Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals ?Teddy Bears?

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals "Teddy Bears"

Jeremy Scott’s work with adidas often leaves readers scratching their heads. This pair involves actually wearing a head. Sporting a teddy bear’s furry little dome and arms on the upper portion, this newly-spotted adidas model is sure to prove divisive among readers. These are a ladies release for next Summer, but a men’s pair is also in the works in a more masculine tan colorway. Could you see yourself wearing this animalistic adidas?

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals “Teddy Bears”
Summer 2011

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals "Teddy Bears"

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals "Teddy Bears"

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals "Teddy Bears"

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals "Teddy Bears"

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals "Teddy Bears"

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals "Teddy Bears"

Source: Sneaker Freaker


  1. Quotashun says:

    Uhhh so how do I get to steal Adidas' $$$ like this Jeremy Scott dude??? Puahahaha.

  2. dogpac says:

    kanye might kill this

  3. Dee says:

    Straight Fire! must cop ..lmao

  4. Matt says:

    lmao if i see anyone pull this off and make it look good ill be impressed
    But yeah Jeremy Scott does some crazy stuff with Adidas
    This are quite Unique though
    idk about you guys but doesnt the bear look look like the one from the Snuggle commercials?

    1. grownANDsexy says:

      There is a possibility that Ciara may give it a try. Caught her wearing a Jeremy Scott adidas Mickey Mouse a while back.

  5. boxscore says:

    these are so fire, why would i even say jeremy scott puts a homo touch on every shoe…

  6. hahaa says:

    a great way to get close to lil kids

    1. Dillenga says:

      Thats wrong. Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott x Pedophilia.

  7. 1Kiing says:

    My baby sister would love these

  8. WUDDUP DOE says:

    C'mon son.

  9. demetrius says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Off with his head. it would be cute for a little girl..lol

  10. qwqwqwq says:

    damn, that is hot fire

  11. boi says:

    looks cute but wouldn't wear

  12. ubmad@me says:

    life or death situation: you must wear these or the fusion 10's….which will you choose to stay alive?

    1. Sam says:

      to stay alive i'll choose those teddy bears over any Fusions,any day!

    2. lakers 2011 champs says:

      i just love these to death lol i would buy these for a daughter or baby sister but i got neither so ill choose death unless i got a pink tee and some nice jeans and im at a baby shower. but non of this wil ever happen soooooo………………..

  13. True says:

    Camron would have probably rocked these back in the day to match his pink range rover and pink chinchilla

  14. lancewoods says:

    I think these are heat, I really do, when there are so many shoes that look the same and you want something to set you apart, these will do it. The runway really just came to the streets, keep it up

    1. dr. orthotic says:

      no grown ass straight man should ever have the right to wear these Period!!!!

  15. Winse says:

    LOLs Snuggle Bear

  16. hol up says:

    in a word: No.

  17. Tooface says:

    i'd choose these, only because there's an artist concept to it…Jeremy Scott's an artist so he could do w/e he wants…as for the fusion 10's…i'd rather be exiled to Pyongyang, North Korea with no forms of ID

  18. Tooface says:

    oh and on a further note….he went to my college, so that explains why he's so crazy lol PRATT ALUM!!!!!

  19. Whirlwind says:

    where does he get these ideas