DJ Clark Kent

DJ Clark Kent knows kicks, but you knew that. What you might not know is that the man known for and responsible for some of your favorite Air Force Ones is on more than just low top Uptown’s. Our friends at Complex compiled a collection of Clark’s “One-A-Day” Twitpic’s featuring everything from retro Jordan’s, Air Max runners, LeBron’s, and of course loads of ATF exclusives. If you notice closely this Twitpic tale starts right around the time he came down to the store opening of Nice Kicks in Austin, TX. Kick back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the movie that is DJ Clark Kent’s Sneaker Twitpics produced by Complex.

  • julio iglesias

    yo clark is a bahsehd .. mf got some shet.. spoiled mf u know he got the inside connect ..i like his bron game Uk shets spastic so is the 95 elephanyt maxxed out shets// and the all star turquise shets .. medicines ..was stuppid too plenty shet forces was aight .. seems like hes bored wit it ??? i mean the dudes is not one to fhuck wit on any paticular day he might shut shet down.. flava wise Wale should catch em .. ohh i saw the hyperfuze shet tooo .. swag wise fab should getm too ….. ima keep it 100 if my paper was florished like his i would definately shut him down so overall grade for as much quantity and he got shet from diffrent regions i dont know its rough if i was nice i would givem a B- but im not and i have a reason he gets a C-.. jus for one reason that the 10 swag comadments would not allow me to release .. do ya thing fam as u are but also struggle to step ya shet up and im not on designer gucci swag type shet eight .. but lord bless ya.. as we can see he keeps no $$$ out ya pocket lol

    • MADE.

      dog nobody tryna read all that blabber

      • johnny

        Yeah, bc i cant read this crap either, I think he to excited about seeing DJ Clark Kent shoe game take two and come back

  • julio iglesias

    this is y not he didnt get a B .. but lets be honest he's kind of lackin dynamic .. wont we say youngins??? u figure y i didnt give him the grade was somethin very simple and not this .. but heres his grade on dynamics which would of gave him an A but rember i didnt give him a low grade cause of that but if he would of had the dynamics i would have had to give him the illa Grade.. grade on dynamics .. sorry i had to go in .. but hes a bad repp of the NYC way let me find out ol bumm assded greg street would shut his shet down .. grade on dynamic 2.7 .. signin off julio .. dont go get ya fhuckin tooly yo …

    • mr spann

      ? wtf did he jus say?

  • MR Spann

    MAANNN he is going in..old stuff, new stuff. Yo he was just doing day for day, travel kicks and all. his beaters are heat. How can you argue wit a dude unDSing heat, wit more left over. he didn't show his collection, just what he was rocking @ a given time….most of them shytz was for comfort while he is working…RESPECT to Sir DJ Clark Kent and the ATF crew, mob, fam!!!

  • juli O's iglesias

    thast exactly what im say this is what presently in his closet… pics consit of alot of that was new releases citrus etc .. update bo jax .. what im sayn is that hes got paper and this is what he has avail.. i bet the rest of the ishh he gonna holla ill be new release stuff so basically its not in his closet .. yeah he had some fire i aint denyin that plus i already know u atf bias shet i would be too ..i saw that fire greg street passed off BUn B awhile back.. but can he clash wit Wale or Fab .. plus honestly homie cant dress for issshh .. he jus plain jeans and t's dude .. word basically if i had paper and coped ery new ishh that came out sone would be like ohhh thats hot .. cause they dont have no gpa.. im not stupid like i said i seen some ishh but word but not no heart attack isshh .. no pippen no barks no pennys no nothin im tired .. for the statuse hes tryn to claim … hes fallin way short i dont care .. he light and like i said whack greg street migh givem a runn .. and i said greg in all due he jus jumpin on this we been doin this… we NYC .. we put this sht together …. officially signin off Julio .. get back to the boards clark whares that heat @ ????