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News yesterday that Nike filed a patent for a lighting and fastening system on a shoe turned the blogosphere upside down with the prospect of a Nike Air Mag release. Rocked by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II, the Air Mag “McFly”?has never released to the public but its likeness has inspired many great Nike makeups. The space age sneaker’s grey and speckled blue colorway has been carried over to some of Nike’s top models creating a buzz everytime. In the spirit of the good news we take a look back at the best Nike’s inspired by the McFly.

Nike Hyperdunk McFly

“Marty McFly” Nike Hyperdunk

The first sneaker to sport the Air Mag colorway was the famed Nike Hyperdunk. McFly inspiration touched the already futuristic model with Universal Studios allowing Nike to use the grey colorway and teal speckled midsole. A glow in the dark outsole and ‘2015’ tagging on the tongue added nostalgia to the design. Kobe Bryant arriving at the UNDFTD release event in the DeLorean car from the movie provided bonus recall for the big screen sneaker.

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  • @DcastUA

    Nice piece.

    The hypermax McFly would have definitely been nice to have in the States, not just because of the movie but because of the colors.

    Also like the Tre AD. Didn't know they have glow in the dark accents. Would have been nice to see.

    • mints

      The effect is pretty subtle on the Zoom Tre A.D. It looks pretty nice and I'm glad I picked those up.

  • Joe Cool

    Air jordan 7 "McFly" would be perfect

    • @DcastUA

      for once a fusion i'd be willing to see without hating it first.

      • dimi

        Not a fusion. Just an inspired colorway. There's a difference.

        • @DcastUA

          He didn't specify, read.

  • 1Kiing

    If Nike throws these out there will the Nike logo on the sneaker light up ? And will the laces tighten them selves? Hahahaha

  • dopasaurus

    …Command Force McFly's…

  • Wayne Brooks

    Foamposite McFly would be the sh!t. The Foamposites are already very futuristic in design and in the materials used. Picture it – The blue and grey speckles on the upper together with a glow in the dark translucent outsole! My God, that would be sick!!

  • guest

    Perhaps it's a buildup to the BluRay release / 25th anniversary of BTTF? October 26, 2010. Wonder if there will be new shoes to go along with the celebration.

  • almac305

    What I don't understand is how can Universal Studios use a another company's name, logo, etc., and then own the rights to that product.

    • nicekicks

      Nike designed and developed the shoe – they own the rights to the technologies they developed for the shoe. Universal Studios owns the rights to the name and association with the film.

      Universal wouldn't have the shoes if it wasn't for Nike creating them, but on the flip side, Nike wouldn't have the shoes associated and on the feet of the main character in an iconic film if it wasn't for Universal Studios placing them on the feet of Michael J. Fox.

      • @DcastUA

        thus the legal conundrum : /

  • fraNK323

    yeezy mcfly colorway tht was done by bp on nike talk was interesting

    • @DcastUA

      anything yeezy related is full of fail.

    • dimi

      If the Yeezy's would release without a ridiculous price tag, greater quantities, a better name, and in a world with no Kanye with it…

      … Why not?

  • SharonA

    If this does get released, how about a percentage of the proceeds being donated to the Michael J Fox Parkinson's Foundation??? We need all of the help – and visibility – we can get fighting this hideous disease.

  • Dbizzles

    I wish they would have made a Lebron VII out of this colorway!

  • HighSoleciety11

    For $95 those SB's are fire!!

  • Mightycol

    I have the Air Max Hyperize in this colourway. Do they not count as "Mcflys"?

    • none


  • Proby92

    They kinda look like the Air yezzy

    • A-ron the Don

      kanye is a big bttf fan. im sure the yeezy's were partially inspired the mcfly's. the mcfly's and the delorean are even in one of his videos, Good Morning.

  • dopematic3002

    What a great list of unreleased samples. C'mon.

  • Don Dixon

    Waited years for this .Along with the Hover Bord=)


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