Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

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Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

With Foamposite fever still in full frenzy, Nike continues to capitalize with the Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot. This ACG Boot takes the Penny inspired Foamdoam and fuses in the design of the infamous Nike Air Bakin. A cranberry Foamposite upper is complimented by black accents, carbon fiber, and full length air. Is this Foam Fusion as hot as its name or as cold as the D.C. winter? Let us know in the comment section.

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot

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65 Comments on "Nike ACG Foamposite Bakin Boot"

  1. Tellz_is_Live

    ummmm……Nike is really going wild with the Foam hybrids…..I love Bakins I.. love Foams..& I love Nike Boots but these get no Love

  2. horhay

    yall som wee-tods these go so hard. FYI Tebow got a total of a whopping 2 yards!!! Boy jacksonville really missed out on a true hometown hero *snickering*


    I honestly would wear them… Right up my alley, everybody else hate em, attention grabbers and as fly as I am, I can pull em off

  4. NEEK

    yo be honest i would wear them…but only with cuffed bootcut jeans…theyre not that bad…when i fist saw the name i was like…naht again…then i saw the pics n was like …hmmm there ok

  5. j-vaun

    Where are the yellow laces? Glad to see a foam boot that is not so bulky looking, cant wait to see a different color-way

  6. EricFresh

    Theres something a little off about these for me, especially how they look with the strap from the sides. Maybe in an all or mostly black colorway it wouldn't bother me. But I LOVE the soles with the flame design, these would leave some cool footprints in the snow!

  7. wow, it's ugly a hell and I would never ever buy them. But I do respect the creativity / effort. A bakin / foam / acg fusion, who woulda thought.

    Would have been better as a basketball shoe. Still wouldn't have bought it.

  8. ItsNeezy

    First pair of Nike boots I've EVER taken a liking to! Nike finally did something right with the ACG Boot!
    MAY pick these up!

  9. soul

    these are fresh they should apply normal boot colorways to these shoes to create a more efficient looking boat like dark green,brown etc

  10. N.E.Shawty

    Everyone hates on these… im from washington dc ne all day born and raised for you people out here nike makes foams exclusively for washington dc regardless what the entire nation thinks dc these will sell out and are a great profit for nike in that region you idiots….

  11. Matt

    Woooww these honestly are a no
    better than most foam fusions but still no
    idnt think a foam fusion is necessary and the only fusion tht looks good is the 1/2 cent
    if it aint 1/2 cent its a no no IMO
    just like with with AJ Fusions complete fail Jordans are nice Air forces r nice y must they keep being made
    theyre ridiculous!

  12. david sanders

    New ACG'S Boots is fire!! Can you keep a pair for me to wear like wright now or tell me where to get them?

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