan Brand has confirmed that the highly-anticipated Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” will hit retailers on December 23rd, 2010. We have also learned that this sneaker will retail for $175 much like the “Space Jam” Air Jordan 11 last year. Who else is impatiently awaiting the arrival of this major release?

Air Jordan 11
Medium Grey/White-Cool Grey
December 23, 2010

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  1. Danan says:

    cool beans dude

  2. Nutty says:

    $175 is a grip, but damn, looks like I'm paying it to JB. This is going to be one of the shoes I buy out of a handful of overpriced crap they've been sending us. Cement IIIs, True Blues, and next years XIs. Then that's all unless their retro quality ramps up. smh

    1. Cs Dawg says:

      Start saving my pennies for next yrs retros!!!

  3. Shoop says:

    I'll be out in the cold weather waiting for these. I get a rush out of it.

    1. A-stacks says:

      hahahaha its never cold in Houston, Tx it always like 75-80 degress

    2. pradakidd says:

      Dude u r hella thursty especially when these kicks are $50 more than what they used to be $125 thats what they should be and thats all they are worth

  4. Cs Dawg says:

    Bring it MJ I'm ready…"Flints" and "Cool Grey" need to be in my life. I'm forwarding this to my gf, maybe she'll them for X-mas. I'll take 2 of each!!!!!

  5. mj_shoefanatic says:

    count me in for @ least 2 pairs mandatory robocopped.

  6. Sneaky_Feet says:

    Sic pic NK I just made it my desktop background

    1. JBtakesmy$ says:

      it's right off the Jumpman website…..not NK's.

  7. jedi_23 says:

    hope the quality of these and the other retros is good…i was able to score a pair of the true blues 2009s man the quality of the leather is awsome…reminds me of the old days…was that just cause it was over seas exclusive

  8. Kevin Cobarrubia says:

    It's about time for me to get a Jordan Retro 11
    I just started last year, and I didn't know how important to have
    a Space Jam in you collection as a real Sneakerhead, so I sold mine
    at that time selling it for $350 was a good mark-up!
    I'm not regreting it, its just that I should have bought 2 pairs!!! lmfao
    Now I will definitely buy 2 pairs ATLEAST!!!

  9. jus4kix says:

    well I, like most, Have to buy jus cuz of the yellow cancer my og's were diagnosed with!… this was a great design 'flaw'. so, since im 200 pairs deep in my collection, im pretty much obligated to cop these n just ziplock em minutes after

    1. ol skool says:

      you only have 200 and you call that a collection?

      1. SomeBboy says:

        Your momma's probably buyin' you all those sneakers. Either that or you're my neighborhood slinger.

        1. fat will says:


    2. pradakidd says:

      Dude u r hella thursty especially when these kicks are $50 more than what they used to be $125 thats what they should be and thats all they are worth

    3. khordkutta says:

      I heard ziplocking doesnt help, AND it can "dry out" your shoes ruining the leather.

  10. size12whut? says:

    these shoes are played out and they havent even dropped yet. sorry, i'm tired of seeing them

  11. Prince Patrick II says:

    These and the Flint XIII's are a definite cop for me.

  12. Dre DREW says:

    Anyone in the Boston Area want to take Some Jordan XI 25th Anniversary off my hands size 9.5. Asking for $250 brand new with receipt from my purchase at a legit Boston Store. Willing to meet up for exchange in person so you can check them out.

    1. pradakidd says:

      No. please stay off da needle IDIOT

  13. Mr.Why Hate says:

    mines on lock home girl is a manager at Foot Locker oh yes oh yes it goes down!!!

  14. Markus_Molotov says:

    Dear nice kicks

    Update your dang release date page and at least put these on there…….. geez step up your web game up -_- FML …. much respect

  15. asdf says:

    are these qs?

  16. Winse says:

    Can't wait for the madness!

  17. nat says:

    i really hope that is not blue down there. If it is all gray I'm definitely getting.

  18. Sneakersoul10 says:

    i might have to take off work lol

  19. freeballer says:

    fresh looking picture.

  20. Nosebleed says:

    These just keeps looking better and better.