adidas Oracle

adidas Oracle

This coming basketball season appears to be a big one for adidas. With the return of signature models as well as new progressions of the Team Signature and Pro Model franchises, the brand with three stripes has every player on the court covered. The lineup grows with the addition of the adidas Oracle. The sleek model features an?extenuated midsole and patent leather detail. A mesh tongue and slim mid cut makes this a favorite as one of the better guard shoes from the brand this season. What are your thoughts on the new adidas model?

Source: Sole Movement


  1. yummy says:

    adidas makes the most awkward soles for b-ball kicks. would you guys show us the super beast already.

  2. NotebookNick says:

    If I'm Derrick Rose, I'm switching my signature to this.

  3. tcyaddboy says:

    fake Jordan 11's

    1. khordkutta says:

      I was thinking 14s

  4. dr. orthotic says:

    i wonder if they named it after the g-state warriors arena in oakland. (just kidding).

    anyway, it's a pretty neat design. not for everybody but it's nice to me, especially that pair on the left.

  5. grownANDsexy says:


  6. AIRNIKE says:

    I agree .Please click on my name to see more look at the style.

    1. jason says:

      attention knock off selling scum bag, I just sent your site web address to nike. here's hoping they shut you down. and to anyone others true sneakerheads out there, if you find a scum like AIRNIKE online just send the web address to counterfeit@nike.com

  7. frankie23 says:

    these look like a hybrid jordan…9s and 11s

  8. DatNew1 says:

    What do they look again——-hum– let me think?

  9. khordkutta says:

    But on the Real ,IDK what looks better these or Proteges